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Physical challenge


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Physical challenge

  1. 1. Evaluating and planning my Physical Challenge.  My last semester assessment is very similar to other assessments of past semester, as I always do the same physical activity to be healthy, as in addition to maintaining good health and physical condition with my activity also I am releasing my service, since it is one of the advantages of presenting the school to not distract us in the period of classes and that we make it easier to do it then I will say as he has gone me to make this sport:
  2. 2. :::::: Sometimes due to lack of time not get some things you plan, but one of them able to do more of what you had thought; with respect to this activity, I guess that you already know what is, as in all the semester I put it and believe me is not for show but that be escort is something very important for me, because we are carrying the flag of mexico and is something more than just patriotism is also proud to be mexican, I said that I got here more than I thought because as escort of the school contest to represent the DGTI nationwide.
  3. 3. :::::: Because I still think like that in the first half that I don't like making sport but I have to do to be healthy and also gives you the reward of having a good physical condition because actually I met half of everything myself because it's escort is still standing because every day I‘m going to practice I fall more and more though it is not a sport if we do plenty of exercise, also mention or tape-worm planned that would go to nadir but since already mention it for questions of time do not achieve it so again sera my aim but it will explain it hereinafter.