Broadband in the dublin 12 area persentation


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Broadband in Ireland

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Broadband in the dublin 12 area persentation

  1. 1. Broadband in the Dublin 12 Area EMMA COLEMAN DL242 YEAR 4
  2. 2. Aim of Broadband Study To find a broadband provider that serves small sole traders like myself in the Dublin 12 area. This presentation will explore the different types and costs of various broadband providers. One of the major reasons businesses and home owners chose broadband is because you can receive and make phones while on the internet. It is a 100 times faster than a dial up connection.
  3. 3. What is Broadband Broadband: the capacity to transmit large quantities of electronic signals (including data, video, text and voice) rapidly. This raises two important issues. The first is that, in transmitting various types of signals, broadband is at the heart of the convergence of telecommunication, information technology and broadcasting. While convergence has been discussed for several years, it remains unclear what it implies for end users (the big box), the regulatory framework (the big brother), and the business model (the big bid). In fact all that is clear to-date is that one integrated network (the big pipe) will be able to carry all kinds of communication. The second is that several technologies and media may be used to provide broadband services. There may be competition between: networks (e.g. telephony and cable TV); media (copper, fibre optic, satellite, terrestrial microwave, or a hybrid of these). Together these two issues imply a radical change in competitive at all levels from the application service provider to the network provider. There may be a need to review and modify competition policy and regulation.
  4. 4. Information on Broadband Coaxial cable is the kind of copper cable used by cable TV companies between the community antenna and user homes and businesses. ‘Always on’ meaning that the internet is available 24 hours a day. There is no need for a dial up connection. Download capacity this is the amount of files or gigabytes that the company will allow you to upload or download files.
  5. 5. Information on Broadband Download speed will determine in gigabytes the amount of time that it takes upload or download files. Contention Ratio is the maximum number of other people you will have to share the connection infrastructure with. So a contention ratio of 50:1 would mean that the maximum number of people you could be sharing the connection with at anytime is 49 other people. If all 50 people were downloading at the same time then your download speed could drop hugely, in reality though this doesnt happen and you can enjoy much faster download speeds.
  6. 6. Types of Connections ADSL  Stateline Mobile  Wireless Cable
  7. 7. What type of Telecommunications company they are? Eircom is Ireland’s largest telecommunications provider which provides broadband and telephone to both home and business. Digiweb is Ireland’s leading independent telecommunications company. The offer broadband and home phone. Vodafone provides phone & broadband packages, or while youre on the go with mobile broadband or internet on your mobile phone.
  8. 8. What type of Telecommunications company are they? Onwaves is relating new to Ireland. Their broadband services operate over satellite, making them completely independent of a terrestrial network. This is great news for business located in areas that do not have access to a terrestrial network, but still demand connectivity to broadband. UPC provides Ireland’s fastest broadband, the TV you love and Home Phone. We also offer the lowest everyday price.
  9. 9. ADSL Connection ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is a broadband technology that leverages the existing telephone network to provide high-speed Internet service to homes and businesses. The telephone exchange equipment must be upgraded and connected to the Internet. A special ADSL modem must be used at the subscribers site to connect the computer to the phone network. ADSL broadband service is comparatively inexpensive, dependable and provides sufficiently fast Internet access. The distance from the telephone exchange to the subscribers computer must, however, be under 5.5 kilometers. Much faster connection speeds are possible when the distance is less. Because speed to download data is faster than to upload data to the Internet, ADSL is well suited for surfing the web and for using applications that don’t require huge volumes of data to be uploaded. It is not as good for interactive services such as teleconferencing or for publishing large volumes of data to the Internet. SDSL or Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line technology is superior for such applications.
  10. 10. Mobile ConnectionIs a wireless internet connection Slower speeds may beexpected in regional areas. Keep in mind that variousfactors such as coverage, your location, your hardwareand software, the source of your download and generalnetwork and internet traffic will impact on actualspeeds experienced.
  11. 11. ADSL Provider - Eircom Eircom next generation BASIC package 8mb of broadband 10Gb usage allowance Price includes line rental Unlimited local and national off peak calls €39.99 a month
  12. 12. Vodafone - Mobile Vodafone performance Plus package and modem Get online almost everywhere 5 hours of internet browsing a day. Usage allowance of 10Gb Stick modem is free €24.99 a month when you get a 12 month contract.
  13. 13. Onwave – Satellite The Eight Plan Download speed of 8mb Upload speed of 2mb Download allowance of 2mb Once off installation of €99.00 Activation fee of €25.00 €59.95 a month.
  14. 14. Digiweb - Wireless Business Metro Package 8mb upload speed 2mb download speed Traffic quota of 70Gb 2 phone lines included €49 installation fee Free wireless router €49.95 a month
  15. 15. UPC – Cable Provider Fibre Power broadband 25mb Free wireless modem Digital value TV with Digital plus Home phone with free time world €60.00 a month
  16. 16. My Final Choice My research on broadband has led me to decide that I will go with Digiweb’s Wireless offer as it offers the most things that are important to me stating up as a sole trader in the arts management sector. It may not be the cheapest, but it most suitable for businesses in my area.
  17. 17. References
  18. 18. To view my prezi presentation click the link below!