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  • In the past 500 years of human history there have been four media revolutions. Each fundamentally changed the way we communicated. Printing press, movable type, inkTwo-way conversations with the telegraph then the telephone – revolutionised communications Recorded media – photos, sound, images – led to historical records – still one to manyHarnessing the electromagnetic spectrum enabled us to send sound and images through airwaves – first radio then television
  • As Thomas Jefferson said – every generation needs its revolution. Make no mistake. Social media is the “largest increase in expressive capability in human history”.We do not have a choice. The question is NOT do we want to participate. It is happening and people are actively engaged in discussing your brand – and your clients. The question is, “how do we participate”?
  • Today we’re in the midst of the fifth media revolution in the past 500 years. That places firms like Deloitte in prime position to provide direction, guidance and support to clients.
  • www.changemakers.org/index.php?s=2
  • The growing concerns of the Communist Party of China (CPC) over the destabilising potential of social media networks were reflected during the meeting of the Party Central Committee held at Beijing from October 15 to 18, 2011, under the presidentship of HuJintao, Party General Secretary.http://www.eurasiareview.com/28102011-chinese-concerns-over-social-media-networks-analysis/
  • Molly Katchpole just graduated from the Roger Williams University in Rhode Island this spring, and is working two part-time jobs in Washington DC to make ends meet. So when she heard that Bank of America was going to levy a monthly $5 debit card use fee on her, and all of their other customers that don't have a mortgage and/or $20,000 in the bank, she got angry. And that anger lead to her starting a petition on change.org.Read more: http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-10-31/wall_street/30341269_1_debit-bank-of-america-customers-petition#ixzz1jE3dgdbiAnd then that petition got her over 300,000 signatures in only a few weeks. Her letter is below if you'd like to read it.Katchpole didn't stop there. When her petition started gaining traction (about 195,000 signatures) only a week or so after it was posted, she went to her local Bank of America with her petition in hand and closed her account. She also cut up her debit card on camera and moved her money to a credit union. As you probably know, Bank of America now says that it will "redefine" their fee structure so that most customers don't have to pay. Meanwhile, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo have said that they will not levy fees of their own, as they had previously announced they were considering.It's up to you whether or not you believe Katchpole's petition had anything to do with it, but we think that, combined with all the media attention it got, it likely factored in to these decisions.And why wouldn't it? The comments left on the petition were left by Bank of America customers from all walks of life — from young people like Katchpole, to older people who have had their bank accounts for decades."I consider it a victory," Katchpole told us this weekend. "It's the middle class of America that's keeping this country running. If they can't spend money, or feel like they have a voice, then things are going to go wrong."She says that her activism isn't an official part of Occupy Wall Street, or any other organization. It's just for anyone upset about bank bailouts and big Wall Street bonuses.Read more: http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-10-31/wall_street/30341269_1_debit-bank-of-america-customers-petition#ixzz1jE3XJXNN
  • In 2009, Ford spent roughly one-quarter of its marketing dollars on digital and social media. This was more than double the amount spent by its competitors. Ford was clearly out front in the social networking arena, and its efforts paid rich dividends. As Ford's chief marketing executive, James Farley, put it: "If you are trying to communicate, as we are, that you have been reinventing the company, you can't just say it. You have to get the people to say it to each other."Say it they did! They posted 11,000 videos, 15,000 Twitter messages, and over 11 million social networking impressions as part of an American Ford Fiesta prelaunch social media campaign called the Fiesta Movement.The results were remarkable: 4.5 million YouTube views, 3.5 million Twitter impressions, and 80,000 "hand raisers" who asked to be kept up to date on the U.S. launch of the Ford Fiesta. Of those hand raisers, 97 percent did not own a Ford vehicle.
