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Broadband in My area


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Published in: Technology
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Broadband in My area

  1. 1. Researching BroadbandInternet Services available to SMEs in Swords 2011 DERMOT MACNEILL N00072398 DL 242
  2. 2. What is Broadband?•Broadband refers to high-speed data transmission in which a singlecable can carry a large amount of data at once. The most commontypes of Internet broadband connections are cable modems (which usethe same connection as cable TV) and DSL modems (which use yourexisting phone line). Because of its multiple channel capacity,broadband has started to replace baseband, the single-channeltechnology originally used in most computer networks. So now whenyou see companies like AT&T and SBC pushing those fancy"broadband" ads in your face, youll at least know what they are talkingabout. •
  3. 3. New Event Management Company The purpose of this research is to find appropriate broadband provider for a new marketing who are setting up in offices in Swords Being a new start-up company the provider must be low cost A high speed connection is also vital to the company. There are 3 staff members who all access the internet via a Laptop.
  4. 4. Important Terms Some important terms need to be taken into consideration when choosing a internet package Connection Ratio - how many other people will be sharing your connection. Download speed - The speed at which information is transferred to your computer. This is represented Mbps which stands for Megabites per Second Upload Speed – The speed at which information is sent from you computer.
  5. 5. Types of Broadband ASDL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line transmitting digital information at a high bandwidth on existing phone lines to homes and businesses. Unlike regular dialup phone service, ADSL provides continously-available Satellite - Wireless high-speed Internet service provided by satellites. Mobile Broadband/ dongle – wireless internet through a portable modem sometimes called a dongle. Fibre Optic - This is a cable made up of super-thin filaments of glass or other transparent materials that can carry beams of light.
  6. 6. Broadband Providers available in Swords Vodafone Eircom Digiweb WiMax ( imagine) Strencom Ripple Communcations
  7. 7. Mobile Broadband Providers O2 Vodafone Meteor3 eMobile Imagine (usb stick)
  8. 8. Broadband providers not available in Swords Irish Broadband UPC fibre power broadband Magnet Entertainment
  9. 9. Mediums/RatiosCompany Medium Connection RatioVodafone ASDL 48:1Eircom ASDL 48:1Digiweb ASDL 18:1WiMax Wireless 24:1Sterncom ASDL 24:1
  10. 10. Ripple Satellite 8:1O2 Mobile BroadBandMeteor Mobile BroadbandeMobile Mobile Broadband
  11. 11. Most Suitable Plans The Event management company have a budget of €60 a month for phone/internet. Mobile broadband providers would not be suitable for the type of work they are doing, downloading and uploading large files would not be cost effective on these type of broadband providers I’ve have had a look at the four best phone/internet plans that’s would be suitable for this company
  12. 12. Most Suitable PlansProvider Name Monthly Cost Data allowance 12MB VodafoneVodafone Office from Vodafone €54.99 Unlimited broadband. eircom Nexteircom Generation €29.99 + 10GB Broadband Regular 24.99 line (8mb) rental Metro BusinessDigiWeb Broadband (8mb) €49.99 70GB Breeze 4mbWiMax €45.27 Unlimited
  13. 13. And the winner is… As you can see from the table presented that Vodafone offers the best value for a small business in Swords. Although the connection ratio is 48:1 the value still beats the other providers For a little extra than DigiWeb and Imagine the customer can get a much faster connection (12mb) and unlimited data allowance. I would strongly recommend that the company go for this plan
  14. 14. Bibliography