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Three things to know about mobile marketing


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Free presentation on mobile marketing

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Three things to know about mobile marketing

  1. 1. Three Things To Know About Mobile Marketing 2011Presented by Kerstin Plemel, February 2, 2011 / 775.443.7559
  2. 2. Definition of Mobile MarketingIn 2008, the Mobile Marketing Association defined mobilemarketing as “a set of practices that enables organizations tocommunicate and engage with their audience in an interactiveand relevant manner through any mobile device or network.” / 775.443.7559
  3. 3. Definition of Mobile MarketingMarketers need to consideradvertising, marketing, andecommerce on allconnected devices,including tablets, e-readers, game players,quick messaging devices,and other wirelessgadgets. / 775.443.7559
  4. 4. Mobile Marketing Facts1. In the United States, 35% of cell phone subscribers are using smart phones and that number will continue to rise as smart phones become more affordable.2. According to a recent study released by Nielsen, iPad owners are more receptive than owners of other connected devices to advertising. At the Summit, eBay and other retailers talked about seeing higher conversion rates on the iPad than on smart phones or the PC-based Web.3. According to a Kalorama 2010 report, patient monitoring devices account for the largest share of sales in the handheld market. / 775.443.7559
  5. 5. Mobile Marketing Examples2010 Mobile Marketer of the Year: Starbucks1. Multi-channel marketing plan includes social media, print, television, radio, direct mail, catalogs, insert media and the Internet2. Mobile marketing utilizes location, timeliness and immediacy, convenience and measurability.3. Focus on building a qualified database of mobile campaign respondents 1. Opt-in list valuable: less churn rate with mobile phone numbers than email and physical addresses 2. Customers receive relevant messages and offers based on age, gender, interests and location 3. In May 2010, Starbucks unveiled the largest combined mobile payments and loyalty program in the United States. / 775.443.7559
  6. 6. Mobile Marketing Examples The Latest in Mobile Marketing: Black Eyed Peas 360-degree Mobile Music video1. World’s first and only, as of January 26, 2011, available from the iTunes App Store $2.992. Developed for Apple’s iDevice line (iPhone, iPad, iTouch)3. The app users can point and rotate an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to change their point of view, similar to Google Street View. Users can see whats going on in every direction and zoom in for closer inspection. / 775.443.7559
  7. 7. Mobile Marketing Examples Up and Coming: mHealth Mobile Healthcare1. Pixineer targets healthcare providers who want to “show” patients visible results, i.e. plastic surgery and dentistry • Apps provide capability to show before and after shots, and how procedures are performed. Patients can also use app to schedule appointments and contact their surgeon2. A Saudi telecom company has launched Baby Ultrasound MMS service. • Expecting parents can receive their baby’s ultra sound image and video via MMS after their visit to their doctor at Dr Suliman Al-Habib Hospital. The images can be shared with family and friends through MMS, social networks and email.3. Remote patient monitoring predicted to grow 26 percent annually • Remote monitoring includes services for diabetes, cardiac arrhythmia, sleep apnea, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). According to a report from Juniper Research, by the year 2014, public and private healthcare providers may save between $1.96 billion and $5.83 billion in healthcare costs through remote patient monitoring over cellular networks. / 775.443.7559
  8. 8. Top Three Things Marketers Should Know About Mobile Marketing in 2011 (From 11 trends for mobile apps in 2011 at Your mobile strategy will go beyond the iPhone and iPad – In 2011, businesses will recognize that having an iPhone application does not constitute a real mobile strategy to achieve their goal of increasing reach.2. The number of active users will be more important than the number of downloads – Most businesses today do not know what is happening inside their applications, hence only report on the number of downloads. Improved analytics will enable businesses to optimize applications and the user experience.3. Social will differentiate the mobile application experience – Thirty-five percent of Twitter’s active users access the service through their mobile device. – Mobile consumption habits are different than online and social will play a role in providing a unique mobile experience. / 775.443.7559
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing Resources1. mobilemarketer.com2. (Mobile Marketing Association)3. / 775.443.7559