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COBWEB - Chris Higgins, EDINA


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COBWEB presentation given at the Citizens' Observatories: Empowering European Society Open Conference, which took place on 4th December 2014, Brussels, Belgium.

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COBWEB - Chris Higgins, EDINA

  1. 1. COBWEB Thurs 4th Dec, 2014 CITIZENS OBSERVATORIES: EMPOWERING EUROPEAN SOCIETY OPEN CONFERENCE, Management Centre Europe, Brussels Chris Higgins COBWEB Project Coordinator EDINA, University of Edinburgh.
  2. 2. Citizen Observatory Web • Generic crowdsourcing infrastructure • Data which supports policy • Address data quality issues • Open standards A toolkit which can be downloaded and used in multiple scenarios
  3. 3. Project Partners
  4. 4. UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves Sites of excellence to foster harmonious integration of people and nature for sustainable development through participation, knowledge sharing, poverty reduction and human well-being improvements, cultural values and society's ability to cope with change, thus contributing to the Millennium Development Goals
  5. 5. COBWEB Biosphere Reserves Biosffer Dyfi Biosphere Mount Olympus Gorge of Samaria Wadden See & Hallig islands
  6. 6. Overall Project Status • Halfway through • Month 24: major milestone: • First demonstrator completed and ready for testing in the field • COBWEB Platform Release - Intermediate Version • First public demonstration today!
  7. 7. First two years… Can be characterised by: • Lots of stakeholder engagement • Requirements gathering driving … – Architecture development • Rapid prototyping • Last few months characterised by integrating various components and deploying the initial platform
  8. 8. COBWEB Framework OGC Web Services: • WPS: Web Processing Service • WFS: Web Feature Service • WMS: Web Map Service • SOS: Sensor Observation Service
  9. 9. Next 2 years…7 Co-design sub-projects Ysgol Bro Hyddgen Penparcau Community Forum
  10. 10. Next 2 years…emphasis shifting • Rolling out software • Getting greater buy-in • Sustainability • More focus on research agenda • Moving onto Greece, Germany • Additional Biosphere Reserves – Europe – Global