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  1. 1. Clodagh Galvin N00080693
  2. 2. The purpose of this presentation is to outlinethe different types of broadband servicesavailable to me as a sole trader located in theSkerries area, North County Dublin.
  3. 3.  Broadband is high speed internet access Broadband service provides higher-speed of data transmission. It allows more content to be carried through the transmission “pipeline.” Broadband is always on. It does not block phone lines and there is no need to reconnect to network after logging off.
  4. 4. Digital subscriber line (DSL) is a family of technologies that provides digital data transmission over the wires of alocal telephone network. This is the most commonly used broadband.
  5. 5. Main provider of fixed-line telecommunications services in Ireland, Mobile provider and broadband providerUp to 12/1MB Business Plus Up to 24/1MB Business AdvancedMonthly Fee €65 Monthly Fee €99Installation Fee FREE Installation Fee FREEDownload Speed 12 MBPS Download Speed 24 MBPSUpload Speed 1MBPS Upload Speed 1MBPSContention Ratio €48:1 Contention Ratio €48:1Connection Type ADSL Connection Type ADSL
  6. 6. Broadband, hosting and phone provider DSL Personal DSL Home DSL Home ProMonthly Price €29.95 €27.95* €44.95Download Speed 3MB 7MB 24MBUpload Speed 384KB 384KB 768KBTraffic Included 60GB 100GB 150GBActivation Fee FREE FREE FREE*Special Offer: €27.96 for First 3 Months. €34.95 per month thereafter.
  7. 7. Perfect for when you are on the go, mobile broadband allows you to connect to the internet though a small portablemodem(dongle) which picks up broadband signals that are transmitted through the mobile phones network.
  8. 8. Mobile and broadband provider O2 Clear Broadband Download Speed 7.2Mbps Data Allowance 15GB Modem Costs FREE Monthly Price €16.52
  9. 9. Mobile and broadband provider Meteor E353 Stick 1 GB 5GB 10GB 20GB Download Speed Monthly €7.99 €16.99 €19.99 €24.99 - Price Meteor FREE FREE FREE FREE 7.2Mbps E173 Stick Meteor €29 €29 €29 FREE 14.4Mbps E353 Stick Meteor €49 €49 €49 €29 7.2Mbps Hotspot
  10. 10. Mobile, Landline and broadband provider Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Download Speed 7.2 Mbps Upload Speed 5.76Mbps 10 GB Usage Allowance 10 metre range Comes with multi-region mains adaptors DLNA certified with 802.11 b/g + Samba Support Up to 4 hours battery live with 5 users connected (standby 100 hours) Initial Fee €19.00 Monthly Price €19.90 Can get up to 5 devices online by using a hotspot, which connects you to the mobile broadband network over WiFi.
  11. 11. There is currently no cable broadband providers serving my area.
  12. 12. Wireless broadband is broadband you can connect to using a device (laptops, phones etc.)that has an internal modem. Wireless broadband must be transmitted through a router in your home or office, these areas are known as “Wi-Fi hotspots”
  13. 13. Broadband, hosting and phone provider Metro Value Metro Home Metro XtraDownload Speed 5MB 8MB 12MBUpload Speed 512KB 1MB 1MBTraffic Included 50GB 60GB 70GBFreeInstallation €99 FREE €99CostsMonthly Price €34.95 €39.95 €59.95
  14. 14. Satellite Internet access is connectivity provided through loworbit (LEO) satellites. This service can be very expensive and is usually a last resort for users in remote areas with no other options.
  15. 15. Phone, satellite and broadband providerBroadband Six Eight Ten Ten+Monthly Price €39.95 €59.95 €79.95 €124.95Max Download Speed 6MB 8MB 10MB 10MBMax Upload Speed 1MB 2MB 2MB 4MBMonthly Download 4GB 8GB 13GB 25GBAllowanceOne off Installation Fee €99 €99 €99 €99Activation Fee €30 €30 €30 €30
  16. 16. Broadband, hosting and phone provider Tooway Tooway Tooway Tooway Value Plus Extra ProDownload 6Mbps 8Mbps 10Mbps 10MbpsSpeedUpload 1Mbps 2Mbps 2Mbps 4MbpsSpeed4 weekly 4GB 8GB 13GB 25GBdataincludedHardware €249 €249 €249 €249andInstallationMonthly €39.95 €59.95 €79.95 €129.95Price
  17. 17. Taking into consideration all of the informationgathered on each of the different broadbandproviders I feel the “Up to 12/1MB BusinessPlus” plan from Eircom would be best suited formy business needs.
  18. 18.  I believe this is the best package to provide me with sufficient internet access to run a successful business from home. Being a small business owner, reliable, high speed internet access is crucial for my business to succeed. Eircom is a name I know and trust and I would feel comfortable signing up for their ADSL broadband package. Price is also a very important factor to consider and this package offers me free installation and a very manageable monthly fee of €65. I also feel the download and upload speeds of 12 MBPS and 1 MBPS would be sufficient for my business needs.
  19. 19. 