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Infinity salepresentation


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slides for sales force sharing

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Infinity salepresentation

  1. 1. FREE YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING: CROSS THE MOBILE DIVIDEInfinity Marketing Group An industry leading, full service ((m))Agency
  2. 2. Step1-Evaluating Your Mobile Presence
  3. 3. Mobile is Mission Critical:Why your website is no longer enough
  4. 4. Life on the small screen: Optimize yourdigital content for mobile delivery
  5. 5. Passing the Customer’s First Mobile Test
  6. 6. Location: the new Equation¨  Win the physical proximity battle- Integrated map, location based Search Listings¨  Target with Customers Location Cues: (example- appear as a listing at dog park if you sell goods or services to dog owners)¨  Location based referral- allow check ins so others can see when their friends, associates use your business.¨  Build momentum- show check ins, crowd momentum, birds of a feather association
  7. 7. Mobile Interactive Strategies: Enliven the customer experience Customer s on mobi not passiv le are do ely obser ing, ving¨ According to an IBM report on multimedia "There is general agreement among researchers thatpeople have short-term attention spans of about 20%of what they hear, 40% of what they see and hear,and 75% of what they see, hear, and do....
  8. 8. Social Media Tango: Let us handle it¨  Social Media Presence: Provide the customer their preferred choice of venue for interaction¨  Social Media Reach: Be omnipresent¨  Play by the unwritten rules of engagement: Or else.¨  No live and learn: Make engaging worth their while, every time.¨  Keep it Relevant to the target.¨  The persuasion for opt-in marketing mediums: a sacred promise- the initial permission is the most crucial message and offer you ever design and deliver upon.
  9. 9. Text (sms) marketing
  10. 10. Moblile Optimized Email Marketing Concise Readable Appealing Engaging Action Driven Native to mobile: Seemless & Integrated!! See your response rate grow wth Embedded maps Touch to call completion
  11. 11. Risk Being Bold: Apps for Exposure¨  Apps are opportunity ¤  As big as your imagination n  Create a Novel Experience to draw in customers ¤  Merging the Brand with recreation- gaming Apps ¤  Using App download avenue for exposure n  an uncrowded opportunity landscape n  The Defensible, Sustainable edge over your competition.
  12. 12. Apps: Customer Retention viaCustomer Service!¨  Delivering unprecedented application service avenues and keeping your customers close to your message- customer service apps deliver on both¨  Witnes the cost savings and customer satisfatction overnight.¨  (insert portfolio link) example
  13. 13. Continuity is key: One agency, onepurpose¨  Handing off social media, text message marketing, mobile email to several providers comes at a cost ¤  Keep consistent, focused and on message ¤  Infinity offers breadth and depth in capability & experience We keep your goals in mind, working key mediums in parallel throughout your campaigns -over an astonishing array of mobile customer interactions. One point of contact, one call delivers. Let us scale our services to encompass your market opportunities.