  • “HP Labs released a report entitled Predicting the Future with Social Media. This report was released on April 9, 2010
  • MSNBC “Lessons from Old Spice Guy” From July 2010:For P&G, it began with a Super Bowl ad last February that introduced its brand character, the Old Spice Man. Played by shirtless baritone Isaiah Mustafa, a handsome, former NFL wide receiver with a polished comedic sense of timing and washboard abs, the Old Spice Man promised women he was "the man your man could smell like," even if no man could ever be as truly manly as The Old Spice Man.The original Super Bowl commercial was created by legendary ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, which is best known (before this) for its Nike, Honda and ESPN SportsCenter commercials. It has been viewed on YouTube more than 13 million times.Five months later, Wieden posted a simple message on Old Spice's Facebook and Twitter page: "Today could be just like the other 364 days you log into Twitter, or maybe the Old Spice Man shows up @Old Spice." And show up he did.As people tweeted questions about manliness to the Old Spice Man, he began posting near-real-time video vignettes responding to the queries, all in character and with no small degree of humor as he stood bare-chested, abdominals front and center in a bathroom set with the creative crew and comedy copywriters of Wieden + Kennedy behind the camera furiously writing jokes and chasing down props. In a two-day blitz, the team produced more than 180 video "shout-outs," including a marriage proposal (she accepted) and exchanges with celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres, Demi Moore, Christina Applegate, Alysa Milano, George Stephanopoulos, Olympics speed skater ApoloOhno, gossip blogger Perez Hilton, tech gadget blog Gizmodo, Stanley Cup champions Chicago Blackhawks and Starbucks (which now has 10 million fans on Facebook).Key to the effort was the response to Kevin Rose, the founder of social network Digg.com. Rose tweeted the Old Spice Man about his own illness that day. Here's the accompanying video response.Rose was enamored. He tweeted, "Holy sh*t, best get well video EVER from Old Spice." That message went out to his million-plus Twitter followers. A viral phenomenon was born.
  • From The New York Daily News (4 January 2012): “Park Ji Min, a 15-year-old teen from South Korea, shocked the judges on Korean talent competition “K-Pop Star” with her rendition of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” late last week.And people around the globe are taking notice.”Now 1.7 million views and climbing
  • From WallyDownUndy on 10 January 2012:Last week a Hong Kong couple tried to take photographs in front of the Dolce & Gabbanastore in Harbour City mall on Canton Road in TsimShaTsui. Details are sketchy, but a security guard and a sales person stopped them from photographing. It was stated that Mainland tourists can take photos but not Hong Kong locals. The man posted this on Facebook and his comments were flagged by local newspaper Apple Daily (circulation 280,000 - thanks Sunny!).The next day, this tabloid newspaper sent a photographer - who was also sent away. Again it was explained that local Hong Kongers couldn’t take photographs, while Mainland tourists could. This was too good a story for Apple Daily to pass up. According to Wikipedia, this mix of fashion and controversy is tailor made:“Apple Daily’s popularity as Hong Kong’s second best selling newspaper, according to AC Nielsen, is derived from its concentration on celebrity coverage, brash news style, sensationalist news reportage and its anti-government political positions.” (Source: Wikipedia)From the coverage in Apple Daily, the issue escalated through social media. It appears the discrimination by a luxury retailer became a political issue, as some fear preferential treatment of Mainlanders means local rights are being overlooked. Others protest the power of large scale brands.On Sunday a protest was held where over a thousand attended. Throngs blocked the entrance to the store. All carried cameras.In response Dolce & Gabbana issued a statement denying their staff made the comments. No apology was offered. Yesterday, inflammatory remarks attributed to a D&G salesperson were widely circulated on-line. then reprinted in today’s mainstream newspapers. The South China Morning Post reprinted her accusations:Woman claiming to be Dolce & Gabbana employee calls protesters ignorantShe used other terms - apparently labelling the protesters “mentally retarded” (see article above).This is a classic example of a crisis that is spiralling out of control. In the absence of clarity from Dolce & Gabbana the on-line and mainstream media are making the news. In response the company needs to come out publicly and address these issues before the press. A large-scale media conference could prove unruly. But a series of in-person interviews offer a better opportunity to get the message across.And first and foremost, this needs to start with an apology - whether it’s over the misunderstanding, the way the issues has escalated unreasonably, or the initial comments themselves. If not, D&G risks long-term brand damage.What should have been a “one day wonder” is turning into another week of front page headlines.
