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How to Use QR Codes to Enhance Training & Engage Modern Learners

Learn how QR codes can help take your training content from physical to digital and provide the on-demand learning opportunities that new age learners seek today.

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How to Use QR Codes to Enhance Training & Engage Modern Learners

  1. 1. How to Use QR Codes to Enhance Training & Engage Modern Learners By: Christine Karel, M.A.
  2. 2. 1. Understand How The QR Code Works & Is Used 2. Learn How to Use QR Codes to Provide On- demand Training 3. Discover QR Code Best Practices
  3. 3. What Is A QR Code? QR codes, or “Quick- Response” codes, are easily readable barcodes that when scanned with a QR reader can translate the code into a URL, a telephone number, a bit of text, or other data. Scan to watch a video explaining the QR code in more detail
  4. 4. • View a webpage of your choice • Watch YouTube videos of your choice • View your Facebook page • Follow you on Twitter • Automatically Tweet the text you choose • View your LinkedIn profile • Instantly create a contact in their address book • View locations on Google Maps • Read text of your choice • Call your phone number • Call you via Skype • Automatically email you • View and download apps you choose You can create a QR that when scanned can direct users to:
  5. 5. • Enhance reading material with relevant resources • Highlight videos, tutorials, webinars, podcasts, and blog articles that further explain the training topic • Share audio copy of a lecture • Link to quizzes, polls & evaluations • Get answers to questions in class • Provide reference/reading lists • Link to important employee resource information in new hire paperwork (benefits, employee networks, etc.) On-demand Learning Ideas
  6. 6. • Link to automatic Twitter updates & Facebook check-ins • Organize and list sources • Automatically add training dates or upcoming events to the calendar • Generate buzz & awareness for upcoming events across the organization On-demand Learning Ideas Give it a try & follow my mobile learning board on Pinterest!
  7. 7. Getting Started Simple 4-step process: 1. Tell users how to download the QR code reader app on their mobile, tablet or PC devices. 2. Create QR codes through a free web service. 3. Include the QR code images in your training materials. 4. Explain how to use the new codes.
  8. 8. Best Practices • Understand what you’re trying to accomplish • Make the call to action really clear, and tell the user what they’ll get • Make it easy for the user to figure out how to use the QR code • Lead the user to a destination that’s mobile-friendly • Keep the URL short • Maintain a quiet zone around the tag • Size and distance of the QR code matter • Test that your QR codes scan properly
  9. 9. QR Code ResourcesHow to Scan QR Codes How To Use QR Codes Tag My Doc How to Create QR Codes
  10. 10. Thank You Connect with me on LinkedIn Download an electronic copy of this presentation