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How HR Professionals Can Recruit Top Employees with Mobile Advertising Marketing


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ATS Mobile has been very active in providing mobile marketing solutions for businesses. Common verticals have been in recruiting for health care, trucking, retail, and casinos.

In nearly all of the cases, businesses have found mobile's ability to offer pinpoint targeting for its best job candidates to far exceed those efforts from traditional media such as radio and print.

Part of the ability for mobile to so effectively target such audiences is the power of the gorilla in the room -- Facebook and Linked In. Both have amazing amounts of information about the employment of their users and these social media sites are therefore at the top of the mountain when it comes to sources most likely to be used for your promotion.

That being said, at ATS Mobile, there are:

No Cookie Cutter Mobile Ad Buys

We will design your promotion and do the A-B testing required to provide the best possible solution for your specific needs.

To learn more about mobile marketing and geo-conquesting, visit this You Tube video:

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How HR Professionals Can Recruit Top Employees with Mobile Advertising Marketing

  2. 2. International offices in Canada United Kingdom Ireland Czech Republic Headquartered in King of Prussia, Pa.
  3. 3. Our customers remain the same. Media, Brands, Advertisers, Advertising Agencies
  4. 4. Turning traditional awareness into mobile engagement.
  5. 5. We help clients develop a complete mobile strategy. > Innovative Text Message Marketing Platforms > Customized mobile consumer engagement solutions > Mobile Microsite production - responsive design + development > Turn-key mobile promotion execution & management. > Mobile app development > Mobile Ad targeting consulting, placement, and activation
  8. 8. Some of us will have the mobile number we have today for the rest of our life! YOUR PHONE # IS YOUR MOBILE-DIGITAL DNA
  9. 9. “Old” social networks like Facebook have been forced to refocus their efforts on the mobile world. New platforms like Vine and Snapchat were built in the mobile space from the ground up.
  10. 10. MOBILE TARGETED ADVERTISING The Big Gap: Mobile Ad Spend vs. Consumption MOBILE USE SHARE IS EXPLODING NEARLY DOUBLING IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS … yet only 4% of ad budgets are spent on mobile advertising.
  11. 11. Take MONEYBALL STRATEGY And mix it with MAD MEN ARTISTRY
  12. 12. MOBILE TARGETED ADVERTISING The Power of Targeting Mobile advertising on websites and inside apps allows for precision targeting like you’ve never seen before. The building blocks of campaign design include: GEO-FENCING No more wasted spend – only advertise to users within an area defined by zipcode, radius, or unique polygon. DEMO-TARGETING Only reach the users who meet a target profile of interest, behavior, level of education, group association… DAYPARTING & GEO-TARGETING/CONQUESTING Spend ad dollars whenever and wherever makes the most sense – i.e., target nurses working night shift at local critical care facilities.
  13. 13. MOBILE TARGETED ADVERTISING Optimizing Standard Banners The most common and usually lowest-CPM ad inventory is found with standard still image banners. Lower prices allow a larger number of impressions, but care must be taken to design creative that rises above the noise. ^ Clear call to action & simulated interactivity. 14 Use bulk impressions to reinforce brand messaging. ^ ^ High contrast & clean text.
  14. 14. 15 MOBILE TARGETED ADVERTISING In-Banner Video In-banner video allows the user to play a streaming video clip within the ad itself.
  15. 15. 16 MOBILE TARGETED ADVERTISING Fullscreen Interstitial Video The Fullscreen Interstitial Video unit is displayed during a pause in the user cycle (i.e., app loading; data updates) and can be either user-initiated or set to autoplay. Supported on almost all mobile platforms and devices.
  16. 16. In the app or web space, expandable rich media ad components allow a tremendous variety of features within the ad unit itself. 17 MOBILE TARGETED ADVERTISING Expandable Rich Media
  17. 17. 18 MOBILE TARGETED ADVERTISING Mobilized Landing Pages & Lead Tracking The most important part of successfully executing a mobile ad campaign is sending interested users to a mobile-optimized destination.
  18. 18. MOBILE TARGETED ADVERTISING Instant Backend Access & Follow-Up 19
  19. 19. SOCIAL-MOBILE ADVERTISING Targeting PEOPLE not PLACES 20 Traditional mobile ad buying is based on geography, basic demographics and device – i.e., “serve this ad to tablet users 21+ within a 1-mile radius of Abington Hospital.” Ad targeting on social networks is entirely different and extremely powerful. Instead of just casting a net over a strategic geographic area, these platforms allow you to pinpoint precisely the users who are most likely to be interested in what you’re promoting. Where do these networks get their data? We all volunteer it, every day!
  20. 20. SOCIAL-MOBILE ADVERTISING Facebook “Lookalike” Modeling 21 Facebook’s powerful ad platform is designed to target native ads to the users most likely to respond. This is done with a combination of geographic definition and user traits – demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  21. 21. SOCIAL-MOBILE ADVERTISING LinkedIn Targeting: Industries, Titles & Groups Beyond the traditional LinkedIn Job postings, recruiters can design a brand-building recruitment campaign using native ads on users’ homepage feeds. 22
  22. 22. A recent highlight from our MOBILE recruitment with ALDI … We've served 300,000 sessions to 225,000 UNIQUE users. The best-performing ad generated 13,624 clicks, more than 1,300 likes and comments and also 1,300 shares. Mobile devices account for 81.33% of click throughs; followed by Tablets (9.7%) and Desktop (9%). 37.5% of users use Samsung devices; 34% use Apple. Biggest single day so far was Sept. 8th - 10,056 users or about 7 unique users visiting landing pages per minute. 23
  23. 23. A recent highlight from our MOBILE recruitment with UNION HOSPITAL … On Facebook, we are targeting custom audiences of nurses within a 25mi radius of Union Hospital, as well as nurses working for competitive health centers in surrounding counties. This is combined with geotargeted ads across the same footprint, generating broad awareness. With over 140,000 total impressions and a reach of 3,550 unique Facebook users, we’ve activated 34 leads in the first 2 weeks of flight. Additionally, we’ve logged more than a dozen new likes on the Union page and 200 points of engagement (post likes, comments and shares). 24
  24. 24. Define your Define your Define your 26 GOALS. How many applicants do you expect? How can you maximize each brand impression? How will you define success? AUDIENCE. What is the area you want to focus on? What are some aspects of an ideal target? What are your strongest non-digital channels? Who exactly are you trying to reach? INVESTMENT. How long is the recruitment window? How many positions are open? What % of your budget can shift into mobile? 1 2 3
  25. 25. 27 Budget? New budget $$$ Re-allocation of existing budget $$$
  26. 26. 28
  27. 27. 29