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Why sleep-is-so-important


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Why sleep-is-so-important

  1. 1. Why Sleep IsSo Important
  2. 2. Why Sleep Is So Important Health care series
  3. 3. Why Sleep Is So ImportantAn inspiration from Health Article
  4. 4. Why Sleep Is So ImportantMany hard-charging managers pride themselves on their ability towork long hours and get by on 5 or 6 hours of sleep.But the truth is that theyre shortchanging themselves and theircompanies.
  5. 5. Why Sleep Is So Important "Sleep is not a luxury," says Dr. James OBrien, medical director of the Boston Sleep Care Center in Waltham, Mass."Its a necessity for optimal functioning."
  6. 6. Why Sleep Is So ImportantWhen you sleep (What your brain do?)Your brain catalogues the previous days experiences, primes yourmemory, and triggers the release of hormones regulating energy, mood,and mental acuity.To complete its work, the brain needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep. When it getsless, your concentration, creativity, mood regulation, and productivity alltake a hit.
  7. 7. Why Sleep Is So ImportantHow sleep worksTo understand why the right amount of shut-eye is so important toperformance, it helps to know how sleep works.
  8. 8. Why Sleep Is So ImportantHow sleep worksHealthy sleep is divided into four-stage cycles. As we progress throughstages 1 and 2, we become increasingly unplugged from the world untilwe reach the deep sleep that happens in stage 3. In deep sleep, bothbrain and body activity drop to their lowest point during the cycle, andblood is redirected from the brain to muscles.The fourth and final stage is named for the rapid eye movement -- REM --that is its defining characteristic. Our brains become busily active in REMsleep, too, even more so than when we are awake. Dreaming happensduring this stage.
  9. 9. Why Sleep Is So ImportantHow sleep worksIn a full nights sleep, we experience three or four such cycles, eachlasting 60 to 90 minutes.
  10. 10. Why Sleep Is So ImportantThe work sleep doesDifferent yet equally important restorative work happens during deepsleep (stage 3) and REM sleep (stage 4).
  11. 11. Why Sleep Is So ImportantThe work sleep doesDeep sleep is crucial for physical renewal, hormonal regulation, andgrowth. Without deep sleep, youre more likely to get sick, feel depressed,and gain an unhealthy amount of weight. According to the National SleepFoundations 2008 Sleep in America poll, those who sleep less than 6hours per night on workdays are significantly more likely to be obese thanthose who sleep 8 hours or more (41% vs. 28%).
  12. 12. Why Sleep Is So ImportantThe work sleep doesIn REM sleep -- stage 4 in the sleep cycle -- the brain processes andsynthesizes memories and emotions, activity that is crucial for learningand higher-level thought. A lack of REM sleep results in slower cognitiveand social processing, problems with memory, and difficulty concentrating.The same 2008 sleep poll found that people who sleep less than 6 hoursper night during the workweek are twice as likely as their better-restedcolleagues to report difficulty in concentrating.
  13. 13. Why Sleep Is So ImportantA deficit in sleep leads to deficits in work performancePerforming complex tasks and navigating complicated relationships -- theheart and soul of a managers work -- both become much harder to dowhen REM sleep suffers. And when you cut back on sleep, your REMsleep suffers the most.
  14. 14. Why Sleep Is So ImportantA deficit in sleep leads to deficits in work performanceThere are two reasons for this: Your brain, when confronted with sleep deprivation, optsfor lighter sleep and hence less REM sleep. Later sleep cycles tend to have longer REM periods thancycles earlier in the night. When you sleep through only one or twocycles instead of three or four, your REM sleep is disproportionately affected.
  15. 15. Why Sleep Is So ImportantA deficit in sleep leads to deficits in work performanceWhen your brain is starved of REM sleep, concentrating on a singleactivity is challenging. Multitasking -- an inescapable bane of managerialwork -- becomes exponentially more so.
  16. 16. Why Sleep Is So ImportantA deficit in sleep leads to deficits in work performanceA deficit of REM sleep also makes it tougher to pick up on nuances indiscussions or negotiations.
  17. 17. Why Sleep Is So ImportantA deficit in sleep leads to deficits in work performance"When youre trying to understand the subtext of what someone is saying,your brain needs to use a bunch of programs at the same time,"says Dr. Gandis Mazeika,Head of Sleep Medicine Northwest in Seattle. "If youre sleep deprived,thats hard to do."
  18. 18. Why Sleep Is So ImportantGetting more from the sleep you getGiven the demands facing managers today -- working in a 24/7, always-onenvironment is a big one -- a full nights sleep is sometimes an impossibledream. Fortunately, there are ways to get more out of the time you domanage to spend in sleep:
  19. 19. Why Sleep Is So ImportantGetting more from the sleep you getAvoid caffeine.Cut out caffeinated coffee, tea, and soda ideally 10 hours before bedtime-- and chocolate, too. When you sleep, make it a commitment.
  20. 20. Why Sleep Is So ImportantGetting more from the sleep you getTry to nod off quickly.To fall asleep fast, you can occasionally use a sleeping supplement. Butbe careful. For example, the much-prescribed Ambien is specifically forsleeping seven to eight hours. If you dont have that much time, dont useit. Although some antidepressants can help you feel drowsy enough to fallasleep, they also tend to compromise REM, says Dr. OBrien. A morehealthful approach for some is to meditate a half-hour before hitting thebed.
  21. 21. Why Sleep Is So ImportantGetting more from the sleep you getDarken the room completely.Your brain creates a hormone called melatonin that senses when its darkout and primes you for sleep. If you try to sleep amid too much light, yourbrain may decide youre not ready for bedtime after all. So turn off the TV,shut down the computer, turn the clock to the wall, and close the blindstightly. Use an eye mask if youre sleeping during the daytime.
  22. 22. Why Sleep Is So ImportantGetting more from the sleep you getSleep in a restful environment.Make sure the room is quiet and your Blackberry is out of hearing range.Sleep on a comfortable mattress; Dr. Mazeika advises you get a new oneevery five to 10 years.
  23. 23. Why Sleep Is So ImportantExploit the power of power napsDont forget that brief day-time naps can be helpful. If at all possible, closeyour office door (if you have one) and try to doze for 10 to 20 minutes.
  24. 24. Why Sleep Is So ImportantExploit the power of power naps"Power naps are real and help you feel refreshed," says Dr. OBrien.But keep the naps short, he warns. With a longer nap, youre likely towake up while in deep sleep and feel worse than before. It can take up to30 minutes to feel fully alert after awakening from deep sleep.By keeping your nap to 10-20 minutes, you should be able to achievestage 2 in the sleep cycle and wake up energized rather than groggy. Ashort power nap should provide enough of a boost to keep yourperformance going strong the rest of the day -- and is more effective (aswell as healthier) than a cup of coffee.
  25. 25. Why Sleep Is So ImportantAction notePlease use these simple helpful tips and do take care of your healthbecause if you are in good health you will get a lot of wealth but if youhave bad health than you cannot buy your health from your wealth. “Even you cannot buy your sleep” Thank you,