Personal Branding for Soccer Coaches | Maximize Demosphere XLII


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Many coaches hope to one day earn a living entirely from coaching. This Maximize Demosphere session focuses on personal branding and offering a path to transition from part time to full time coaching.

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Personal Branding for Soccer Coaches | Maximize Demosphere XLII

  1. 1. Personal Branding: How To Sell YourselfSean Rose - Vice President, Marketing September, 2012
  2. 2. Session OverviewPart 1: Moving in the Right DirectionPart 2: Ideas to JumpstartPart 3: Tools For SuccessPart 4: How Demosphere Can HelpJoin us on Twitter | Like us on Facebook
  3. 3. On nights/weekends...
  4. 4. During the week...
  5. 5. Your Coaching Career TodayWhen thinking about your career today, you have... one (maybe?) coaching license (NSCAA, U.S. Soccer, etc). at least 2 years of experience. the desire to coach more.
  6. 6. What Your Career Can BeIn the future... you have a collection of coaching licenses & certifications. you are booked year-round with teams, camps, and other income streams. you are too busy to accept all opportunities!
  7. 7. Demosphere Knows Coaches! 1,200 customers, mostly clubs with many coaches! 21+ years of experience. 6 years of experience personally.
  8. 8. In general...Nothing is automatic.Not a “get rich quick” scheme.You probably won’t be famous!
  9. 9. Humble Beginnings Current ClubDo any additional opportunities exist? Teams (Maybe Asst. Coach?) Other events (camps/clinics, etc) Club-wide positions (director)Are you willing to volunteer?
  10. 10. Club ResourcesDo you have a mentor?Are any coaches well known in the area?
  11. 11. Continue to LearnMake a commitment to keep learning.Build your resume & evolve as a coach.Prove you’re serious.
  12. 12. Continue to Learn
  13. 13. Learn/Network
  14. 14. Seek Established BrandsEurotech, U.K. Elite, UKSocca, etc. Experience w/ proven brands. Network w/ other coaches & clubs. Less individual downside risk.
  15. 15. Job Sites
  16. 16. On Your Own: OptionsCoach + Camp OperatorCamp OperatorTeam TrainingPrivate TrainingOther?
  17. 17. Build Your BrandWhy are you unique?Why should others trust you?
  18. 18. Competition
  19. 19. Who to Target?Depends on your offerings! Clubs Tournaments Schools
  20. 20. Build Your BrandOnline/Offline PresenceWebsite, Social MediaReach people where THEY are.
  21. 21. Tap Your Networks!
  22. 22. Be everything you do.It all leads to trust.
  23. 23. Demosphere Can Help!Professional website designEasy-to-update interfaceConfidence to competePeace of mind
  24. 24. BonusesRecommendations & Best Practicesbased on 21+ years of experienceBest-in-class Support + Learning ToolsPositioned on the cutting edge.
  25. 25. Investment$500/$1,000 Design Fee$500/yr (mini)$1,800/yr ($450/quarter)
  26. 26. Wrap UpQuestions? support@demosphere.comSubscribe to the Demosphere Blog for... Industry News Product Features Best Practices ... and more!
  27. 27. Sean