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Photography Project


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Photography module assignment. All photos are original and my own. Two photos were taken and manipulated with editing software to black and white. Two photos were to be done as poster concepts. I created the fictional band 'Mass Attack' and created 2 album artwork ideas for their new album 'Warm Blooded'. With the help of a group of friends, a wonder in their wardrobes and Photoshop by my side I was complete.

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Photography Project

  1. 1. PHVP 1405 Photography Project Christie Lisa Poblicks
  2. 2. Location in Black&White
  3. 3. Original photographs taken and manipulated to present black and white images using Adobe Photoshop.
  5. 5. The creation of album artwork for fictional rock band ‘Mass Attack’. With the use of photography, imagination and editing with Adobe Photoshop I created two album artwork pieces.
  6. 6. All images are my own and used for personal development. Christie Lisa Poblicks 