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My Photography project


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york photography

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My Photography project

  1. 1. Photography and Digital Manipulation Nicole Tunningley 1 Photography Project
  2. 2. York college architectural image set
  3. 3. Image Set #1 Review Use this space to discuss about the following; • Was the shoot successful? • The shoot was successful considering I got the amount of images I needed with the architecture I had been provided with. • Are any of the images you produced going to be in the final set? • There is a possibility that some of these images may appear in the final set but I would have to make a comparison between all of the images I take to determine if these are good enough for the genre. • What post-production could occur? Post production may take place with the image such as editing the contrast, cropping, changing the hue in the image or turning it black and white.
  4. 4. York Architecture landscape image set #1
  5. 5. York Architecture landscape image set #2
  6. 6. York Architecture portrait image
  7. 7. Image Set #2 Review Use this space to discuss about the following; • Was the shoot successful? • I feel that the shoot was successful when considering that I got a large variety of architecturally differing images, which therefore portrays a unique scene/shot with each image • Are any of the images you produced going to be in the final set? • Considering that I do prefer these images as a set in comparison to my first set (which I considered to be a practice shoot), I definitely believe that a large amount will be in the final set in comparison to my ‘trial set’. • What post-production could occur? • I think quite a large range of post-production shall occur throughout both sets, especially the second because I believe that you can focus the audiences opinion onto certain features of the shot but I do not believe that this particular genre of photography wont be too interesting without editing. I believe this is because I think you would have to go to extreme measures to drown the architectural genre in an image with too much post- production.
  8. 8. Weather vane What are your initial opinions regarding this image? -I like this image because although you can see plenty of the architectural detail of the building but you can also see some of the weather vane detail on top of it as it remains in focus and sharp and with only the editing of the contrast you can even see the minor brick details. -I also like that the ambient light source from the top left corner of the screen reflects onto the top wall of the tower and shines on the weather vane at the top.
  9. 9. Pointed building What are your initial opinions regarding this image? - I liked the eccentricity of this building and the fact that it has a singular point with a column of windows, I did not feel the need the do too much post-production of this image as I wanted to present it in it’s natural state, aside from cropping the image to capture the main subject only, this is how I saw the image when I photographed it.
  10. 10. Gothic clock What are your initial opinions regarding this image? - The thing I like about this image is the angle in which it was taken so that you can see the detail, light reflection etc and the black and white editing that has been applied to it, I also used the dodge and burn tool in post production to highlight the metallic detailing on the subject.
  11. 11. Street What are your initial opinions regarding this image? -The things I like about this image is the way in which the buildings at the side draw to a point the centre subject which is the middle clock tower building, I also like that you can see the architectural detail on the clock and building even from the distance in which the image was captured. -When I was editing the image I used the dodge and burn tool to help me gather attention to the central focus of the image being.
  12. 12. Colour contrast What are your initial opinions regarding this image? - The reason I like this image is that it shows the differences in these two buildings in an architectural sense, for example I kept the colour of the right building to compare it to the left design wise. Both buildings have detailing belonging to the time they were built but the bright render stands out more than the dull brick so I thought I'd emphasise.
  13. 13. Tudor lion What are your initial opinions regarding this image? - I like this image as it has a bit of a depth of field, I wanted to keep the main focus on the metallic detailing on the closer building but I also wanted a bit of attention to be applied to the Tudor house behind it as both the buildings differ in design and I wanted to express that.
  14. 14. Black and white building decor What are your initial opinions regarding this image? - I like that the detail of the brickwork and building stand out in this image in black and white rather than blending in to the sky in the background
  15. 15. Sky tower What are your initial opinions regarding this image? - This image is my favourite out of all the sets as I took the image so it was properly aligned, cropped it so it was symmetrical, cleaned up the appearance with the dodge tool and replaced the dull sky with another brighter one to give it a powerful presence.
  16. 16. Evaluation - Composition • Discuss elements of visual language that refer to the composition and image construction: • I would say that I have used a variation of photographic techniques in my images to compose them in a certain way, for example I have used the rule of thirds in my pointed building image when I took the shot as the building itself resided more to the right but when I cropped it to get rid of any other interrupting features around the edges the building then moved more to the centre. • I have also used symmetry in a larger variety of images but more clearly in my final one previous to this slide, when taking the photograph I attempted to align it directly in the centre so that the different architectural features of the building are perfectly symmetrical on both sides • Due to the genre I chose I would say that most or even all my images contain geometric shapes as architecture tend to have these features on the building as it is quite a common thing to do, In most cases I attempted to capture these features as the main subject of the image • I would say that at least one of my images seem framed in a sense that the area surrounding it captures the main subject in the centre of the shot, I believe this image to be the interior shot of the college stairs as the pillars around it are cropped so that it frames the subject • There are no leading lines in my images as I took them at an angle so that there wouldn’t be any
  17. 17. Evaluation - Audience • Does your project meet the identified audience in the proposal? • I believe that my project does meet the audience from the proposal as it does contribute to the architectural side of photography by presenting the buildings that have probably been previously photographed in a way that people haven’t seen before • What social groups and genders should view this work? • I think this work would be based at unisex, middle-aged architecture enthusiasts or student in learning architecture in education • Does it contain political views that would appeal to an audience? Aside from the historical aspects of architecture my imaged do not really have any political appeal Peer Review Peer reviewing is a beneficial way to gain comments on your images to help you improve and ensure your images are of high quality Peers can use this box to comment on your work. Remember. Constructive, not destructive! The images that Nicole has shot are to an amazing standard. The lighting, composure and post processing, to me, looks perfect, and I'm sure any other peer assessor would say the same. My favourite image is ‘Sky Tower’, the vantage point that the image was shot from has created a perfect symmetry and the balance between the building and sky couldn’t be better. The post processing that has been done in ‘Sky Tower’ brings out the skies detail and the buildings detail, both of which are very visually appealing. My only suggestion is the use of the straighten tool on some of the images that may need it, as the images may not all be perfectly straight. I think Sky Tower my be slightly tilted to the right, and weather vane may also be tilting slightly. The straighten edit is all that I can suggest and they are very simple to do. So in conclusion the images Nicole has produced are excellent quality.
  18. 18. Evaluation - Context • What previous work has influenced your project? • The previous work that influenced my project was that of Berenice Abbott and Iwan Baan, they were both architectural photographers with their own style • Has it been influenced by race, religion or politics? • It has not been influenced by any races, religions or politics • Do the contexts identified in the proposal meet your finished project? • I believe that the contexts in my proposal would meet my finished project as the contexts involved all contain photography like my own but not with that style Evaluation - Context • Discuss each of the following as a future use of your imagery • Blogs would have a future for my imagery as the internet is a large social platform in this modern era so it would prove a good way to publicise my images • Photo sharing websites would also prove helpful because they well ensure the photos are seen • Stock images royalty free imagery may prove helpful in a sense that they are widely accessible and cheap but I wouldn’t use them as they may be overused.
  19. 19. Evaluation • Have you achieved what you aimed to do with your images? If so, how? If not, why? • I believe that I have achieved what I wanted to with my images as they show the buildings/architectural features of York in a previous style to how they usually would have been seen • Are the images fit for purpose? Could they be entered into a competition? • Due to the fact that I have attempted to present my photos in an artistic fashion I believe they are fit for purpose but could also be entered into competitions of architectural photography • Have you received negative or positive feedback? • Consider the technical qualities of the images – How well has exposure, depth of field and post- production been controlled? • Technically I attempted to keep my images well exposed and I also tried to use post-production in a recognisable style with my images, depth of field on the other hand I avoided as I wanted my subjects to be fully in focus. • Consider the visual impact of the images – How artistic? Are they black and white or colour? • Many of my images are in colour but they vary between having colour and being in black and white
  20. 20. Evaluation • What skills and knowledge have you gained from the project? • I have gained the knowledge of past photographers in my genre and the variations of other photographic genres and how to take architectural images so that they compliment the subject • What can you do now that you could not? Is there anything else you need to learn about? • I learnt that taking architecture images in portrait for certain features makes the subject seem more appealing and I feel that I may need to learn the best way to edit architectural photographs as I felt quite limited when doing my post-production • Do you feel that you managed your time on the project well? • I feel that the time management from my project was done well in a sense that I got all the images I needed in different styles and had enough time for post-production • And finally, self-evaluation on any other comments, notes, production logs, sketches, trial shots. • I am feel that it was important for me to do trial shots in my first set as it gave me an idea on how to angle the camera for certain effects and how to get the right look for a certain type of architecture.