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DunavNET - IoT Smart Cities - Telfor 2014

  1. DunavNET Smart Cities and IoT – Our Story Dr Boris Pokrić, CTO, DunavNET 25th November 2014.
  2. About the Company • Established in 2006, in Novi Sad, Serbia – Office in Dublin, Ireland • Number of employees: 40 – 90% with university degrees – 20% with PhD – average experience: 5 years • Founder member of International IoT Forum – • Founder of IoT museum 3.0
  3. DunavNET R&D department, active in EC co-funded programmes (FP7, CIP-PSP, Horizon 2020) Focus on Internet of Things and smart cities DNET game studio develops mobile games Own titles Consulting services to clients in Germany and UK More than 2mill downloads Development of novel solutions (mobile, web, IoT) fleetNET, ekoNET, mTicketing, Augmented reality
  4. Main focus areas • Internet of Things and its applications in the smart city domain – Smart transport – Environment monitoring – Cloud based solutions (platforms) • Mobile services and applications – mTicketing and mPayment – Augmented Reality – Games
  5. Main competence areas • Internet of Things (IoT) – Architecture, protocols, solutions, applications • Mobile and web technologies – Smart phones, web applications, cloud • Software development – .NET, Android, iOS, Unity3D
  6. IoT and smart cities
  7. iotNET
  8. iotNET • Cloud based, end-to-end solution – Offered as a cloud service – Deployed on public or private cloud • Built according to IoT ARM (architecture reference model) – IoT device adapter layer for support of heterogeneous devices • Enables easy addition of new types of devices, different manufacturers – Resource directory • Meta data about devices available in the system • Used for efficient search and discovery of resources and services • Storage of data • Web applications for visualization of data, reporting, management of devices
  9. iotNET • Services: – ekoNET: low-cost environment monitoring – fleetNET: fleet management – agroNET: future expansion for agriculture • Add-on services – Data analytics and visualization services for more complex analysis of data – Correlation of measurements with open data produced by the cities
  10. fleetNET • Built on iotNET cloud solution • Multiple parameters tracked: – Vehicle location and activity, mileage, speed, start/stop times, compliance with routes, harsh acceleration/braking – CAN bus information – Driver ID – Geo-fencing – Configurable alarms – Compliance with rules of the road
  11. fleetNET • Clients – Telekom Srbija (mobile operator) • Used to provide fleet management service to their subscribers • Used to manage own fleet (more than 300 vehicles) – Lafarge (one of the largest cement manufacturers in the world) • Manage own fleet and subcontractors (more than 400 vehicles) – Ericsson Serbia
  12. ekoNET • Built on iotNET cloud solution • EB800 – Device with GPRS, GPS and environmental sensors (CO, CO2, NO2,…) • Continuous monitoring of air pollution parameters and atmospheric conditions – mobile and fixed installations • Features: – Monitoring of CO, CO2, NO2, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure
  13. ekoNET
  14. Augmented Reality IoT services
  15. Smart Transport in Novi Sad
  16. Smart Transport
  17. Serious Games • Mobile game • Promotes energy efficiency issues • Educational • Part of FINESCE project (FI-PPP) • • 7 trial sites (eCars, wind, smart factory…) • Each site is represented with a mission, real data included
  18. Serious Games
  19. Research and Innovation EU and Innovation fund of Serbia
  20. Research and Innovation • 6 projects funded in FP7 programme • 1 project funded in H2020 programme • 2 projects funded in CIP-PSP programme • 2 projects funded by Innovation fund of Serbia • Main partners – Engineering (Italy), Univ. of Surrey (UK), Mandate International (Switzerland), Alexandra Institute (Denmark), Univ. of Murcia (Spain), Indra (Spain), NEC, Disney Research, ETH (Switzerland), Ericsson (Sweden), Technicolor (France) – City of Novi Sad, Informatika (Novi Sad)
  21. Research and Innovation • FP7 Citi-sense – IoT for air quality monitoring • FP7 SocIoTal – Platform for non-ICT people to build IoT solutions • FP7 IoT Lab – Crowd sourced experimental IoT platform on smart phones • FP7 Smartie – Secure IoT based smart city solutions
  22. Research and Innovation • FI-PPP FINESCE – Serious gaming for promotion of smart energy • FI-PPP FI-CONTENT – AR algorithms for Future Internet • CIP-PSP Mobiwallet – Ticketing in public transport using smart phones • CIP-PSP CLIPS – Public administration services in cloud
  24. FP7 CITI-SENSE • Application of IoT based solutions for air quality monitoring – sensor-based Citizens’ Observatory Community for improving quality of life in cities • Developing and testing an environmental monitoring and information system • Building solutions on top of the eb700 device • Duration
  25. FP7 SocIoTal • Development of an all-inclusive Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure for the society by accelerating the creation of a socially aware citizen-centric IoT • Providing adequate socially aware tools and mechanisms – simplify complexity and lower the barriers of entry – encourage citizen participation in the IoT – Focused on the citizen’s
  26. FP7 IoT Lab • Researching crowdsourcing to extend IoT testbed infrastructure for multidisciplinary experiments – more end-user interactions, flexibility, scalability, cost efficiency and societal added value • Creation of a sustainable experimenting environment – enable execution of technological, social and economic experiments leveraging mobile (phones, tablets) and IoT devices owned by
  27. FP7 Smartie • Secure and sMArter ciTIes data management – Create a distributed framework to share large volumes of heterogeneous information for the use in smart-city applications – Creating security and trust for IoT devices • Duration – September 2013 - September 2016 • Consortium: 7 partners from EU
  28. CIP-PSP Mobiwallet • Interoperable Fare Management – New, user-friendly contactless payment technologies (web-based, 2D code or NFC payments – Managing payment for transport as a global solution • 4 pilots – Spanish and Serbian pilots: seamless integration of the widest variety of travel modes possible in a single city – Italian and UK pilots: specialize in providing
  29. Novi Sad pilot • Integrated payment of bus tickets and rent-a-bikes within the city using mobile payment system • Purchasing tickets using mobile phone application – Tickets validated using dedicated optical scanners or tablets and smartphones equipped with cameras and an appropriate application • Additional functions
  30. CIP-PSP CLIPS • Public administration services in the cloud – Design and deploy methodology and toolkit – Cross-border scenario: a family moving abroad • Pilots in Lecce, Santander, Stockport, Novi Sad – Digitalize data currently available in paper form and make it available through a set of cloud services (GUI based and API based) – Make data currently available in digitalized form, but not in the form of a service,
  31. Novi Sad pilot (CLIPS) • New services based on existing digital data and by digitalizing data in “paper” form currently – Visualization of information about an area of the city or a specific building (infrastructure, safety, health centers, pre-schools and schools, population etc.) • Data will be made available and reachable through Open API thus enabling building new services on top • Cloudification of existing services