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Countries, nationalities and languages


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countries and nationalities in English

Published in: Education
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Countries, nationalities and languages

  1. 1. Where are you from? I’m from Spain.
  2. 2. What’s your nationality? I’m Spanish.
  3. 3. What language do you speak? I speak Spanish.
  4. 4. What foreign languages do you speak? I speak English and a little bit of French.
  5. 5. European countries
  6. 6. Nationalities: word formation
  7. 7. Examples 1.-ian (Italian, Norwegian) 2.-ean (Chilean, Korean) 3.-an (American, Mexican) 4.-ese (Chinese, Japanese) 5.-er (Icelander, New Zealander) 6.-ic (Icelandic, Greenlandic) 7.-ish (English, Irish) 8.-i (Iraqi, Pakistani)
  8. 8. Practice I’m from Portugal I’m Portuguese She’s from Italy She’s … He’s from France He’s … They’re from Scotland They’re … We’re from Switzerland We’re … You’re from Germany You’re …
  9. 9. Answers I’m from Portugal I’m Portuguese She’s from Italy She’s Italian He’s from France He’s French They’re from Scotland They’re Scottish We’re from Switzerland We’re Swiss You’re from Germany You’re German
  10. 10. Reading Hello! My name’s Marie. I’m thirteen years old and I’m from France, but my parents are from Morocco. At home we speak French and Arabic. At school I learn French and I study English and Spanish too. I love languages. I’d like to be an English teacher one day. On holidays we usually go down to Morocco and I speak Arabic with my relatives there. Arabic is very difficult! Did you know that they write from right to left?
  11. 11. More practice Where is Marie from? How old is she? Where are her parents from? What languages does she speak at home? What languages does she learn at school? When does she speak Arabic? Why do you think Arabic is difficult?
  12. 12. Answers She’s from France. thirteen years old. Her parents are from Morocco. At home she speaks French and Arabic. At school she studies French, Spanish and English. She speaks Arabic when she goes to Morocco. Because it’s difficult to read and write.
  13. 13. More practice An American comes from … A Finn comes from … An Indian comes from … A Norwegian comes from… A Pole comes from … A Japanese comes from … A Dutch comes from… A Greek comes from …
  14. 14. Answers An American comes from … USA A Finn comes from … Finland An Indian comes from …India A Norwegian comes from…Norway A Pole comes from … Poland A Japanese comes from …Japan A Dutch comes from…The Netherlands A Greek comes from …Greece