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IoT Farm 2 Mouth (F2M) - SenZations 2015 - Team: OKI DOKI


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IoT Farm 2 Mouth (F2M)

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IoT Farm 2 Mouth (F2M) - SenZations 2015 - Team: OKI DOKI

  1. 1. IoT Farm 2 Mouth (F2M) SMART FARMING for Healthy FOOD Belgrade 2015OKI-DOKI GROUP
  2. 2. Lamia, Jacek, Giuseppe, Vladimir, Milos, Dusan, Krzysztof
  3. 3. Healthy Food = Healthy You Which one is you F2M
  4. 4. Healthy Food supply Chain Animal and crop farms and fisheries Storages, warehouse and cold houses Transport and distribution Market centers and retail centers Consumers and food services F2M
  5. 5. Players in bussines environement Farmers Gastronomy Manufacturers ConsumersLogistics companies Vets F2M
  6. 6. Healthy Food Solution SMART Logistics SMART FARMING = Devices + Application SMART FOOD Awarness IoT Farm 2 Mouth (F2M) F2M
  7. 7.  Quality control for farmers, gastronomy, shops and consumers. Project scope  Care for environment  Promotion of healthy foods  One cloud platform for whole lifecycle between farmer to consumer FARM2MOUTH  Application accessible between existing business partner  Unification and visualization of process between all players,  Certification possibility F2M
  8. 8. What is F2M? SMART FARMING - Sensing , monitoring controlling and managing the farm - Animals healthcare supervision - Useful reports - Marketplace for farm products SMART Logistics - Fast transport – are the products fresh? - Prediction of food transportation needs - Ordering proces between farmers and gastronomy/shops SMART FOOD Awareness - Better Quality and healthy FOOD produced on farms - Knowledge's about where and how our food comes - Promoting restaurants/shops that have fresh and healthy products F2M
  9. 9. Devices Soil moisture Temperature Humidity Wind Rain Weather conditions Motion sensorsLight Air polution (dust and polution gases) Sensors Electric valves Lights ActuatorsElectric switches Cameras Other RFID tags for animal identification and monitoring Drones F2M
  10. 10. Business model 6. Free for consumers!!! 1. One time fees from farmers  Devices  Customization 2. Monthly fees from farmers  3 levels depending on functionalities and/or size of a farm 3. Transaction commission (marketplace) 4. Payments for visibility and positioning on the portal from: • Shops • Gastronomy • Food manufacturers 5. Advertisements (for example fertilizer producers) F2M
  11. 11.  Do not aim at healthy food promotion Competition  Low number of cloud solutions  Not much of IoT usage  Only farm management - do not cover whole supply chain
  12. 12. SWOT analysis STRENGHTS • Covers all supply chain from producers to consumers • Innovative and advanced technology • 6 target groups • Innovative business model WEAKNESSES • Too much technology • Too complex system - will require a lot of marketing effort THREATS • Competition my appear • Systems that cover partial areas of interest are available on the market • Is the market ready to pay? OPPORTUNITIES • Healthy food is becoming an issue for society • People want to be healthy and look good • Farmers will need support in order to improve their efficiency • A chance to differentiate for farmers, shops, food producers and gastronomy SWOT
  13. 13.  In IoT era there is a strong proliferation of platforms to manage things  Platform focused too often on the hardware, protocols, APIs, and technical aspects  Functionalities are fixed at the design time BUT needs evolve along the time  New customers needs require requests for new functionalities = new customer investments  We propose a flexible IoT platform that:  Follows new user requirements along the time  Allows end users without skills in computer programming to ‘develop’ new parts of platform A flexible platform
  14. 14. High-level customization End users can exploit visual mechanisms to customize platform to provide different environments to each stakeholders (farm employees, veterinary, etc.):  Functionality  Widgets Deep-level customization End users can exploit visual mechanisms to add domain specific knowledge not available in the platform at design time, to create new:  Alerts (e.g. IF sensor#1.temperature > threshold THEN alert admin)  Behaviors (e.g. IF sensor#2.soil_humidity < threshold THEN turn on sprinkles)  Widgets (plot sensors data on a specific visualization like map, graph, time series, etc.)  Mashups with external APIs (e.g. wheatear forecasts, Google Drive, Google Maps, social networks, etc.)
  15. 15. F2M Live DEMO -Running prototype with few sensors -Can be integrated with SocIoTal and IoTLab -Installed on Microsoft Azure
  16. 16. F2M