Broadband for SME's presentation


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A powerpoint presentation of broadband availability for SME's in Donnybrook

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Broadband for SME's presentation

  1. 1. Gillian Giblin
  2. 2. Questions to ask starting out Which Broadband providers are available in my area? What speed do I require? Will a CAP affect me? Are the connection, modem and installation costs included in the price? How long is the contract? What support does the ISP offer?
  3. 3. 10 Providers in DonnybrookEircom UPC DigiwebVodafone O2 MeteorImagine 3 MobileMagnet Onwave
  4. 4. Types of Broadband DSL Digital Subscriber Line = Delivers broadband over your existing phone line through unused frequencies. Pro: Reliable because of individual link to internetCon: Phone line required and speed varies by distance fromtelephone exchange. ASDL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line = Information is downloaded more rapidly than it is uploaded. SDSL Symmetric broadband = Downloads information at the same speed as it uploads. Requires an extra telephone line.
  5. 5. Satellite = Uses satellite in space, there are 2types:One-way services download info via satelliteand upload via telephone or IDSN line.Two-way services download and upload viasatellite. Good for remote areas.Pro: Works well for those in remote areas.Con: Expensive and can be connectionproblems.
  6. 6.  Wireless: Requires an antenna to receive internet. Pro: Very fast and can be shared between multiple devices. Con: Traffic and congestion online. Cable: Connection via TV provider using cables. Pro: Bundling options and fast transmission Con: Shared connection slows speed down. Mobile portable, wireless internet, Pro: No need for a phone line. Portability makes very accessible. Con: Download and upload restrictions
  7. 7. Some things to consider: Speeds are expressed in Mb/s There are 8 bits in a byte! 8b = 1Mb per sec ISP =Internet Service Provider If you are using Broadband through copper wire (most common medium) then the closer you live to your local exchange the faster speed you will get. For this reason DSL is not as popular as Cable. Fibre wire Broadband is not affected by distance.
  8. 8. Fibre optic OR copper wire cables?Fiber optic cables use light to transmit data.Copper wire cables use electrical signals. Fibre cables have: Greater bandwidth Can travel further distances Effectively immune to electromagnetic interference such as power lines and railroad tracks.As a small business; the faster speeds and reliability ofinternet that come with fibre optic cables; may or may not bea necessity. The difference in cost plays an important factor indeciding which is the suitable medium.
  9. 9. Do you need a phone line?Many broadband providers offer bundle packages withline rental and offpeak/anytime calls.Is a phone line necessary to your business?I have decided that for my SME my mobile will besufficient and I do not need an office phone.I am looking for the best broadband only deal.
  10. 10. Summary of considerationsConnection ISDN, Cable, DSL, Satellite, WirelessOptionsSpeed How fast do you need your internet access to be? Take into account often providers run slower than the stated speed depending on coverage.Cost Expect to pay €30/€40 a month, Price increases if looking for faster speeds or new mediums such as satellite. Watch out for: activation and/or equipment charges not included. VAT may not be inclusive.Extras Bundles: Line rental, tv and gaming. Multiple modems.
  11. 11. Eircom 8Mb broadband €20.65 per month, exclusive of VAT 10GB usage allowance Free Wireless Modem Free self install - online only 12 month contract
  12. 12. UPC 20Mb Fibre Optic Broadband €25 a month Order online for free connection- €7.75 charge if not purchased with TV or Phone package €49.99 Modem once-off charge 20Mb downstream; 1.2Mb upstream No telephone line required 500GB usage limit 15 email addresses
  13. 13. Magnet Magnet uses ASDL 2 which is capable of doubling the frequency bandwidth of typical ADSL connections. Home Broadband: €40 without modem/ €45 with Upto 24Mb Need phone line Business Broadband: 8Mb down/ 512kb upload €33 24Mb down/ 768kb upload €60 Unlimited downloads Add €15 extra for line rental
  14. 14.  WiMax -> 3 months half price 1-10Mb Wireless and DSL options available.Wireless: Starting from €25-45 a month, VAT inclusive €100 Activation initial cost For €10 extra a month; add line rentalDo not sell Business packages only homeoptions, which means cannot claim VAT back.
  15. 15. Vodafone Performance Plus- mobile €20.65 ex. VAT Up to 14.4 Mb Mobile Broadband comes with free modem when you order online. 10GB monthly download (€1 for every GB you go over the monthly limit) No phone line required Upto 5 devices can acquire internet
  16. 16. DigiWebMetro DSL Satellite€49.95 €49.95 €32.951-10 Mb 3-8Mb 1-10Mb(8 in Donnybrook) (3 in Donnybrook) (6 in Donnybrook)No phone req. Phone req. No phone req.€49 installation Free installation €219.95 equipmentLine rental incl. and Off peak calls chargecall deals
  17. 17. Eircom €20.65 ex VAT 8 Mb 10 Gb usage WirelessUPC €25 + €49.99 Up to 20 Mb 1.2 Mb Fibre optic modem chargeMagnet €33 8 Mb 512 Kb ASDL2Imagine €30 + €100 1-10 Mb 256/512 Kb Wireless start up costVodafone €20.65 ex VAT Up to 14.4 Mb 300 Mb MobileDigiweb €49.95 3-8 Mb 10 Mb DSL
  18. 18. My choice of provider For the fastest speeds and reliance on internet strength I would be inclined to choose UPC as my broadband provider. However competition offers similar speeds and similar prices; it is a close call. If I often worked outside of the office I would veer towards a mobile plan like Vodafone. If download and file sharing opportunities were more important; then Eircom would provide better a option. For the requirements of my SME - UPC provide sufficient coverage at a good price.
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