APRIL 2013IN THIS ISSUE:      Message from Reuel Hunt, President      Next Monthly Meeting: April 11, 2013      Special In...
stewards of the profession.As successful coaches reaping the rewards of this profession, I invite you to give back byvolun...
Sessions will then be facilitated by board members and include such topics as:- Trends, Issues and Overcoming Fears In Pri...
dinah@dinahsnow.comwww.dinahsnow.com303-499-0408EXPERIENCED COACHES SIGApril 17, 20137:00PM - 9:00PMLocation: see informat...
by the Meetup Group leaders.ICF CO Meetup Groups currently in Boulder, Glendale and Ft. Collins.Questions? Please contact ...
Are you willing to pay such a high price?Or, would you consider allowing me to guide you through an empowering process to ...
or Judy Sabah. After all, this is new frontier - the Wild West! Laura and Judy can use all the helpthey can get in tacklin...
Follow up with ICF Colorado speakers - Assist them with accommodations,      transporation, special needs, etc. - This wil...
businesses. As a member, one has the opportunity to network with other coaches and participatein one of the Special Intere...
published. Members may borrow up to four resources per month upon signing "The Agreement forResource Check-Out."Brenda Cod...
Contact Information:info@icfcolorado.orgwww.icfcolorado.orgICF Colorado Board MembersReuel Hunt, Presidentrjhunt@earthlink...
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April 2013 ICF Colorado Newsletter


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April 2013 ICF Colorado Newsletter

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April 2013 ICF Colorado Newsletter

  1. 1. APRIL 2013IN THIS ISSUE: Message from Reuel Hunt, President Next Monthly Meeting: April 11, 2013 Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings ICF Colorado Meetup Groups In the Spotlight: Suzanne Mariner Article: Tough Conversation: Your Business Will Succeed Only When You Learn to Sell NEW! Community Alliance Team, External Community Building Calling All Volunteers! Membership in the ICF Colorado ICF Colorado is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube! Resource Library General Meeting Information Contact UsMessage from Reuel HuntPresident, ICF ColoradoNew beginnings: connection – community – contribution - competency . . .Notice that I added "competency" to the title . . . the demand for highly competent coaches isskyrocketing. If you aren’t saying no to more clients, you may need a tune-up of your corecompetency coaching skills. You and your coaching competency is your product that sells itself inthis high demand profession. This month’s program may offer a bit of a tune-up for some of you,and all of the highly successful coaches I know have a coach.Coaching is organically unfolding throughout the world. Some would even say the profession isexploding internationally, as well as in North America. There are a lot of folks jumping on thebandwagon of "coaching," calling it many things that are very different than what we at ICF wouldcall coaching. ICF is the most prominent standards barer of the profession, holding a broadlyrespected set of core competencies (http://www.coachfederation.org/icfcredentials/core-competencies/) and code of ethics (http://www.coachfederation.org/icfcredentials/ethics/) as
  2. 2. stewards of the profession.As successful coaches reaping the rewards of this profession, I invite you to give back byvolunteering to our local ICF chapter: http://www.icfcolorado.org/icf-co-volunteer-opportunitiesAs up and coming successful coaches, I invite you to volunteer as a way of honing your skills,being in community and building your business. If you aren’t a member of ICF Global( http://www.coachfederation.org/join-icf/ ) and ICF Colorado ( http://sn.im/joinicfcolorado ) -JOIN and continue the cycle of giving and receiving, contributing and reaping the rewards!We need volunteers in many areas, and as members, there is no extra charge for reaping thebenefits of contributing and volunteering. Email me at president@ICFColorado.org and I will hookyou up.This Month’s Speaker: ICF Colorado BoardPresenting interactive tune-up samples of our own material for coaches. I would say "not to bemissed," but that would be somewhat biased.Job Opportunities for ICF Certified Coaches:The National Park Services (NPS) is very pleased with the candidates we sent them for coachingopportunities for ICF Credentialed Coaches. If you submitted your information and haven’t heardfrom them, let me know. Over 20 Federal Government Agencies now require ICF Credentialedcoaches for their contracts for training and coaching.Final Message:I invite you, as a coach, to join our community, become involved, play with us, join our chapter,join the global community, and contribute/volunteer, make a difference, give back and grow withus.Wishing you success in your coaching journey,Reuel J. HuntPresident, ICF Coloradopresident@ICFColorado.orgNext Monthly Meeting: April 11, 2013Date: April 11, 2013Time: 7:00PM to 9:00PMSpecial Interest Groups (SIGs) conducted before the general meetingfrom 6:00 - 6:50pm.Location: PPA Event Center, 2105 Decautur St, Denver, CO 80211Speakers: ICF Colorado BoardTopic: "Tools Supporting Our Coaching Competencies and Coaching Business"*CCEUs: TBDBuilding on the cheering support at our last member meeting and an interest in having moreinteraction, the April meeting will be a nice flavor of different exercises and tools supporting ourcoaching competencies and coaching business.The evening will start with "community play time" facilitated by Bill Grout, who will invite us tostep into our bodies by improvisation exercises.
