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Broadband project


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Broadband project

  1. 1. Broadband Project<br />New Media Technology -DL242 <br />SenanO’Friel – n00064765<br />
  2. 2. Business<br />Graphic & New Media Design Company<br />Staff: 7-10<br />Requirements:<br /> Always on Broadband<br /> Medium to High Upload/Download Speeds<br /> High Bandwidth<br /> Low Latency<br /> Competitive Pricing <br />
  3. 3. Service Providers<br />Eircom Broadband<br />Irish Broadband (Imagine)<br />Magnet Broadband<br />Vodafone Business Broadband<br />O2 Business Broadband<br />UPC Chorus NTL<br />
  4. 4. Eircom Broadband<br />Business Advanced<br />Download Speed: up to 24Mb<br />Upload Speed: up to 1Mb<br />Delivery: adsl2+ platform<br />Contention Ratio: 12:1<br />Download Allowance: Unlimited<br />Connectivity: Always on<br />Price: €99.00 per month<br />
  5. 5. Eircom Broadband<br />Extras included in Package<br />350Mb free webspace<br />Free WiFi modem<br />Up to 8 static IP Addresses<br />Free Email with no storage limits<br />Free 3 month North Security<br />Not Bundled with any phone line rental<br />Minimum subscription of 12 months <br />
  6. 6. Eircom Broadband<br />This package would be suitable for the business in question as the download/upload speed, always on connectivity and low contention rate would suit the nature of the duties the business would carry out i.e. sending and receiving large graphic files or email with large attachment, say a brief for a potential job. Also the benefits of the 8 static IP addresses and 350Mb webspace would provide a benefit for the online side of the business.<br />
  7. 7. Irish Broadband (Imagine)<br />DSL Broadband<br />Download Speed: up to 24Mb<br />Upload Speed: up to 1Mb<br />Delivery: adsl2+ platform (requires Zxyel Router)<br />Contention Ratio: 12:1<br />Download Allowance: Unlimited<br />Connectivity: Always on<br />Price: €75.00 per month<br />
  8. 8. Irish Broadband (Imagine)<br />Extras included in Package<br />Five free email addresses<br />20Mb of email storage<br />Fixed IP Address – more provided if needed<br />Connection fee of €45.00<br />adsl2+ Requires Zyxel Router at €49.59<br />Minimum subscription of 12 months<br />
  9. 9. Irish Broadband (Imagine)<br />This offer from Irish Broadband (imagine) is a good offer for the company in question. Its is comparable to the eircom offer, on delivery the cost seems cheaper but the cost of the connection and the price of the router will increase the price. The email and IP address provision is not as good however the contention rate is lower so speed may be on a par.<br />
  10. 10. Magnet <br />Business Broadband <br />Download Speed: up to 15Mb<br />Upload Speed: up to 1Mb<br />Delivery: adsl2+ platform<br />Contention Ratio: Zero Contention<br />Download Allowance: Unlimited<br />Connectivity: Always on<br />Price: €150.00 per month<br />
  11. 11. Magnet<br />Extras included in the Package<br />1 fixed IP Address included, more<br />on request.<br />Business WiFi enabled Router<br />For €30.00 pm extra (enhanced option)<br />Domain Name Registration or transfer<br />50Mb Unix Hosting <br />10 POP or SMTP Email <br />Spam & Virus Trap<br />
  12. 12. Magnet <br />Magnets offer for business broadband is a good offer for the business, however it is not as good as the two previous offers. The installation fee of €165.00 is expensive, and the 15Mb download and 1Mb upload speeds are slower although the zero contention rate would mean a higher connectivity rate. The adsl2+ offers higher offers much higher data speeds. <br />
  13. 13. Vodafone<br />Vodafone Business<br />Download Speed: up to 24Mb<br />Upload Speed: up to 1Mb<br />Delivery: DSL & Mobile Broadband<br />Contention Ratio: 12:1<br />Download Allowance: 100Gb<br />Upload Allowance: Unlimited<br />Connectivity: Always on<br />Price: €89.00 per month<br />
  14. 14. Vodafone<br />Extras included in the Package<br />Free Local and National Calls<br />Free Landline Calls to any Vodafone No.<br />Landline Rental included<br />No Connection Charges<br />Add a mobile dongle for mobile broadband at reduced rate.<br />
  15. 15. Vodafone<br />One of Irelands biggest mobile telecoms company offers competitive broadband for the business in question. The ability to add a mobile and landline phone service would enable the company to streamline its communication services and reduce costs for communications. However the restrictions on download amounts may hinder the operations of the business. The lack of a standard email and IP address provision means that the other options are more suitable to the company.<br />
  16. 16. O2 Business Broadband<br />Business Bundles<br />Download Speed: up to 7.6Mb<br />Upload Speed: up to 1Mb<br />Delivery: DSL<br />Contention Ratio: Unknown<br />Download Allowance: Unlimited<br />Connectivity: Always on<br />Price: €35.00 per month for first 3 months<br />Price: €75.00 per month there after<br />
  17. 17. O2 Business Broadband<br />Extras included in the Package<br />Inclusive Line Rental<br />Free WiFi Router<br />No Connection Fee<br />Free Static IP Address<br />150 Minutes calls included to Local, National & UK Landline Numbers.<br />Remote Access<br />Mobile Broadband Available<br />
  18. 18. O2 Business Broadband<br />O2 business broadband does not offer as much as the other providers. The maximum of 7.6Mb download speed is not as good as the other offers and the non inclusion of the contention rate on the website is confusing. Like the Vodafone offer, the ability to bundle mobile and landline telephony communications is a bonus as it can reduce the price of the companies communication bills. Also the option to receive mobile broadband will enable the company to carry out business on the move. <br />
  19. 19. UPC Chorus NTL<br />SME Broadband Package<br />Download Speed: up to 20Mb<br />Upload Speed: up to 1Mb<br />Delivery: DSL<br />Contention Ratio: Unknown<br />Download Allowance: Unlimited<br />Upload Allowance: Unlimited<br />Connectivity: Always on<br />Price: €89.00 per month<br />Installation: €80.00 (once off)<br />
  20. 20. UPC Chorus NTL<br />Extras included in the Package<br />Secure e-mail: 10Gb max per mail box<br />Secure Area Network: Data Backup<br />Domain registration<br />Number Translation Transfer: 1800, 1850, 1890 numbers to give professional image<br />Telephony communications<br />
  21. 21. UPC Chorus NTL<br />This service offer is on a very suitable package for the SME in question. It is tailored towards SME’s and offer comparable and affordable down/upload speeds, download allowance and pricing. The combination of the landline communications system would align company communications (email, telephone and internet). The data backup system is a great addition. The lack of a contention rate is a negative as it is an important piece of information<br />
  22. 22. My Choice<br />In my opinion the best and most competitive option for this SME is the one provided by Eircom. The offer is tailor made to service a SME like the one in question, with good down/up-load speed, comparable pricing and extras such as 350Mb webspace and email. The low contention rate will help speed, the IP Address provision would benefit the company and the long standing reputation of the service provider would help in relationship management. The option of being able to bundle the broadband with the telephony services would also benefit the company.<br />
  23. 23. South Korea<br />One of the most advance broadband infrastructure in the world. SK Telecoms is the largest provider. 23.35 million subscribers. Providers of 3G and 4G technology. DSL provision. Up to 100Mbps available for subscribers (4 times higher than that provided in this country). Wibro and HSDPA technology used in the delivery of the service and the cost is far cheaper than anything that is offered in this country, roughly €37 - €43 per month. I think that the same company in question would be far better serviced in South Korea as the infrastructure is far superior to ours.<br />