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Collaboration to Curation: The High Rise Project meets Edinburgh DataShare

  1. Collaboration to Curation: The High Rise Project meets Edinburgh DataShare Robin Rice & Stuart Macdonald EDINA & Data Library, Information Services Eduardo Serafin School of GeoSciences Flickr CC image –
  7. We ended up with ‘data without a home’ Orphan Data Adopt my Data !
  12. staging repository “ One imagines a workflow where GeoSciences post-production work flows into fedora for local analysis/processing, then packaged up as public use versions for Edin DataShare.” OUR DATA WILL HAVE A HOME NOW
  13. Flickr CC image – Benefits to using Edinburgh DataShare Institutional repositories can play a part in overall infrastructure for data sharing (see Data Sharing Continuum ). Reliable access to researchers’ own data Suitable environment to adhere to funders’ mandate Metadata increases exposure of individual’s research within the research community Preservation responsibility of institution rather than individual

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  1. (a) images (pictures, maps, diagrams and photographs with extensions .jpg , .tif, .ai, .psd) (b) video recordings (stored on miniDV and fully captured and digitised as low resolution working copy (using video codecPhoto-JEPG, 320x240 pixel, stereo). Final Cut Pro Projects. (c) full resolution video clips ending .mov (d) audio only recordings (digitised in .aiff, .aif and .dss format) School of geosciences
  2. In house simple system that will allow us to catalogue the material, add description and prepare for data migration / ingesting into the AHDS system
  3. Developed an in-house closed system
  4. Show collections, metadata. Grops dubln core classification
  5. Original project was to ingest assets in AHDS system. This option was closed. We started looking for options and further advice.
  6. In particular we looked into the DCC. Collaboration. Repositories meeting York DCC workshop Add Angus report front page
  7. Then we ended up coinciding in a workshop at the DCC Similar problems. In a sense data is just bytes of information . But for the researcher the data ‘means’ something else. What do you do with the Data. It is clear that the curation process has to be embeded in the workflowsat since planning.
  8. So we went to meet the DataShare Team LOOKING FOR advice and we ended up putting together a proposal that we managed to submit on time ! Just check the 4pm deadline Digital Equipment and Database Enhancement for Impact AHRC call Target audience academic researchers and teachers, also repository developers, public archives, seconday teaching professionals, policy professionals and urban designers, in areas of housing, heritage and sustainable cities
  9. We we think our data will finally have a more comfortable home with a sustainable lifespan. Regardless of if the grant application is successful , we will follow this route of collaboration and most likely extend it as a practice embedded in the research workflows in other projeects. And now Stuart will give you some background on how the repository came about and how it fits in with the DCC Curation Lifecycle we envision implementing..
  10. To adhere to research funders requirements