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IoT meetup Belgrade 21-04-2015


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IoT meetup. AIOTI description. IoT week. senZations, summer school

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IoT meetup Belgrade 21-04-2015

  1. 1. AIOTI Alliance for IoT Innovation Dr Srđan Krčo
  2. 2. • 4th of February 2015 Kick-off AIOTI
  3. 3. Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation - AIOTI The AIOTI Momentum Declaration • Europe will have the most dynamic, agile IoT ecosystem and industry in the world which transforms people’s lives, drives growth, creates employment and addresses societal challenges. • Today we agree, in partnership with the European Commission, that collaborative and innovation driven activities are necessary in order to drive a successful take-up of the Internet of Things. • By understanding the potential of connected things, their intelligence and smart data, we all support the creation of an IoT ecosystem, which supports openness, value creation, scalability, sustainability and co-existence. • Core principles are to cooperate and share knowledge with existing and new partners of all sizes along value chains, to adopt agile approaches and to search flexible agreements for convergence, interoperability and standardisation. • Through common reference models and IoT Large Scale Pilot activities we aim to bring IoT forward and to stimulate service creation, acceptance and take-up from the user and creator perspectives. 4th February 2015
  4. 4. 1st General Assembly meeting Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation -AIOTI- Governance and Structure Dr Thibaut Kleiner* Head of Unit Network Technologies DG CONNECT – European Commission
  5. 5. AIOTI mission: Contribute to Large Scale Pilots to foster experimenttaion, replication and deployment and to support convergence & interoperability of IoT standards Develop IoT ecosystem across vertical silos including startups and SMEs Identify, communicate and champion EU spearheads to speed up the take up of IoT Gather evidence on market obstacles for IoT deployment in a Digital Single Market context. Mapping & Bridging global, EU and Members States’ IoT innovation activities
  6. 6. IoT CEE • Initiated by – ICT Technology Network/OpComm (Slovenia) – Startup Accelerator StarCube (Czech) – DunavNET (Serbia) • Create IoT ecosystem in CEE – Gather all relevant IoT organizations and entities
  7. 7. IoT week 2015
  8. 8. IoT Forum
  9. 9. senZations’15 • 10th summer school on IoT – Belgrade, 31/08 – 04/09
  10. 10. senZations’15 • Lectures + hands-on work + fun – 5 days and nights • SocIoTal platform will be available – Awards for best applications
  11. 11. SocIoTal • Platform launch at senZations’15 summer school • Web and end-user tools – Secure sharing of smart devices and data – For the benefit of citizens • Mood of the city (happy or not) – Join us to measure the mood of our cities!
  12. 12. Novi Sad use cases Building Council and Janitor Children and elderly monitoring application EPIC: Novi Sad City SCENARIO_SOC_002: NS SocIoTal enabled Watering of the green surfaces Sharing information Data access control Public reporting application - Sensing - Data modelling - Entities identification - Entities registration - Sensing - Data modelling - Route Algorithms Epic Scenario Use Cases Services Requirements Citi visualization dashboard Notification service Reputation service - Sensing - Data modelling - Entities identification - Entities registration - Sensing - Data modelling - Route Algorithms
  13. 13. CLIPS • Pilots in Novi Sad, Lecce, Santander, Bremerhaven – Using cloud for public services • Open data – CKAN node set up in Novi Sad – API to be open • SMEs and web developers invited to use and build applications
  14. 14. PA services in the cloud City OpenData Node OpenDataAPI WS WebService Municipality Services City A Third Party Services WS WebService Internal DBMS Municipality Services WS OpenDataAPI City B Third Party Services WebService City OpenData Node HUBBroker BrokerHUB Federated City OpenData Nodes Publish - Subscribe DB Connector WS Connector SOAP WS REST WS Enterprise Service Bus Services Endpoints Web Crowler Connector OpenData Connector OpenData WEB Portals WS Connector WS Connector Mash Up Editor Access to Municipalities/Third Party Services Access to Cities OpenData INNOVATIVE SERVICES