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Data logging pre(1)


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Data logging pre(1)

  2. 2. ENGAGE
  3. 3. OverviewPlace with normal Place with high temperature temperature
  4. 4. PROBLEM STATEMENT Why are the temperature at certain places are hotter than the other places? What is the major factor that lead to this situation?
  5. 5. EMPOWER
  6. 6. This experiment was taken from :
  7. 7. Conducting the Experiment Equipment and materials:• Data logger connected to a PC or a graphical calculator• Two temperature probes• Two plastic pop (soda) bottles• Two clamp stands, bosses and clamps• Carbon dioxide gas (made from marble chips react with HCL)• Two heat lamps or flexible spotlights (at least 60W)• Modeling clay ( e.gPlasticine TM)
  8. 8. Procedure:1. A plastic pop bottle is filled with Carbon Dioxide gas.(The Carbon Dioxide gas is generated by marble chips reacted with HCL).2. Another plastic pop bottle with the same size and characteristic is filled with air.3. Both plastic pop bottle is then closed with its plugs.4. The apparatus is set as figure below.5. The temperature probes is inserted into both plastic bottle and connected to computer for data collecting.6. Heat lamps is placed towards the bottle as a source of sunlight.7. The time starts as the heat lamps is switched on.8. The data from the temperature probe that connected to the computer is then collected and analyzed.
  9. 9. Result and Discussions• Graph of Temperature vs Time fo Carbon dioxide (pink) and air (blue).
  10. 10. • From the experiment we can see that carbon dioxide temperature is higher than normal air temperature starting from time equal 12s.At this time its temperature is higher 0.5 oC than normal air temperature. This difference can only be seen by using electronic measuring devices like temperature probe that can give data to a very specific and accurate value.• Carbon Dioxide has been identified as one of the atmospheric gases that allow the suns energy to pass through it but tends to prevent heat escaping. When light from the lamp enter the bottle filled with carbon dioxide the radiation is trapped, it is absorbed by the double bonds of carbon dioxide molecules, which transfer the radiation to kinetic energy as the bonds stretch and vibrate. The energy is then re-emitted at heat energy, which causes the atmosphere in the bottle to warm up.• It is normal for a certain amount of carbon to be in the atmosphere. Carbon and other atoms are in the atmosphere above the earth and help to insulate it to a temperature that is hospitable to life.But excess amount CO2 lead to Green house effect problem.
  11. 11. ENHANCE
  12. 12. Application in daily lifehow to reduce carbon dioxide level in atmosphere ventilate our home naturally renewable energy stop burning fossil create awareness among the plant more trees society Individual awareness
  13. 13. Unique featuresshows us that the major factor that canleads to global warming problem whichis an excess Measurements are always taken at the right time graphs of temperature against time for the carbon dioxide can be plotted directly Have some manipulated variables to get variety of data.