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Cobweb: In Pursuit of Conclusions


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Presented by Dr Andreas Matheus, June 1st 2016 at the 10th GEO European Projects Workshop.

This was part of the session 'Citizens' Observatories for environmental policy monitoring and development'.

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Cobweb: In Pursuit of Conclusions

  1. 1. COBWEB In Pursuit of Conclusions Dr. Andreas Matheus 01June 2016
  2. 2. In the beginning… •  … there was stakeholder engagement •  … and we tried to understand where can COBWEB actually contribute towards improving/influencing environmental policy making (even though we had a pretty clear idea what that might be) •  … we designed and built an architecture that would help to produce answers •  … we did co-design
  3. 3. The technical aspects – COBWEB “core” is Open Source •  Survey Designer (Web Browser GUI) •  COBWEB App to run surveys: •  public: Anyone can participate •  login & participate: Basically anyone on the Internet (Gmail, Facebook, COBWEB) •  on invitation: The Survey Manager selects (known) users •  COBWEB Middleware Services •  QA, Viewer and Standards based output
  4. 4. The technical aspects – Security & Privacy •  Ensure privacy for collaborating users •  compliance with 95/46/EC •  Ensure wellbeing of creatures •  survey results can be sensitive, e.g. endangered species, time & location •  Supporting users with social media login •  Supporting the different survey types
  5. 5. The technical aspects – Conclusion •  Use of Open Standards where possible and applicable to ensure interoperability •  OGC, OASIS, W3C, IETF •  COBWEB is a distributed architecture with different Technology Readiness Levels •  COBWEB is a Research Project •  COBWEB “core” and security is high TRL •  Question (for later): Do you know any solution that does what COBWEB does?
  6. 6. In pursuit of conclusions - Part 1 •  Applied the architecture to involve citizens and professionals making observations •  public: Japanese Knotweed (Wales) •  login & participate: Dolphins (Wales) •  on invitation: Dog waste bag* (Germany) •  Could publish into GEOSS •  But so far results are considered test data •  GEOSS does not support data sharing for protected data *: Producing real data but restricted access
  7. 7. In pursuit of conclusions – Part 2 •  Do we have answers to the daring question “Are we improving/influencing…?” •  First result (draft): Invasive Species / JKW •  “COBWEB has successfully demonstrated involving citizens collecting evidence of Invasive Species •  rapid turnaround between volunteers and •  standards based provisioning of results to policy making bodies (Welsh Government)” [Welsh Government]
  8. 8. In pursuit of conclusions – Part 3 •  Uptake, or what remains as future work •  COBWEB activity in developing a data model to publish results (observations) •  OGC Sensor Web Enablement •  OGC Observations and Measurements •  W3C Semantics •  Acronym: SWE4CS •  Leading partner OGC Europe •  Dr. Ingo Simonis talk coming up shortly
  9. 9. In pursuit of conclusions – COBWEB has delivered •  Developed methods of how to apply Citizen Science across Europe •  Involvement with feet on the ground (Co- design, GEOSS, GEPW, OGC, etc.) •  A high TRL system to practise with •  Collected data in different formats via standards based interfaces •  Implications for policy making (early draft results) – more to come…
  10. 10. Pursuit of conclusions – COBWEB dissemination •  COBWEB past events •  GEO-IX, GEO-X, GEO-XI, GEO-XII •  GEPW and INSPIRE events •  COBWEB most recent event •  JRC and ECSA events •  OGC Technical Committee meetings •  Citizen Science: Nottingham, Sydney, D.C. •  OGC TC Meeting in Dublin next June •  COBWEB summit on 21st June - Open to YOU!
  11. 11. Thank you for paying attention! It is important, not to stop being innovative... Secure Dimensions GmbH Holistic Geosecurity Dr. Andreas Matheus Waxensteinstr. 28 D-81377 München, Germany Email Web