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Exploring Consumer Attitudes & Actions on Key Tech Policy Issues 2014


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The Exploring Consumer Attitudes & Actions on Key Tech Policy Issues 2014 study reveals a majority of respondents (59 percent) said either privacy or security had the biggest potential impact on their personal lives. This concern has led as many respondents (59 percent) to say they would take action related to security and privacy issues.

Conducted by Edelman Berland, the survey polled more than 1,000 U.S. consumers over the age of 18 to better understand their attitudes about major technology policy issues and their willingness to take action and engage in the political process on these issues.

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Exploring Consumer Attitudes & Actions on Key Tech Policy Issues 2014

  1. 1. EXPLORING CONSUMER ATTITUDES & ACTIONS ON KEY TECH POLICY ISSUES 2014 THE TOP TECH POLICY ISSUES: 1. Security of personal data 2. Privacy of personal data 3. Cost, choice and quality of broadband Internet service 4. Tech innovations that improve everyday life and work 5. Future of America’s high tech workforce 6. Tech tools and computer algorithms to gain an advantage in the stock market 7. Commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles 8. Intellectual property protections Copyright © 2014 Daniel J. Edelman, Inc. All rights reserved. All information contained herein is proprietary of Daniel J. Edelman, Inc. (“Edelman”) actions people are willing to take @56% @40% @29% SECURITY AND PRIVACY ARE THE TOP ISSUES THAT IMPACT CONSUMERS AND #DRIVEACTION. Issues that matter the most 29% privacy the gender gap Women Women – who are quite often the family purchase drivers – were most likely to sign an online petition and stop or reduce the use of technologies that were found to be in conflict with their personal beliefs. 2 hours ago Like Comment Men Men overwhelmingly tend to take action – like meeting with a local or national representative, writing op-ed or letter to the editor of a publication, and posting content on their social media site. 1 hour ago Like Comment 30% security WILL MAKE NOISE ON CAPITOL WILL SPREAD THE WORD BY POSTING TO SOCIAL MEDIA WILL STOP/REDUCE USING TECHNOLOGY IN CONFLICT WITH THEIR BELIEFS 16% cost of internet PRIVACY AND SECURITY Share Share @ACTIONS 25 mins ago A STUDY BY EDELMAN DC TECHNOLOGY + POLICY GROUP AND EDELMAN BERLAND