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2013 CrossRef Annual Meeting System Update Chuck Koscher


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2013 CrossRef Annual Meeting System Update presentation by Chuck Koscher.

Published in: Technology, Education
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2013 CrossRef Annual Meeting System Update Chuck Koscher

  1. 1. System Update 2013 Chuck Koscher Director of Technology
  2. 2. Notable changes  Deposits  FundRef Deposit stand-alone CrossMark and FundRef data Include MathML in article titles Include abstracts (JATS)    Non-CrossRef DOIs as components Text-mining support (metadata about licenses) Queries   Can query on Orcids Internal  Improved data replication  Hardware upgrades System update 2013
  3. 3. [root@cr4c ~]# uptime 09:04:20 up 260 days, 14:53, [root@cr10 ~]# uptime 09:05:02 up 496 days, 16:58
  4. 4. DOI Clicks
  5. 5. 365,176,670
  6. 6. Source Articles (the ones doing the citing)
  7. 7. In the works  Assigning Multiple DOIsto books Problem: Book deposits from multiple sources had depended on multiple resolution but the participants found the process cumbersome or unworkable Solution: Allow multiple DOIs to be deposited for the same book content from one or more members (different or the same prefix) and make multiple resolution happen by magic behind the scenes.  Allow references to non CrossRef DOIs Problem:DOIs assigned in DataCite to databases may be referenced from journal articles Solution: Allow these DOIs deposited as <citations>. Then allow anyone to perform Cited-By queries on these DOIs. System update 2013
  8. 8. The Tech Team