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COBWEB: Citizen Observatories Web Ecology meets the crowd - Crona Hodges


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Presentation given at the 33rd CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) Workshop, part of the Joint CEN/TC 287 and OGC Workshop which took place on 30th September 2013, Frascati, Italy.

Find out more about the COBWEB Project at:

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COBWEB: Citizen Observatories Web Ecology meets the crowd - Crona Hodges

  1. 1. COBWEB Citizen Observatories Web Ecology meets the crowd CIEEM Welsh Section Conference 21st February 2014 Crona Hodges Research Officer
  2. 2. Structure • Introduction to COBWEB • Crowdsourcing projects • COBWEB case studies • Important dates
  3. 3. In a nut shell… • Four year research project; month 16 of 48 • Funded under the European Commission‟s Framework Programme 7 (Grant No: 308513) • Crowdsource environmental data to aid decision making • Understand data quality issues and reduce uncertainty
  4. 4. Biosphere Reserves
  5. 5. What are we interested in? A number of demonstrator mobile phone applications Exactly what, deliberately left open and subject to discussion with stakeholders Three subject areas: 1. Validating earth observation products 2. Biological monitoring 3. Flooding
  6. 6. Other crowdsourcing projects • OPAL: get in touch with nature Bugs count: Download the Bugs Count App! – Browse ID tips, photos, facts, and submit your Species Quest observations direct from your mobile phone. – Generates valuable scientific data concerning the state of our environment.
  7. 7. Other crowdsourcing projects • iSpot: your place to share nature - Learn more about wildlife, share your interest with a friendly community and get help identifying what you have seen
  8. 8. Other crowdsourcing projects • Observations map • Filter by group, taxonomy, habitat, date or tag
  9. 9. Other crowdsourcing projects • BioBlitz: “…a frantic 24 hour science marathon to identify and catalogue as many varieties of living species as possible.”
  10. 10. Other crowdsourcing projects “Help us take nature's pulse by joining the big butterfly count” • Over 70,000 hits on the big butterfly count website in 2013 • Smartphone app downloaded 5,500 times for the 2013 survey.
  11. 11. Other crowdsourcing projects BTO Bird Track App • • • • • • • • • • • • • Works without a network/WiFi connection Add casual records Create complete and incomplete BirdTrack lists Use maps and GPS to get accurate location fixes Download the full British and Irish species list Sync all your existing BirdTrack sites Verify all sightings against the local BirdTrack thresholds Upload everything into your BirdTrack account View what species have been seen in your local area over 3, 7 or 14 days View local hotspots (~50 miles from device) over 3, 7 or 14 days View your year and life lists View species you still need this year and life Full help within the app
  12. 12. Other crowdsourcing projects
  13. 13. Other crowdsourcing projects • 590,000 people took part • 8.2 million birds counted
  14. 14. COBWEB case studies • Dyfi Woodland • Outward Bound • Bro Dyfi High School • AU MSc students • Tal y Bont „Floodies‟ • Fieldtrip GB
  15. 15. Fieldtrip GB – a bespoke data capture app to support field trips EDINA – University of Edinburgh
  16. 16. What does it do?  All the key features:  Capture information          Images Audio Text Location High quality background maps Saved maps for use “offline” Custom data collection forms Manual location correction It’s Free!
  17. 17. COBWEB case studies
  18. 18. Watch this space… • Month 16 of 48 – still some flexibility • November 2013: Milestone 2: – End of design and initial stakeholder engagement phase. Start implementing platform • November 2014: Milestone 3: – First Welsh demonstrator completed and ready for testing in the field @CobwebFP7