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Social Media for HR Nov 2011


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Social Media for HR Nov 2011

  1. Social Media: Impact on HRNovember 2011
  2. 55% of HR professionals rate word of mouth as the best source of candidates HRNext “I’ll be stunned if 50% of candidate referralsaren’t coming through online communities in the next five years.” Taleo
  3. 45% of employers screen Social Media sites • 3 • HR and Social Mediasource: 2009
  4. 35% reported they found content on social media that caused them not to hire the candidate • 4 • HR and Social Mediasource: 2009
  5. Why Social?Most of the world lives in Social: personally andprofessionally, it will impact upon you 800m Registered Users 200m Registered Users 200m Registered Users 2/3 of the global internet population are use social networks
  6. Why Social?It’s not a fad.It’s not going to go away.You can’t change it. But you can influence it.It’s already impacting your employees lives.And your prospective hires…..
  7. The GlobalConversationPrism Source: Brian Solis & JESS3, 2010
  8. Latest Facts...
  9. Social Media 62% 47.4% read 29.0% post write 80.0% No10 Imagery Blogging watch Sydney* 28.2% Micro No6 Video upload blogging Aus* Podcasting RSS 24.6% feed 40.2% listen Forums Widgets Chat Networks 74% message 81.1% belong• UM Wave 4 and 5
  10. The Facts for HR & Recruitment72.8% of internet users read blogs and globally one newblog is created every second of every day
  11. The Facts for HR & Recruitment Does your company use social media to support recruitment efforts? Source: Jobvite, 2010
  12. The Facts for HR & RecruitmentWhat social platforms does your company use to supportrecruitment efforts? Source: Jobvite, 2010
  13. The Facts for HR & Recruitment Have you successfully hired through a social network? Source: Jobvite, 2010
  14. The Facts for HR & RecruitmentHave you successfully hired through one of these socialnetworks? Source: Jobvite, 2010
  15. The Facts for HR & RecruitmentRate the quality of candidates from these sources, with 10 beingthe highest.
  16. Social Media Engagement: The Facts for HR & Recruitment Which social media sites does your company have, & for what purpose?The sum of all the jobs publicised on Twitter makes it Source: Jobvite, 2010 16 the largest job board in the world. 7 July 2011
  17. Application for HR
  18. In the context of HR….Social Media is not just a set of new channelsfor talent sourcing and people engagement.Its an opportunity for organisations to alignwith the candidate marketplace and theemployee population to achieve businessobjectives.
  19. What do you want to achieve?Use Social Media to listen to prospective talentUse Social Media to ask questionsUse Social Media to engage: current & new talentUse Social Media to develop your talent pipelineUse Social Media to give legs to your EVPUse Social Media to hire, engage, retain
  20. How is it being used? Internal EVP External AttractionPeople Engagement Candidate relationshipsRetention strategies Talent pipeliningTraining; mentoring Assessment: preAssessment appointmentExecution of Diversity strategies Brand reputationEnhancing ‘real life’ social managementcommunities Channeling EVPInternal relationship building Engagement: postInformation sharing appointment, pre startOnboarding Alumni comms
  21. What’s Out There? Social Media for HR: Online/OfflineGaming Meetupsrecruitment Mobile Payroll Tumblr TC (Team Collaboration) Flickr Twitter RSS Podcasting HR Blog Facebook Ning; Mobile: for candidate YouTube Yammer Apps: Google+ relationship Mobile, Tablet Online events: LinkedIn hosted in social Sharepoint; Google Docs
  22. Keeping your EVP in the Picture… Thought Culture Leadership Employer CorporateLeadership Brand Brand Customer OfferReputation Reputation Social Media Strategy Internal: External: People Talent Engagement Pool
  23. Examples
  24. This Week’s Qantas Disaster.....Not HR specific, but a classic example of social media#FAIL
  25. This Week’s Qantas Disaster.....Flights that leave on schedule because Managementdoesn’t arbitrarily shut down the airline #QantasLuxuryGetting from A to B without the plane being grounded oran engine catching fire #QantasluxuryRT @kiwi_kali: #qantasluxury Somewhere in Qantas HQ amiddle aged manager is yelling at a Gen Y social media"expert" to make it stop / LOL
  26. This Week’s Qantas Disaster.....Qantas PR abandons #qantasluxury and starts limmerickcontest instead,There once was an airline called Qant ...(bugger, ran out of space)How bout Qantas gets back to flying planes and stopstrying to hang out with the cool kids onTwitter #QantasluxuryTrending Australia-wide by mid morning.....
  27. This Week’s Qantas Disaster.....RT @qldred: I think Alan Joyce might be unemployed soon#QantasluxuryYeah, no, sorry. I still dont buy the story that the#QantasLuxury debacle was somehow planned for byQantas. Theyre just not that clever.Trending globally by early afternoon.....
  28. This Week’s Qantas Disaster..... The Lessons• Listen first.• Get involved only once you know your customers.• Timing is critical.• Forget participation for the sake of it. Might not be right for your business.• Don’t outsource your business sentiment.• Be prepared for negativity. You can’t control the #hashtag.• Offer something of value (Qantas prize was lame).• Think globally (the web isn’t local).
  29. Metrics
  30. Social Media Metrics are Evolving.... Quantitative Qualitative Followers Fans Social Views Members media Comments Subscribers Sites Brand Mentions Retweets Applications User Experience Interviews Results Offers Hires Employees Best-fit Candidates Participation Time Stakeholders Rates Costs Investment Resources
  31. Getting Started
  32. Where are mistakes happening?Lack of strategy.Using the environments as jobboards.Lack of original content.Activity that’s not audience relevant.Box ticking.Over compensating….
  33. Strategy Development Planning & The Big Idea App development: podcast, blog, micro-blog, video, mobile, imagery SSEO: SM planning, buying. Development, design. Tracking & monitoring. Agency In-House
  34. Keep in mind….It’s not free!You need real resources to create success.Give your staff a say!Be strategic.Measure, assess, alter your strategy. All the time.
  35. Where to start?….Determine business requirements.Undertake needs analysis.Agree on metrics.Map the strategy framework.Kick off!