  • Papa John’s has apologized after an employee typed a racial slur on a receipt to a customer Friday at one of its locations in New York City.Minhee Cho posted an image of the receipt on Twitter, which called her “lady chinky eyes.”“Hey @PapaJohns just FYI my name isn’t ‘lady chinky eyes,’” Cho tweeted.The image went viral, and many tweeted complaints to Papa John’s, such as “Your employees are your brand.”Papa John’s replied to many complaints via Twitter, noting that the employee was being fired.“We are very upset by recent receipt issue in New York & sincerely apologize to our customer. Franchise employee involved is being terminated,” Papa John’s tweeted.
  • IABC - Your New Jobs in Social Media

    1. 1. Social Media Career Fair.Getting Active in Social Media.Today.
    2. 2. “The skills you had that got you the job are not the skills you need to do the job.”Ford Motor Company 2
    3. 3. your old job your new job• Communications strategy • Futurist• Internal communications • Driving instructor• Media analytics • Marriage counsellor• Media relations • Speed dater• Community relations • Mah-jong player• Business metrics • Astronomer• Communications planner • Bicycle repairman• Hard worker • Dragon Boat racer 3
    4. 4. but first. 4
    5. 5. movable type telegraph & phoneone to many one to one 500 years 4 revolutionsrecorded image airwavesone to many one to many
    6. 6. REVOLUTION GLOBAL ONLINE“the largest increase in expressive capabilityin human history.” - Clay Shirky, Author
    7. 7. publishers formerly known as audiencemany to many
    8. 8. “Every generation needs a new revolution.”Thomas Jefferson
    9. 9. two driverstrust technology 9
    10. 10. in one generationInsert image in this the nature space of trust has changed irrevocably 10
    11. 11. trust tooo Armed forces NGOs +43% +27% operate inoo Education system Health system +26% +17% society’so Trade unions/labor +2%o Legal system -2% besto Global companies -9%o Large national companies -10% interestAccenture The Business of Trust, World Economic Forum “Voice of the People Forum”
    12. 12. Profile of Protestors: “1/3 were older than 35, half were employed full-time, 13% were unemployed and 13% earned over $75,000.” – Baruch College School of Public Affairs‘The OccupyMovement’began17/9/11 image in this space Insertand is nowglobal 12
    13. 13. You Are NoLonger Trusted
    14. 14. but we trustMiss Fong inHong Kong
    15. 15. trust me
    16. 16. Asia-Pacific mobile internetusers will nearly double from623.3 million in 2011 to more than 1.22 billion in 2015 eMarketer
    17. 17. in your pocket nowpowerfuleasyfastconnectedubiquitouscheap
    18. 18. your new jobinstructions
    19. 19. informbuild a culture educatehonesty only policy repeatidentify yourselfsocial media guidelinestrainingconstant communicationclarity about home, workdon’t start unless committed
    20. 20. people trust brands that build a personal relationship Mobile Marketing Social Personalized Networks Search Blogs Online Communities Direct Mail Rewards Online Display Programs Advertising Targeted Online Brand Content Print Opt-in E-mailPersonalization Radio Mass TV Awareness Consideration Trial Loyalty Advocacy Relationships Digital Traditional 20 20
    21. 21. start bylistening
    22. 22. how to listen social media monitoring
    23. 23. trytalking
    24. 24. registeroutreach basicsstart small connect find your voicebe consistentcreate a unique voicebe relevantbuild a network, create alliesregister everywherelisten and respond
    25. 25. “We have studies showing thatbrands connecting aggressively throughsocial media are generating far greaterrevenue growth than those that are not.Marc Pritchard, Chief Marketing Officer, Proctor & Gamble, September, 2009 25
    26. 26. harness yournetwork
    27. 27. to makebuilding alliescreate relationships friends be a friendknow who is whoconversations are two waybe supportivemake it habit to be onlinelisten and helpask for guidance, feedbackbe really quick
