Growth hacking and marketing


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Startup Marketing key concepts and Growth Hacking approaches. Relationship to marketing and viral growth.

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Growth hacking and marketing

  1. 1. vvvGrowth Hacking + MarketingMay 28
  2. 2. vvvTopics• Full stack of marketing• The Product/Market fit• Market Positioning• Marketing Warfare• Marketing your customers and letting them market you• Linking growth hacking to marketing• What did we at Engagio• Q&A – Town hall style 7:40pm.
  3. 3. vvvGrowth is the most importantthing for a startup. If you don’t grow, you won’t exist.May 2013 (C) William Mougayar
  4. 4. vvvHacking…the tough part isfiguring out organic growth.May 2013 (C) William Mougayar
  5. 5. vvvGrowth Hacking is . . .① Analytics② Marketing③ Product④ User Experience User Growth RevenueGrowthEngagement GrowthMay 2013 (C) William Mougayar 6
  6. 6. vvvHacking your Growth is atemporary thing…hopefully.
  7. 7. vvvMarketing is a Mix of Activities
  8. 8. vvvMarketing in MotionSegmentationPricingAdvertisingBrandingDistributionProductPositioningResearchCommunicationsEventsEmail marketing forOutboundInterruption advertisingDirect-mailDemand generationCustomer marketingAccount-based marketingGamificationSEO/SEMSocialCustomer AdvocacyInbound/ContentAnalytics/Growth HacksMobileVideoViralityReal-timeNativeTraditionalTable stakesFadingDigital© 2013 William Mougayar May 2013 (C) William Mougayar
  9. 9. vvvPositioning: The Battle for yourMind“It’s the first company to build the mentalposition that has the upper hand, not thefirst company to make the product. IBMdidn’t invent the computer; Sperry-Rand did.But IBM was the first to build the computerposition in the prospect’s mind.”- Al Ries & Jack Trout10
  10. 10. vvvPositioning starts with yourproduct, but it is not what youdo to a product. Positioning is what you doto the mind of the prospect.May 2013 (C) William Mougayar 11
  11. 11. vvvSome rules for Positioning1. Be First2. Blogging is communicating3. Understand the meaning of words4. What will you sacrifice?5. Position for defensability6. Dissociate your company from your product7. If you’re not #1, try to be the first to occupy #28. Don’t forget the less viral physical worldMay 2013 (C) William Mougayar 12
  12. 12. vvv“You must create a position inthe prospect’s mind that takesinto consideration not only yourstrengths and weaknesses, butalso those of your competitorsas well.”May 2013 (C) William Mougayar 13-- Al Ries & Jack Trout, Positioning: The Battle for your Mind
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  14. 14. 15
  15. 15. vvvMarketing Warfare-- Al Ries & Jack Trout, Marketing Warfare
  16. 16. vvv4 Marketing ApproachesOffensiveDefensiveFlankingGuerilla17
  17. 17. vvvMarketing your Customers• Telling stories about what they are doing withyour product• Letting them tell their own stories• Uncover how your product has transformedthem, not how they are using it, e.g. Google,Prius.See book “Who do you want your customers to become” byMichael SchrageMay 2013 (C) William Mougayar 18
  18. 18. vvvMarketing and GrowthMVP +IterationsGrowthHyper-GrowthLeadershipEcosystem# employeesMarket your position# usersFigure out your viralityEnrich your valueNurture your partnersProductCompanyMarketfocusfocusfocusVariablesPostPre© 2013 William MougayarProduct/Market FitRevenuesMay 2013 (C) William Mougayar
  19. 19. vvvGrowth Hacking Evolution• Operationalize what works• Email is also a growth marketing tool• Retention and re-engagement are growth related• Blow some metric• Don’t think Analytics…Think Actionable Analytics• Data Analysts in big co’s – take longer to get decisions approved, can’t trialand error too much• Reporting is for stable businesses that have known growth characteristics.You want to model the velocity and dynamism of your business as a startup.• Growth hacking will not help a product that sucksMay 2013 (C) William Mougayar 20
  20. 20. vvvDiscussion• Is Growth Hacking part of Marketing, linked toMarketing or parallel to Marketing?• Does Growth Hacking end when you havefigured out Product/Market fit?• Anything I said that you didn’t agree with, or thatwe should be discussing further?May 2013 (C) William Mougayar 21
  21. 21. vvvThank youWilliam Mougayar@wmougayarwmougayar@gmail.comwww.wmougayar.comStartup Management:www.startupmanagement.comMay 2013 (C) William Mougayar