  3. 3. Sessions will then be facilitated by board members and include such topics as:- Trends, Issues and Overcoming Fears In Pricing Your Coaches Services- How to coach clients to the art of saying yes to yourself without letting the saboteur get in theway- Dealing with Money- Active Listening and Powerful QuestioningPLEASE NOTE: Everyone must register for the monthly meetings including ICF Coloradomembers.*CCEUs: TBDCLICK HERE TO REGISTER for the April 11, 2013 MeetingSpecial Interest Groups (SIGs)EXPLORING COACHING AS A PROFESSION SIGApril 11, 20136:00PM - 7:00PMOur discussion may include, and is not limited to: understanding how coaching differs from related professions learning what makes an exceptional coach determining if self-employment suits you choosing your niche and specialty investigating training programs, certification & mentor coaches getting started . . .BUILDING YOUR COACHING BUSINESS SIGApril 11, 20136:00PM - 7:00PMJoin us at the Building Your Coaching Business SIG to learn about tools, tips and resources to helpstart and grow your business.Mission – To ensure that new coaches build their business, improve their coaching skills, marketeffectively and stay active and engaged in ICF CO. The SIG will help new coaches chart a coursetoward professional and financial success.Our topic for April is "How to Use Simple E-Newsletters to Generate Lots More Business"Your "list" is one of your most valuable business assets. When and how you communicate withyour list plays a huge role in the success of your business. This session will reveal commonmistakes coaches make that severely limit their growth and simple strategies to help you makebig leaps in income, even on a tiny budget.Facilitator:Dinah Snow
  4. 4. dinah@dinahsnow.comwww.dinahsnow.com303-499-0408EXPERIENCED COACHES SIGApril 17, 20137:00PM - 9:00PMLocation: see information belowFacilitated by: Reuel Hunt & Lauren Fisher5+ Years of Coaching Experience? You’re Invited to Check Us OutThe next meeting of the Experienced Coaches SIG is April 17th from 7-9pm.In our new format, we focus and go deeper on one topic that surfaces during our check-ins, andwe keep our check-ins bottom-lined and time sensitive so we can go deeper on a chosen topic.Summary from February Meeting (Our March meeting was postponed to April):We began with check-ins all around, including sharing of resources relevant to each personscheck-in. The check-ins led to a discussion on this topic: "We looked deeper at our experiencedcoaches community, agreed we would look at ways to better support the ICF Colorado Communityand organization, and asked a number of yet-to-be-answered questions:1. What is our leadership and direction development for ICF Colorado?2. Should we be a part of an Advisory Board for the ICF Colorado organization?3. What are the most relevant topics for experienced coaches?4. What is community?Location:3855 S. Hibiscus Way Denver, CO 80237(west on Hampden from 1-25 to Happy Canyon)Please contact Reuel to RSVP and to receive more details about this SIG.We look forward to seeing you there!Facilitators:Reuel Huntrjhunt@earthlink.netLauren Fisherlaurenkfisher@comcast.netICF Colorado Meetup GroupsOur ICF Colorado Meetup Groups are an opportunity for our community to continue conversationsand keep communications going in-between our monthly meetings.Interested in hosting an ICF CO Meetup Group in your area? Let us know:info@icfcolorado.orgLink on Meetup:http://www.meetup.com/ICF-Colorado-Coaches-Corner/*Please check the link above for any updates/changes announced
  5. 5. by the Meetup Group leaders.ICF CO Meetup Groups currently in Boulder, Glendale and Ft. Collins.Questions? Please contact info@icfcolorado.orgIn the Spotlight: Suzanne MarinerAbout Suzanne Mariner, BA, CELC, LMTCertified Executive and Life Coach, Trager® Psychophysical Integration Therapist:I did my first coach training with one of the original pioneers of our field, Cherie Carter Scott, backin the days when it was still being called "consulting." I also went through degree and certificationprograms that enabled me to grow a strong and diverse background in the combined fields ofhealth & wellness, community education, and somato-emotional therapies. My most recent coachtraining was in ontological coaching, through the Newfield Network, with Julio Olalla, anothercoaching pioneer. I am a staff member of the Relationship Resource Center, in Denver.A Snapshot of Her Coaching Business:As an executive, life, & wellness coach, I guide my clients in connecting to their passion, clarifyingtheir