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Going to

Look at the photos and make sentences

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Going to

  1. 1. Going to "Going to" for prediction and certainty. We use "going to" to make predictions about the future. The prediction is based on evidence. We are saying what is certain to happen. Look at the photos in this presentation and say what is going to happen. “It’s going to rain” EFL SMARTblog More Pictures sourced from Reddit, Buzzfeed, Imgur and Worldwide Internet.
  2. 2. They are going to crash
  3. 3. The cup is going to hit her
  4. 4. He’s going to land on the mattresses
  5. 5. He’s going to fall on the ice
  6. 6. He’s going to be angry
  7. 7. She’s going to fall in the water
  8. 8. They’re going to fall down the stairs
  9. 9. The car is going to splash them
  10. 10. They’re going to fall off the scooter
  11. 11. The bottle is going to hit him
  12. 12. They are going to get wet
  13. 13. She’s going to notice her hair is on fire
  14. 14. Is the bird going to drop the ice cream or eat it?
  15. 15. The End What are you going to do now?