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6th COBWEB Consortium Meeting

A review of the progress of the COBWEB citizen observatory for the web project. Delivered by Chris Higgins on 25 February 2016 in Dresden, Germany.

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6th COBWEB Consortium Meeting

  1. 1. 6th COBWEB Consortium Meeting 25/26 Feb, 2016, Technische Universität Dresden (TUD), Germany. Chris Higgins, Project Coordinator.
  2. 2. UEDIN, Plan for next 2 days and overall project status
  3. 3. Consortium meetings Date Location Nov 2012 Edinburgh Apr 2013 Machynlleth Nov 2013 Edinburgh Nov 2014 Aberystwyth May 2015 Chania Feb 2016 Dresden Sept 2016 Edinburgh
  4. 4. Agenda Morning Thurs 25th Feb
  5. 5. Afternoon Thurs 25th Feb
  6. 6. Morning Fri 26th Feb
  7. 7. Afternoon Fri 26th Feb
  8. 8. A wee reminder COBWEB is an SME Targeted Collaborative project
  9. 9. Anyone recognise this text? ENV.2012.6.5-1 (call text on Expected Impact) Empowerment of citizens and citizen's associations, allowing them to contribute to environmental governance processes in the domains of transparency, knowledge management, accountability and responsiveness. The provision of models for decisionmakers, facilitating connections to governance and global policy objectives.
  10. 10. IMHO Consolidate what we have. Increase TRL’s, integrate, fill the gaps, document, package, open source, enable SME’s, maximise impact Set aside your own agendas; get outside your comfort zones, talk, cooperate, volunteer and help each other out, use the same tools, communicate, share
  11. 11. Objectives for this meeting • Prioritisation and planning – German demonstrator – Greek demonstrator – Ongoing activity in Wales • Status check • Information sharing • Start preparing a response to the 2nd review • Identify issues that need further attention • Engender greater collaboration • A.O.C.B.
  12. 12. Objectives STC – publish to SWE4CS Publishing Data
  13. 13. Milestones #1 • Month 40 of 48: – Only eight months left! • Month 36: Milestone 4 (MS4): – Field testing of first demonstrator completed • Month 41: Milestone 5 (MS5): – Greek and German demonstrators completed and ready for testing in the field • Month 46: Milestone 6 (MS6): – Field testing of Greek and German demonstrators completed
  14. 14. Milestones #2 2015 2016 35 S 36 O 37 N 38 D 39 J 40 F 41 M 42 A 43 M 44 J 45 J 46 A 47 S 48 O MS4: Field testing of first demonstrator completed MS5: Greek and German demonstrators completed and ready for testing in the field MS6: Field testing of Greek and German demonstrators completed Greek preparation Greek demonstrations German preparation German demonstrations Urdaibai BR / EAGLE? General public Dyfi? Ongoing activity Wales Final Consortium meeting
  15. 15. Actions from previous meeting 1. ACTION: CH asked all those who are attending INSPIRE conference to please think about how we use INSPIRE/ GEOSS resources, eg, code lists, registries within COBWEB 2. ACTION: CH to help DL make contact with OPAL and establish connection. 3. ACTION: Non-EU BR. Decision to be made at Project Board. GOH to respond to partners and ask MOG to provide details about he proposed BR’s and supply any further details to Project Board as required 4. ACTION: Sensor map to be broadened and integrated by UCD, to include the rest of the consortium. CH suggested EM and CM may wish to visit PT and RG in Edinburgh 5. ACTION: LMB to organise a mid co-design meeting with all of the projects – approx. w/b 13 July 6. ACTION: End Aug/Sept 2015. Closing event for the Co-Design Projects. LMB to open discussion on this on basecamp 7. ACTION: LMB convene meeting of co-design steering committee ASAP. Use of own handsets to be on the agenda. 8. ACTION: BDL to check European Location Framework project contacts, about the possibility of getting Greek data. 9. ACTION: EP to ask Greek Cadastre directly if we can cache their aerial imagery (this is the best quality small scale data available). 10. ACTION: UPATRAS to write a scientific paper on the COBWEB and Natura 2000 related survey in Greece 11. ACTION: FX to submit the Greek poster (9-12 Oct 2014) to basecamp as part of the dissemination activities. 12. ACTION: FX to send through the newspapers and tweets to basecamp for dissemination. 13. ACTION: TB to liaise with OIKOM/UPATRAS over the requirements for setting up a Greek server. JW to facilitate
  16. 16. Overall Project status #1 • IMO, its clearly recognised we have done good work, though manage expectations – keep referring to components at different TRL’s • Deliverables (44 in total): – 26 submitted and accepted, 2 with UEDIN for final review and submission, 1 pending • Deeply into our “transferring to other countries and see what happens” phase • Reporting Period 2 ended Oct 2015 (M36) followed by review in Feb 2016 • Now in Reporting Period 3 – the final leg!
  17. 17. Overall Project status #2 • Grant Agreement amendment completed Dec 2015, DoW now more closely matches reality 1. OGC added as partner 14 2. WP6 restructured. No non-EU Biosphere Reserve 3. Milestones dates altered to match reality 4. Various deliverable related changes: due dates, dissemination levels, some added, one dropped 5. Realloaction of PM’s per partner per WP
  18. 18. Overall Project status #3 • Our overall concept of a citizen observatory pretty well understood – need for a Lite version identified • Emphasis now shifting towards – Rolling out software and getting buy-in – Sustainability – Much more focus on policy – Greater focus on Greece, Germany and other countries • Direction provided by Commission…
  19. 19. WG Policy Applications
  20. 20. UEDIN Admin, Finance, Reporting
  21. 21. UEDIN Report on project review
  22. 22. Feb 2016 Technical Review – Summary #1 • Focus - activities/impacts aimed at policy change (highlighted value of Welsh Gov on board) – EU level – Nationally • Networks of civil/scientific groups • Natura 2000/Invasive Species explicitly noted • Packaging • Employ a “marketing expert” – budget shifts? • Stay concentrated on communicating results and aiming at higher awareness
  23. 23. Feb 2016 Technical Review – Summary #2 • Exploitation • Identifying sources of funding for business models • Meet potential customers, explore their interest • Some content for specific partners – WG/UEDIN/UCD: recommendations changes to deliverables – Oikom/UPATRAS: networks in Greece – Ecodyfi: 4WCBR – UNOTT: QA/QC
  24. 24. Feb 2016 Technical Review – Summary #3 • Some deliverable specific material • More like recommendations as all submitted deliverables now accepted • Whats not in review report? • What are we going to do about it?
  25. 25. TUD/SECD German demonstrator
  26. 26. OIKOM/UPATRAS Greek demonstrator
  27. 27. Wales demonstrator activity 2015 summary
  28. 28. Open discussion regarding potential Wales demonstrator activity in 2016
  29. 29. Other demonstrator activity