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Digital Media Training: How to Increase Confidence When Selling Digital


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Digital Media Training provides sales skills and digital media sales training. We offer live training workshops, virtual live training, and ongoing mLearning reinforcement.

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Digital Media Training: How to Increase Confidence When Selling Digital

  1. 1. Selling is a Competitive Sport Digital Media Training provides sales skills and digital media sales training. We combine traditional training methods with the latest developments in tracking, reporting and mobile learning.
  2. 2. Digital Media Training is a company that specializes in training legacy broadcast sales professionals on the language and techniques of digital media selling. Through our customized workshops and unique mLearning platform, Digital Media Training aims to help sellers increase their level of understanding and confidence in discussing the latest digital platforms and cross-platform advertising opportuni- ties with their clients and advertising agencies. Our training is heavily customized to address each media client’s unique offering and competitive position. Digital Media Training can help.
  3. 3. Learn from the best. Steve Bookbinder is the CEO and cofounder of Digital Media Training, a company started in 2009. Steve is a leader, innovator, trainer, and coach. He has helped many companies increase their understanding of the internet advertising ecosystem, improve account penetration and new business development, as well as provide additional tips for objection handling and increasing sellers’ confidence. Digital Media Training believes selling is an ongoing challenge today more than ever before and the key to successful selling is training…with the right content and the right delivery. DMT trains sellers on how to leverage the power of technology and media sellers in particular on how to be fluent in all aspects of the digital landscape. In addition to delivering more than 500 keynote speeches at national sales meetings, Steve has conducted more than 3,000 training workshops and trained, coached and managed more than 35,000 sellers and managers from leading companies around the world for more than 20 years.
  4. 4. How we make it happen. Digital Media Training (DMT) can deliver a comprehensive sales training program designed to improve your seller’s overall digital knowledge and build confidence in their ability to converse intelli- gently about your digital offerings in front of clients/agencies. Our goal is to also help your team be more effective in building integrated solutions for your client base. To accomplish this, we will implement a multi-phase program incorporating extensive due diligence, live workshops, ongoing coaching, management reinforcement and our mLearning platform. Continue reading to see a sample training agenda.
  5. 5. 1. Interview with key stakeholders to better understand your company’s digital offerings. 2. Talk to sellers to determine their sales process and obstacles they face closing digital business. 3. Work with sales managers to understand their process and specifically, how they coach their teams in the digital sales process. 4. Conduct a pre-training assessment evaluation. 5. Provide a detailed report of our due diligence findings with a specific plan to roll out the training program. 6. Develop the workshop agenda and follow-up reinforcement curriculum. 7. Finalize implementation. 7 Steps to Sales Success Phase 1 - Due Diligence
  6. 6. Developing Your Digital Skills We deliver live workshops geared to improve overall digital skills of your company’s sales force. The workshops focus on preparing your sales team for intelligent conversa- tions with their clients. We will cover the following topics during our one or two-day workshops. 1. Digital Landscape 2. Advertising Opportunities. Examples: Paid, Owned, Earned Media, Display, Video, Search, Social Platforms, and Mobile Strategies 3. Metrics & Internet Math/ Analytics 4. Preparing for Digital Sales Meeting - 8 Step Process 5. Selling Against Competition 6. Understanding Client Needs & Asking the Right Questions 7. Role Playing using case studies from your clients/prospects Digital Marketing Training - Live Workshops Phase 2 - Program Implementation
  7. 7. Digital M.O.S.T. (Multimedia Ongoing Skills Training): We accomplish the goal of creating measureable improve- ment of skills and productivity through multi-phase, multimedia training process where learning continues out of the classroom and "just in time" on the job. Training becomes part of the culture, and learning is ongoing. This model provides ongoing training five days a week in the form of video podcasts and emails. Here's how it works: Video Podcast: 1-2-minute video podcasts are pushed out to the learner and arrive Monday-Thursday. They are accessible from any desktop or mobile device. Each brief video podcast focuses on an essential element of a selected digital topic then breaks it down into core ideas, strategies, tactics or skills. Follow-Up Application Email: Follow-up emails are pushed out to the learner that reinforce those core points and prompt them to apply what they learned to their specific job or task. M.O.S.T. in Motion Calls – Ongoing Engagement Process: These are virtual-live sales training sessions via telephone with participants to ensure they are keeping the program alive and have all the necessary tools for success. Measuring Results: The learner will take an assessment tests for each M.O.S.T. These assessment scores are tracked and are used to track completion of each M.O.S.T. podcast through our proprietary dashboard platform. Reinforcing Your Digital Skills Phase 3 - mLearning Platform, Digital Skills Reinforcement
  8. 8. Let’s talk. Contact Digital Media Training today for more information on our programs and professional services. We look forward to speaking with you. Contact: Bill Acker, VP of Sales E-Mail: Phone: 212-502-3064 Website: Address: Digital Media Training 112 W 34th Street 17th Floor New York, NY 10120 @DM_Training Scan our QR Code!