vision, & taking insightful action that is in alignment with their deepest values. As astepfamily coach, I support couples in focusing on what’s working in their relationship and in theirfamily, and learning how to leverage these strengths in ways that will enable their stepfamily tothrive.Click here to read more about SuzanneArticle:Tough Conversation:Your Business Will Succeed Only When You Learn to Sellby Ann StrongIf we don’t "sell," we fail the potential client in front of us. We also marginalize the miraculousvalue of coaching that moves that client through fear to bringing their Big Dream into reality. And,we diminish our own business, or worse, never get it off the ground.
  6. 6. Are you willing to pay such a high price?Or, would you consider allowing me to guide you through an empowering process to coach themthrough the buying/selling process?Demonstrate leadership.Leading your potential client flies in the face of typical coach training that tells us, "The client is incharge. The client sets the agenda." However, for your potential client to know, like and trust youenough to hire you, you must first allow them to experience your wisdom and leadership.In your initial Strategy Session, Coaching Consultation, Sales Conversation, whatever you call it,you must help them paint a vivid picture of where they want to go, experience the discomfort ofwhere they are now and explore what has kept them from already getting to where they want togo.Click here to access the full articleNEW! Community Alliance Team, External Community BuildingOne of our new members, Laura Menze, is leading the charge in a new role for ICF CO as theleader in building Community Alliances on behalf of ICF CO, and she is looking to build herteam! While the ultimate goal is to build community, awareness, and connection, the CommunityAlliances Team will focus on reaching out to: Business Networking Groups (including local chambers) Religious Organizations (Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, etc.) Charities & Non-Profit Organizations Coaching Schools Career Service Organizations Organizations & Associations related to coaching (ASTD, CHRA, etc.) Political/Government affiliated with Mental Health, (The Mental Health Board, local Senator, etc.) Media (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Prominent Local Social Media, etc.)Some ideas in growing these partnerships might include: Offering respective members of each organization (ICF-CO & alliance organizations) a discount on meetings, conferences, or memberships, etc.. Opportunities for ICF-CO members to provide presentations to various organizations and vice versa. Developing long-term relationships so that these organizations have an ICF-CO ‘go-to’ person who will be available to them long-term. Having our finger on the pulse of mental health issues and legislation in CO so that we might have a say in what would be beneficial for the coaching community. Getting ICF-CO in the news and creating awareness about coaching and what is available to people. Developing opportunities for local communities to tap into our resources for their patrons, etc.If you have ideas you’d like to share beyond what is outlined here, please contact Laura Menze
  7. 7. or Judy Sabah. After all, this is new frontier - the Wild West! Laura and Judy can use all the helpthey can get in tackling this endeavor!If you are passionate about coaching, passionate about ICF CO and are willing to commit tobuilding a long-term relationship in the role of an Internal Coaching Community Builder or aCommunity Alliance Leader in any of the categories above, please let Laura or Judy know how toreach you and what area you might be interested in.Together, we can build an incredible coaching community that reaches beyond our wildestdreams!Contact:Laura Menzelmenze@lifequestalliance.comJudy Sabahjudy@judysabah.comCalling All Volunteers!We invite you to share your skills, talents, and experiences with ICF Colorado and play a biggerrole in the coaching community. How? Read on to see how easy it is to play full out.We have opportunities for you to be of service in the following areas: Facilitator for one of our monthly Special Interest Groups (SIG) - Facilitating a SIG allows you to grow as a leader, meet lots of amazing coaches, and develop an exciting program that you can use in other areas of your coaching practice. ICF Colorado Blogger - Would you like to learn more about blogging in a safe environment and would enjoy sharing emerging trends with the coaching community? Then this has