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The English Snake


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Published in: Education, Technology
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The English Snake

  1. 1. 1st Conditional
  2. 2. If it is does not rain, I willhide the umbrella
  3. 3. If I hide the umbrella, I won’t find it the next day
  4. 4. • If it don’t find it the next day, I will wet
  5. 5. • If it have to get wet, I will cold
  6. 6. • If it me cold, I will not go to class
  7. 7. • If it don’t go to class, I will suspend English exam
  8. 8. If it suspend the English exam,I will have to recover in September
  9. 9. • If it have to recover it in September,I will who have studied the summer
  10. 10. • If I am studying in the summer,I will is a Rolls
  11. 11. • If it a roll, I won’t study
  12. 12. • If it don’t study, I won’t be anything in life
  13. 13. • If it anything in life, I will killed me