Content Marketing: Useful First, Viral Second - Figaro Digital Marketing Conference


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Tim Grice talks through the recent boom in content marketing services, and how Google has driven much of the demand in the last 2 years. There are many misconceptions around content marketing, people aren't sure how to implement and measure content strategy. The session aims to put an end to myths and give some very clear, actionable advice when working on content marketing activities.

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Content Marketing: Useful First, Viral Second - Figaro Digital Marketing Conference

  1. 1. Content Marketing Useful First, Viral Second Tim Grice – Director of Search @tim_grice
  2. 2. What is Content Marketing?
  3. 3. “Content marketing’s purpose is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behaviour” Content Marketing Institute
  4. 4. Branding Trust Social SEO Engagement Traffic Revenue Visibility Content Marketing Benefits
  5. 5. Why is it so important now?
  6. 6. Google is driving the popularity of content marketing.
  7. 7. We need content for keywords.
  8. 8. He who produces more content can stuff more keywords.
  9. 9. Updating content regularly makes Google love you.
  10. 10. Everyone needs a blog.
  11. 11. All content needs to be unique.
  12. 12. Need to invest in content because I can’t buy links.
  13. 13. We need great content to deliver organic performance.
  14. 14. Content now has to be marketable.
  15. 15. Relevant User Experience Fast Comprehensive Want What
  16. 16. …Return to Search
  17. 17. Dwell Time? “Your goal should be that when a visitor lands on your page, the content answers all of their needs, encouraging their next action to remain with you. If your content does not encourage them to remain with you, they will leave. The search engines can get a sense of this by watching the dwell time. ” Duanne Forrester - Bing
  18. 18. Your website has to be Popular
  19. 19. New Guidelines
  20. 20. New ‘no added value’ manual action lands.
  21. 21. Good content doesn’t need promoting.
  22. 22. Content Marketing directly influences acquisition.
  23. 23. Social is the ultimate measure of success.
  24. 24. Great content means lots of links.
  25. 25. Useful Call to action Social SEO Target Audience Traffic Authority On Site Content Marketing Success!!
  26. 26. It doesn’t have to meet all objectives.
  27. 27. Brits, Boobs & Botox
  28. 28. Target Audience
  29. 29. Content Marketing Checklist Target audience Delivers authority links On the website Call to action Useful ????
  30. 30. What about SEO?
  31. 31. Went Live
  32. 32. It’s not always about links.
  33. 33. Use paid social seeding. (It’s cheap)
  34. 34. Figure out a way of collecting data.
  35. 35. Find an influencer and get buy in.
  36. 36. @Tim_Grice Thank You!