your name written all over it. Manage ICF Colorado Twitter - Are you a tweeting fanatic and have a few extra minutes each week to tweet out to coaches and the community about our ICF Colorado meetings, events, and programs? Manage ICF Colorado Facebook - Post our events, speakers, coaching tips, etc. Its a great way to network. Greeters - Remember how you felt when you came to your first ICF Colorado meeting? Help our new guests feel welcome and at home. Channel 9 News Health Fair - Help us be a part of this great program so that we can be of service to the community. PBS Phone Support - Set up a date/time for us to give back to this important community program. ICF Colorado Press Releases - Do you have experience writing and sending out press releases? Wed love your help in getting this started! Jobing.com - Find out when these events are and encourage our members to attend to help coach job seekers in finding their new dream job. It might even lead to new clients! Assist with ICF Colorado workshops - We enjoy providing valuable workshops for our ICF Colorado members and invite you to be a part of this dynamic, engaging program. We occasionally need help in identifying interesting workshops, getting info about the workshop in the montly newsletter, etc. Identify teleseminar opportunities for ICF Colorado members - Is there a topic you think the members would get value from or is there a speaker who you know of who would "WOW" our members? Jump in and be a part of this initiative!
  8. 8. Follow up with ICF Colorado speakers - Assist them with accommodations, transporation, special needs, etc. - This will allow you to meet some "Movers and Shakers" in the world of coaching! Create a member survey asking for feedback on what areas/topics theyre interested in to ensure were meeting the needs of our members. Resource Management Support - Go through the existing ICF Colorado resources on file and determine whats current/beneficial to coaches and whats outdated. Resource of the Month - Highlight a resource from our library and write a brief summary of it for our monthly newsletter. What a great opportunity to learn a new coaching skill, and then share it with your peers.Please contact Reuel Hunt at 303-734-0444 or rjhunt@earthlink.net to learn more about theseexciting opportunities or to get signed up today.We value your creative ideas and are committed to being the #1 resource for coaches in Colorado.Thank you for making a difference! We truly appreciate you and all that you share with us.The ICF Colorado Board of DirectorsMembership in the ICF ColoradoFirst I want to say a warm hello! I am the new Membership Director, and I am looking forward tomeeting all of you and GROWING this team of amazing coaches! You can find my biography on theICF Colorado site and visit my websites from the links above my bio( http://www.icfcolorado.org/icf-co-leadership-team ). I think since Spring has officially sprung inCO, this is the perfect time to talk about planting new seeds. If you have ANY suggestions aboutgrowing our membership base, please let me know. I am ready! I know the value of coachingthrough personally coaching 1000s of client and the fact that I always have a coach. I am reallyexcited to provide more to members through our programs this next year, and I want to helpcreate some amazing networking and partnership building. We all are amazing and if we show upthat way, our businesses and lives will grow! Let me know if I can personally assist you in anyway.For our former members who have allowed their memberships to lapse, we invite you to renewright away and re-commit to being a part of our community of coaches. Our educationalprogramming has been very powerful over the last year, and weve had some wonderful meetings.Renewing your membership will also give you the opportunity to renew the friendships you madewhile a member.For those of you who arent yet members, we invite you to tour our website, check out the pastand upcoming programs, and call if you have questions. We invite you to join our chapter andbecome engaged in the work of learning together and creating a strong community.So why should coaches and prospective coaches want to join ICF Colorado? As a member of ICFColorado, they will join a wonderful community of individuals committed to making a difference inthe lives of their clients, connecting with other coaches, developing themselves, and contributingto the profession of coaching. Our community includes brand new coaches as well as veryexperienced and highly successful ones. We also welcome those who are exploring coaching as aprofession and who have not yet started the process of becoming a coach.There are many benefits to membership in ICF Colorado starting with being able to attend themonthly meetings at no additional cost. The educational presentations during our meetings aredelivered by highly successful coaches with special expertise and are but one of the resourcesavailable for helping our members develop and refine their coaching skills and build their
