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The Mobile Advertising Landscape


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See how to new world of Mobile Advertising is shaping yesterdays big brands into creating new content optimized to fit in the palm of your hand.

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The Mobile Advertising Landscape

  1. 1. The Mobile Advertising Landscape Slider Ad Overlay unit on the bottom of a page mirrors touch screen habit, prompting the users page to ‘slide’ over to a brand experience. Adhesion Banner Standard banner that ‘adheres’ to its start position when device is rotated. Skyscraper An ad unit typically placed on the side of a website to display cre- ative information. Many are Rich Media ads; animation, flash HTML5. How to Spot an Ad Unit? Why are they placed in that location? Surface Area The average smartphone screen is 4.5in diagonally across. Basically, just enough for the average hand to reach. Advertisers know it is easier for people to tap at the bottom of a screen, rather than stretch across to the top. Many people associate important apps, tools, and resources to be at the bottom of a screen. Look at your smartphone right now, I’ll bet you that all your important apps are located at the bottom.... I rest my case. How has mobile changed television advertising? Now, how do broadcasters grab that same audience but on a different device? But, how do advertisers moderate the amount of views on a device ? Okay, but ‘Ad Networks’ do what exactly? ? of US mobile marketing campaigns employ video. 17% 67%of the U.K. population gets their news online. 82%of consumers ages 35 to 44 view video over the Internet 75%of consumers are viewing video over the Internet Geo-Fencing A technology that allows an advertiser to select a geographic point using latitude and longitude information and then create a virtual ‘fence’ around that point of given radius. This is similar to the way advertisers get a select group of people on local channels. But in this instance, it is more prone to location based settings on a device. Frequency Capping It is the limited number of times an advertisement can be shown on that device. Now its not a law, but as marketers and advertisers have found out, it is better for a brand to rotate different Ads in numerous sequences and times; making it an Ad Network. Mediate Ad Networks are a platform that allows publishers to strategically sell remnant and unsold inventory by using multiple ad spaces. Digital Media Training offers a variety of topics which cover mobile advertising, traditional-to-digital selling skills, and much more! Would you like to learn more about Mobile Advertising? #digitalword Contact us at Phone: 212-502-3064 Follow us! @DM_Training Property of Digital Media Training. Designed by Kevin Kiriluk