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Nkl Cash Handling


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Nkl Cash Handling

  1. 1. “ PR Supports Branding for Technology Product, NKL Cash Handling” Greater Louisville Technology Success Story Presented on 11/06/2003
  2. 2. My Company: ASPectx • Marketing • Public Relations • Sales Development • Competitive Intelligence • Web Consulting • Founded 1997 in Louisville, Ky. aka Dawn Marie Interactive • Representative Clientele: Genscape, Mission Data, Akiva, Ipop, VoicePad, Microdyne’s Aerospace Telemetry Division (10 year client); Intellon Corp. (home automation); AMP Building Systems; TransDigital Solutions; Petra Systems • - – W: 502-292-2351 8/16/2004 2
  3. 3. Public Relations •The art of communicating with specific groups to • Key Service Areas inform and educate effectively to create – Event Planning a positive opinion. – Media Relations – Public Relations • Emarketing • Channel Communications • Internal Communications • Incentive Programs . Direct: 502-292-2351 . Cell: 502-548-1304 . Fax: 502-292-2364 8/16/2004 3
  4. 4. Client: NKL Cash Handling • Electronic Cash Management for convenience stores, fast food restaurants, and health care facilities, like physician practices in doctor’s office complex • A product of FKI Security Group aka Fireking • Market Share: US, Canada, and England • One of the top players in their market for convenience stores • Based in New Albany, Indiana . Direct: 502-292-2351 . Cell: 502-548-1304 . Fax: 502-292-2364 8/16/2004 4
  5. 5. Challenge—Market Share • The brand of NKL Cash Handling for electronic cash management was not really known in the industry except with the installed base. Definition of electronic cash management needed to be known to include biometrics, sales tracking software, and bill validation/dispensers. Need to capture market share from Brinks based on cost, ease-of-use and configuration capability. Expansion into new markets needed—i.e. health care. Need for case studies to show value proposition. • NKL- Sales split between c-store and restaurant sales. Overall share in c-store market of intelligent safe was about 20 percent; higher for fast food chains. 8/16/2004 5
  6. 6. Solution • FireKing National PR Goals The company desired to raise the national brand awareness of NKL Cash Handling product lines among (1) key end user groups; and (2) as support to its distribution sales network. Showing the growth of both the product categories and the actual products themselves will be important. • Why Public Relations? • By creating expert status, targeted publicity, and stories a company can further its credibility and reach larger numbers of qualified buyers. For example, an average trade publication article is actually circulated 3 to 4 times within an organization for reference. . Direct: 502-292-2351 . Cell: 502-548-1304 . Fax: 502-292-2364 8/16/2004 6
  7. 7. Results • Case Studies on BP, Kaiser-Permanente, Soxeho • New Opportunities to Tell the Story • Articles over the Last Year in Trade Press: Loss Prevention, Convenience Store News, Security Products, CSP News Online, Security Systems News, Security Management, Locksmith Ledger . Direct: 502-292-2351 . Cell: 502-548-1304 . Fax: 502-292-2364 8/16/2004 7
  8. 8. Results • Impact Example – CSP Magazine 90,000 readers, monthly – Convenience Store News 27,500 readers, monthly 8/16/2004 8
  9. 9. Summary • Public Relations assists in branding and expert status when done consistently • Builds credibility to attract new customers • Case studies are possible with clients and can be used for sales and news media • Interest Generated by Large Retailers Looking for Similar Solution for Larger Operations—i.e. larger sales and new markets . Direct: 502-292-2351 . Cell: 502-548-1304 . Fax: 502-292-2364 8/16/2004 9
  10. 10. Questions and Answers