  9. 9. businesses. As a member, one has the opportunity to network with other coaches and participatein one of the Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The SIGs are led by experienced coaches, givingparticipants the opportunity to learn and engage in lively discussion. Two of the three SIGs areheld immediately prior to the meeting, and we encourage everyone to check them out. In additionto the SIGs and monthly educational programming, we also have other programs and events suchas workshops and tele-classes, with reduced rates for members.When highly experienced coaches, coaches building their practices, and those who are just gettingstarted join together to support their chosen field, magic happens. So please help us grow ourmembership and be part of the magic we can create. Lets create an amazing Spring this year fullof blooming coaches and coaches in full bloom taking their practices to the next level! I lookforward to meeting you all at the next meeting!It’s very easy to join on the ICF Colorado website:http://sn.im/joinicfcolorado.If you have questions about membership, please call me, Shannon Rios, at 720-515-3212.To your unlimited potential and success!Shannon RiosICF CO Membership DirectorICF Colorado is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube!Check out the ICF Colorado on:FacebookLike Us on FacebookTwitterYou TubeLinkedInIf you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@icfcolorado.orgResource LibraryThe ICF Colorado has a fabulous Resource Library with over a hundred educational tapes andbooks addressing such disciplines as leadership coaching, executive and corporate coaching,career coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching, and spiritual coaching, as well as practicedevelopment for coaches. Its purpose is to promote education, business development and supportfor ICF Colorado members.The Resource Library is perhaps best known for its great selection of audiotapes. Several yearsworth of ICF Conference audiotapes include leadership and coaching topics by such high-profileindividuals as Laura Berman-Fortgang, Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, CherylRichardson, and Benjamin Zander, along with many other masterful coaches. A variety of otherresources include such great tapes as "High End Coaching" and "Personal Evolution" by ThomasLeonard and Frederic Hudsons book, The Handbook of Coaching.In addition to developing leadership and coaching skills, audiotape topics are specific toself-promotion and networking, use of assessments, therapists as coaches, attraction principles,team coaching, self- coaching, emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry, speaking, and getting
  10. 10. published. Members may borrow up to four resources per month upon signing "The Agreement forResource Check-Out."Brenda Cody, M.S., Resource LibrarianBrenda@WorkSolutionsGroup.com720-989-8743General Meeting InformationRegular Monthly MeetingsMembers: No ChargeNon-Members / Guests: $25 per meeting feeWhen: 2nd Thursday of every month (unless otherwise noted)6:00PM - 9:00PMSIGs start at 6:00PM, and the General Meeting starts at 7:15PM sharp.Where: PPA Event Center, 2105 Decatur Street, Denver, Colorado 80211Phone: 303-433-8247The PPA Event Center is on the corner of 21st Avenue and Decatur StreetPPA Event Center website: www.ppaeventcenter.comMap to PPA Event Center:Questions? Comments? Ideas to Share?We welcome your comments and ideas and are happy to answer questions.
  11. 11. Contact Information:info@icfcolorado.orgwww.icfcolorado.orgICF Colorado Board MembersReuel Hunt, Presidentrjhunt@earthlink.net303-734-0444Stephanie Wachman, President Electstephanie@coachinglib.com720-232-3693Shannon Rios, Membership Directorshannon.r.rios@gmail.com720-515-3212Dinah Snow, Communications Directordinah@dinahsnow.com303-499-0408Helle Hegelund, Education Directorhelle@hegelundconsulting.com720-570-0369Tom Lietaert, Treasurertom@sacredodyssey.com419-699-6100Monica McNulty, SecretaryTMJMcNulty@msn.com720-840-7501 info@icfcolorado.org Copyright 2013 ICF Colorado