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TagItSmart - project introduction

TagItSmart! is a Smart Tags driven service platform for enabling ecosystems of connected objects. TagItSmart sets out to redefine the way we think of everyday mass-market objects not normally considered as part of an IoT ecosystem. These new smarter objects will dynamically change their status in response to a variety of factors and be seamlessly tracked during their life cycle. This will change the way users-to-things interactions are viewed.
Combining the power of functional inks with the pervasiveness of digital (e.g. QR-codes) and electronic (e.g. NFC tags) markers, objects will embed cheap sensing capabilities thus being able to capture new contextual information. Beside this, the ubiquitous presence of smartphones with their cameras and NFC readers will create the perfect bridge between everyday users and their objects. This will create a completely new flow of crowdsourced information, which extracted from the objects and enriched with user data, can be exploited by new services.

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TagItSmart - project introduction

  1. 1. SMART TAGS DRIVEN SERVICE PLATFORM FOR ENABLING ECOSYSTEMS OF CONNECTED OBJECTS H2020 research and innovation framework programme Dr Nenad Gligoric DunavNet @TagItSmart
  2. 2. Do you know their story? 2
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. Let them speak… 4
  5. 5. + functional ink = + Heat, Light, Humidity = + printed NFC = Unique ID Smart tags – it’s how they speak!
  6. 6. TagItSmart video 6
  7. 7. Connected mass market products with unique identity that can report on their environment Overall objective
  8. 8. IoT for mass-market domain Cloud Crowd sourced readers Optical tags Functional ink and printed NFC Overall vision
  9. 9. FULL CONTROL OF COLD SUPPLY CHAIN 9 • Item-level tracking • Product condition monitor • Consumer engagement• SKU level dynamic pricing • Life-cycle management • Behavior analysis
  10. 10. Brand protection 10 On an Aspirin box aTagItSmart! „Proof me if you can!“ QRcodeisembedded to thepackage. By reading theQRcodeusing acommon QRcodereading softwareyou get information on theproduct and alink to either downloading asecondary software/ plugin or cloud accessfor theadvanced readout: the“Proof meif you can!” originality proof. In theaboveQRcodeyou just read “0”. 1st Readout Proof me if you can! “0” Thenew information received from the 2nd reading interconnectsto manufacturer data(such asdate, place of production, batch number…) that furthermore decides if thedataareapproved and match to existing products. If thereisa„match“in data, the„Proof me if you can!“app / plugin / cloud access revealsoriginalityof theproduct – it iswhat it is. OriginalityProof! Proof me if you can! “01” Yes, I am an original ASPIRIN®! Get well soon!
  11. 11. Home services Retailer as a service provider or a trusted third-party. This DYI use case specifically • Facilitate the “inhabitant’s life” at home 11
  12. 12. Open calls • budget 1,200,000.00EUR2 open calls • Extending TagItSmart platform, trialing services Open call #1: Q1 2017 • Piloting services utilizing TagItSmart! functionality Open call #2: Q1 2018
  13. 13. •Large industry SME End users Research We are… Web: Email:
  14. 14. Get (and stay) in touch! •Web: •Web: Twitter: @TagItSmart Twitter: @IoT_EPI, #IoTEPI 14 H2020 research and innovation framework programme 2 open calls Budget 1,200,000.00EUR Open call #1: Q1 2017 TODAY 