Infographic: Display Advertising by The Numbers


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See how display advertising impacts every stage of the marketing funnel.

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Infographic: Display Advertising by The Numbers

  1. 1. DISPLAY ADVERTISING BY THE NUMBERS THE IMPACT OF DISPLAY ON THE MARKETING FUNNEL While a customer's journey through the marketing funnel may not always be a linear path, these common stages tend to exist: brand awareness, education, evaluation, proposal, and finally purchase. Unlike email and search marketing campaigns, display advertising touches prospects throughout the funnel, making a significant impact at every stage. The wide variety of research and campaign results available demonstrate the unique power of this online channel. TOP FUNNEL IMPACT TOP FUNNEL IMPACT BRAND AWARENESS Targeted display ads increase the likelihood to recommend a brand by 10%. 1 10% • INCREASE IN LIKELIHOOD TO RECOMMEND United Internet Media found that 6% of participants who’d previously been unaware of a particular brand were able to recall that brand without assistance after viewing a display ad. For aided brand recall, that rate jumped to 26% of participants. 2 94% INCREASE IN BRANDED SEARCH 26% BRAND RECALL • One brand’s display campaign increased Web site visits by 72%, and keyword searches for the brand increased by an average of 94%. 3 • MID-FUNNEL IMPACT MID-FUNNEL IMPACT CONTENT ENGAGEMENT & EDUCATION • After launching a display ad campaign, Superpages witnessed a 180% increase in click-throughs for its search marketing campaign. 5 140% 180% • LIFT IN ENGAGEMENT INCREASE IN SEARCH CLICK-THROUGHS An advertiser saw a 140% lift in engagement with content site-wide for visitors who’d been exposed to display ads. 4 • 82% MORE LIKELY TO DOWNLOAD Prospects were 82% more likely to download content and travel further into the sales funnel if they had seen the display advertisements. BOTTOM-FUNNEL IMPACT BOTTOM-FUNNEL IMPACT LEAD GENERATION & SALES CONVERSIONS used targeted display to boost form conversions by 30+%.6 30+% • The Direct Marketing Association drove 400+ leads to its annual conference through display ads. 7 MORE FORM CONVERSIONS LEADS GENERATED • 400+ • Agency St. Jacques Marketing used display and retargeting to generate 61% of total campaign leads for its client Supercuts. 8 LEADS 1 2 3 4 5 6 61% 7 8 "Conquer the New B2B Marketing Funnel," April 2011, Online Marketing Connect. “Brand awareness and digital: An IAB Europe White Paper,” June 2010, IAB Europe. “Brand awareness and digital: An IAB Europe White Paper,” June 2010, IAB Europe. “Online display advertising: Its Quantified Effect on Organic Down-Funnel Activity,” 2011, CBS Interactive Insight Series. “Superpages,” Case Study, Bizo. "Conquer the New B2B Marketing Funnel," April 2011, Online Marketing Connect. "The DMA Taps Bizo Audience Marketing to Achieve Conference Goals," Case Study, Bizo. "Agency Uses Bizo to Drive Qualified Leads for Supercuts, 7-11 Franchises," Case Study, Bizo.