    28. 28. “in a connected world, power shifts to those best able to connect. Dov Seidman ”
    29. 29. constantlyevaluate
    30. 30. understandmilestones measurelink to business plan evaluatemeasure engagementtrial programsask for feedback
    31. 31. the price ofInsert image in this success is space hard work 32
    32. 32. now a word from my sponsor… Social Media  Listening and Analysis  Policy Development  Stakeholder Engagement  Program Development  Training Corporate  Outreach Financial Communications  Crisis Communications Communications  Media relations  Change management  Investor Relations  Corporate branding and positioning  Financial reporting  Reputation management  Mergers & Acquisitions  Crisis communications  Corporate Defense  Issues management  Management Buyouts Public Affairs  IPOs/Listings/Capital raisings  CSR programmes  Government Relations  Private Equity  Internal communications  Competition issues communications support  Merger control issues  Restructuring  Regulation issues  Litigation support  European Affairs  Opinion building  Policy and legislation monitoring 33
    33. 33. Global Footprint, Local Knowledge, Coordinated Across the World 31 offices, 25 countries, 6 continents, 1 firm  Over 350 highly experienced professionals  Over 40 nationalities  Blue-chip clients 34
    34. 34. “If you don’t likechange, you’re going to likeirrelevanceeven less.”General Eric Shineski,Retired Chief of Staff, U.S. Army 35
    35. 35. Download: FollowSlideShare.net/ Wallyballoo FacingChina Read: http:// FacingChina.me Attend: #3Shots - 23 April @ 18:00 36
    36. 36. questions? 37
    37. 37. “Party and the Government (in China)…have not been able to control the dissemination and discussion of information regarding the failings of the leadership in the microblogs.”From Egyptto Chinasocial mediais changing Insert image in this spacethe fateof nations 38
    38. 38. Molly Katchpole is a 22 year old unemployed college graduate. Her petition against a $5 monthly charge for an ATM card gathered 300,000 signatures, and led to a change in bank policy.Bank ofAmericaranksmost Insert image in this spacehated 39
    39. 39. “80,000 „hand raisers‟ asked to be kept up to date on the U.S. launch of the Ford Fiesta. Of those, 97 percent did not own a Ford vehicle.”Ford letsnewbuyers Insert image in this spacedrive the Ap 40
    40. 40. “A study done at HP Labs that showed how Twitter can predict box office revenue - not just popularity - with 97.3% accuracy.”Higherchattermeans Insert image in this spacehigherrevenue 41
    41. 41. “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” drove a 107% increase in sales.‘Dad’ brandsells out andbecomes a‘Rad’ Insert image in this spacebrand 42
    42. 42. “The girl who gives Adele a run for her money is being hailed as Korea‟s answer to the next Susan Boyle.”Social mediamakesstars Insert image in this spaceovernight 43
    43. 43. And damagereputationsrapidlyInsert image in this space 44
    44. 44. Australian electricity company AGL uses Twitter for customer service and crisis communications. Tweets about black-outs reach the company first – before remote sensors.Twitteridentifiesproblems Insert image in this spacefastest 45
    45. 45. Sell-side analysts are using social media to delve into companies, from a sales reps postings on drug side effects to early alerts regarding job losses or contract losses.social mediagivesWall Insert image in this spaceStreetinsights 46
    46. 46. Royal Dutch Shell introduced an iPhone investor relations App with stock price data, earnings releases, high res images, news. Shell’s YouTube channel has 400+ videosnew apps helppubliccompaniesconnect to image in this space Insertinvestors 47
    47. 47. Friday night pizza led to Saturday morning Twittersensation. By Monday it was reported in newspapersaround the world. And makes mistakes infamous Insert image in this space 48