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All about agroNET


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agroNET- a farmer's "personal agronomist"- is a set of modular components and ready to use cloud services designed to provide extensive agriculture expertise in an easily accessible and usable format. State of the art solutions; tailored to fit farmer’s needs; easily customizable; improving agricultural production in no time! These smart agriculture solutions can be licensed under agroNET or under our client’s own brand.

Published in: Technology
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All about agroNET

  1. 1. agroNET digital toolset for modern food production and supply
  2. 2. Suite of smart agriculture services agronet irrigNET – optimized irrigation trapNET – plant protection advisory service alertNET – plant disease prognosis and alerts boxNET – asset management fleetNET – management of agriculture machinery growNET – drone based monitoring of fields marketNET – digital marketplace fieldNET – record activities done in the field
  3. 3. •CLICKTO DISCOVERY•FOODNET DIGITAL ASSISTANT •agroNET vision • Advanced Data Analytics
  4. 4. Our ecosystem Our customers Smart agriculture service providers System integrators and software developers End users Small and large farmers, agriculture companies and services Food supply chain stakeholders Our partners Hardware providers IoT platform provider (Microsoft Azure) Agriculture experts Competitive advantages Interoperable services Reliable, secure and scalable platform Open interfaces, ready to use modules Agriculture expertise embedded
  5. 5. agroNET services BENEFITS: • Increased yields up to 30% • Increased profits and optimized costs • Reduced soil destruction RATIONAL IRRIGATION USING SOIL SENSORS AND PLANT REQUIREMENTS Expert Data Analytics
  6. 6. • Soil type • Plant requirements • Soil moisture • Forecasted rainfall • Irrigation “recipe”
  7. 7. RECIPESFORSEVERALCROP SPECIES Corn Soybean Sugar beet Potato Onion Carrot Paprika Blueberry Cucumber • New species being added continuously FIELDINSTALLATION Number od devices depends on the field area approx. 2-3 devices/50-100 ha Sensors on different depths to suit plant requirements BENEFITS Incresed profits Increased yields up to 30% Optimized costs Reduced soil destruction by optimizing water usage
  8. 8. CONTINUOUS AND AUTOMATIC INSECTS COUNTING USING CAMERAS AND PHEROMONE TRAPS BENEFITS: • Avoiding yield losses up to 10% • Pest management costs reduction up to 10% • Pesticide usage reduction Expert Data Analytics agroNET services
  9. 9. • Pheromon trap • Optical sensor • Number of caught insects
  10. 10. PLANTSPECIES Different crops (vegetables and arable crops) Different pests that can be captured with pheromones traps FIELDINSTALATION One trap for 1-5 ha, fully automated, energy independent Pheromones – to be changed every 4-6 weeks Sticky plates – to be changed every 7-10 days BENEFITS Reduced yield losses up to 10 % Pest management cost reduction up to 10 % Increased product quality Pesticide usage reduction
  11. 11. KEEP THE PLANTS HEALTHY USING ENVIRONMENTAL SENSORS AND PREDICTION MODELS BENEFITS: • Reduced pesticide usage • Increased crop quality • Reduced yield losses Expert Data Analytics agroNET services
  12. 12. • Air temperature • Air humidity • Leaf wetness • Prediction models • Right activities on the fields
  13. 13. PRODUCTIONTYPE Arable and vegetable crops,open field • Vineyards – ready • Apple – ready • Peach – soon • Sugar beet – soon • Potato - soon FIELDINSTALATION Depends on the field size BENEFITS Efficient pest and disease control planning Optimized pesticide usage Increased crops quality Decrease negative impact on the environment
  14. 14. BENEFITS: • Improved asset management • Optimization of business processes • Step towards the full automation of the warehouse processes COMBINING RFID TAGS AND CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES TO ENABLE EFFICIENT INDIVIDUAL ASSET MANAGEMENT Expert Data Analytics agroNET services
  15. 15. • Assets (box pallets, tools, machinery...) • RFID tag • RFID reader • Collecting data • Processing • Reports
  16. 16. ASSETS Box pallets, tools, machinery, .... Uniqe identity INSTALATION RFID tag RFID reader BENEFITS Improved asset management Better compliance with business processes Reduced costs through optimisation of business processes The basis for full automation of the warehouse or agriculture operation
  17. 17. BENEFITS: • Reduced vehicle maintenance costs • Optimized machinery usage •Better contorol of working activities Expert Data Analytics agroNET services MANAGEMENT OF AGRICULTURE MACHINERY
  18. 18. • Location • Telemetry • Sensors • GPRS • Real time tracking • Reporting
  19. 19. FUNCTIONALITY Service book Driving style Tracking position Fuel consumption VEHICLES Agriculture vehicles (tractors, harvesters…) Trucks Light vehicles BENEFITS Optimized machinery usage Reduced fuel consumption Reduced maintenance costs Longer machinery lifetime Better control of working activities and prevention of vehicle misuse
  20. 20. MONITORING CHANGES IN FIELDS USING DRONES WITH HD CAMERAS BENEFITS: • Reduced monitoring costs • Simplified and timely problem detection Expert Data Analytics agroNET services
  21. 21. •Drone •Optical sensor •Field images
  22. 22. PLANTSPECIES Different plant species Large fields monitoring Planning the flight using ground station software FUNCTIONALITY Plant counting Sowing quality estimation Yield estimation Growing stage estimation Nutrients variable application map Spraying & Irrigation map BENEFITS Reduce monitoring costs Decrease field visits Increase accurancy of observation Data gathering for more analysis
  23. 23. BENEFITS: • Reliable suppliers • Guaranteed adequate products • Time saving • Money saving ENABLES SIMPLE AND EASY ORDERING OF PESTICIDES RECOMMENDED BY AGRONET SERVICES PESTICIDE’S DIGITAL MARKET PLACE agroNET services
  24. 24. • Recommendation • Purchasing • Delivery
  25. 25. Pesticides’ digital market place FUNCTIONALITY List of available pesticides sorted by producers Harmonized with the recommendation given by agroNET Easy and simple ordering pesticides PESTICIDES’PRODUCERS Part of ecosystem List of available pesticides sort by different criterium Easy searching through the offerd pesticides BENEFITS Reliable suppliers Guaranteed adequate products Time saving Money saving
  26. 26. BENEFITS: •Easy analysis • Better planning future activities • Better overview of problems during the production ENABLES SIMPLE AND EASY RECORDING OF FIELD ACTIVITIESField activity register agroNET services
  28. 28. FIELD ACTIVITY REGISTER FUNCTIONALITY Planning and monitoring everyday activities in agriculture production Simply analysis of production activities Simply monitoring the achieved results REPORTS Achieved yields Fertilizer and pesticides consumption Working hours overview Pests and disease appearance Etc.... BENEFITS Better planning of future activities Better insight in different problems (pest and disease appearance, weeds, non pathogenic plant stress ...)
  29. 29. CUSTOMERS System integrators Smart agriculture service providers Software developers END USERS Producers - LARGE and small Agriculture companies Pest and disease prediction services COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Interoperable services Power of combine Based on agricultural expertise and algorithms (proven in practice for many years) agroNET
  30. 30. Our revenue model Service licensing All-in-a-box solution, private label, monthly/annual licenses API usage Pay-per-use for access to digital enablers Affiliate sales % of sales (fertilisers) done through digital market enabler 30
  31. 31. For take away… box NET fleet NET alert NET irrig NET rodent NET trap NET grow NET xNET yNET Azure platform power of combined, interoperable services
  32. 32. We create turnkey IoT solutions Members of: