Sleep cycles


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Sleep cycles

  1. 1. Sleep Cyclesor How to get the most our of ¼ of your day.
  2. 2. Overview• Average Sleep Needs• Sleep Cycle Overview• REM vs Non-REM• REM Duration and Windows• Example of Cycles at Night• When did You Fall Asleep?• Sleep Trackers and Apps• Maximize your Sleep Benefits• Sleep Myths• Naps• Polyphasic Sleeping
  3. 3. Average Sleep Needs6 hours of sleep is NOT ENOUGH for 97% of us.
  4. 4. Sleep Cycle OverviewWe sleep in 90 Minute cycles. Source: Wikipedia
  5. 5. REM vs Non-REM• Non-REM Your Body Rests and Repairs – Stage 1 • Light Sleep • Falling Sensation – Body Jerks – Stage 2 • Deeper Sleep – Stage 3 / (4) • Deepest Sleep• REM Your Mind Rests and Collates Data and … – Lightest Sleep – Most Likely to Awaken
  6. 6. REM Duration and “Windows” Let’s look at that graph again:Stage Lengths Change with Subsequent Cycles
  7. 7. Example of Cycles at Night10:45pm – In Bed11:00pm – Beginning of 1st Cycle• Stage 1 – 10 minutes• Stage 2 – 10 minutes• Stage – 3 / 4 40 minutes• Stage 2 – 10 minutes• Stage 1 – 5 minutes• REM – 20 minutes (12:15am – 12:35am)12:35am – Beginning of 2nd Cycle
  8. 8. How Long Does it Take You to Fall Asleep?• Can you remember your dream vividly? (or did you wake up during it?)• The Key Trick• Calculate backwards in 90 minute increments.
  9. 9. Sleep Trackers and Apps• Sleep Tracker Zeo Wakemate• Android – Sleep as Android – Sleepbot Tracker – Stopwatch & Timer +
  10. 10. Maximize Sleep BenefitsUnbroken sleep yield the best results!• Minimize Disturbances• Eliminate Before Bed• No Intake Within 30 Minutes of Bed• Ear Plugs and/or White Noise• Keep Pets Out• Keep the Room Dark
  11. 11. Sleep TipsIf you have a hard time sleeping, try these tips:• Create a consistent routine for yourself• Meditate – sitting or lying down• Check the temperature• Phones and TVs• Make your bed for sleeping and sex only• Sleep with intention
  12. 12. Sleep Myths• Sleep Debt and Weekend Sleep-Ins• 6 Hours is Plenty• Getting Lots of Sleep = Getting Good Sleep• Alcohol helps you sleep better• Caffeine wakes you up• A mid-afternoon nap is ALWAYS a good idea• You’ll feel great if you sleep as long as possible
  13. 13. Phased Sleeping• Monophasic – Single Large Chunk of Sleep – Example: 10pm – 5:30am• Biphasic – Two Large Chunks of Sleep – Example: 6pm to 9pm / 2am to 5am• Polyphasic – Multiple Small Chunks of Sleep – Example: 30 minute naps at 10pm, 4am, 10am, and 4pm
  14. 14. Naps• Not always as beneficial• Could make up for 1 missed REM cycle• Can make up for sleep debt• Can help you feel refreshed in middle of day• Monophasic sleepers should avoid naps within 6 hours of ideal sleep time• Biphasic sleepers should consider a nap to supplement sleep cycles• Polyphasic sleepers need to be consistent – spontaneous naps could be detrimental
  15. 15. Create a Sleep Plan• How many cycles do you want?• Can you schedule a nap?• How long does it take you to fall asleep?• What time do you need to be up by?Example: I want 5 cycles and can’t schedule a nap, so I need to sleep 7.5 hours at night. I take 15-20 minutes to fall asleep and need to be up by 6am. 6am - 7.5 hours = 10:30pm - 20 minutes = 10:10pm OR 10:00pm + 20 minutes + 7.5 hours = 5:50am Don’t take the extra 10 minutes of sleep!
  16. 16. Reading Suggestions• Wikipedia (Google: Wiki Sleep Cycles)• LifeHacker (Google: How I Achieved Better Sleep)• WebMD (Google: Stages of Sleep WebMD)• Steve Pavlina (Google: Polyphasic Sleep One Year) Stalk Me @ChristianMMacy