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Data logging presentation


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Data logging presentation

  1. 1. SSI3013 - Information AndCommunication Technology In Science Title:Data logging in Education Lecturer : Encik Azmi bin Ibrahim Group Member Matric Number CHONG MUI PHIN D20101037437 LEE SU SENG D20101039446 ANITA BONG YUNG LI D20101037461
  2. 2. Data logging• activity or experiment• collecting information and data• using electronic sensing instrumentation over specified time periods.
  3. 3. Data logging in EducationAdvantages• School Experiment – Study become more interesting. – Will get accurate and better graph.Disadvantages• Computer literacy• Cost• Student skills
  4. 4. Engage, Empower and Enhance Model• Is one kind of teaching model • Set • Carried out • Questioning induction an experiment Engage Empower Enhance
  5. 5. EngageIn this experiment, our problem statement is as stated as below:• What are the important ingredients do you need to make a bun?• What makes the dough expand and becomes bigger?• How to control the bun expand and becomes bigger in the shortest time?
  6. 6. Empowering
  7. 7. • Carry out an experiment by using carbon dioxide sensor to detect the carbon dioxide release by yeast during fermentation.• Different concentration of glucose is used to observed the different in carbon dioxide concentration collected.• Data logger will collect time data and plot a graph
  8. 8. Data and Analysis
  9. 9. Carbon dioxide concentration /ppm Time/s
  10. 10. Discussion1. Based on the table, we can observe that the concentration of carbon dioxide increase from time to time, what leads to this increment? The changes of carbon dioxide level indicated that the fermentation of yeast in glucose has begun because more and more carbon dioxide is release.
  11. 11. 2. What is the difference of above respiration with human respiration? The release of carbon dioxide indicates that this is an anaerobic respiration. On the other hand, human respiration is an aerobic respiration. The main differences in anaerobic and aerobic respiration is oxygen is absent in anaerobic respiration while oxygen is present in aerobic respiration. Oxidation of glucose is not complete in anaerobic respiration but it is complete in aerobic respiration.
  12. 12. 3. What are the similarities of above respiration to human respiration? Both of the respirations are cellular respiration which involved the breakdown of glucose to release energy that stores in ATP molecules.4. Why paraffin oil is added to cover the glucose solution? Paraffin oil is added to prevent air from dissolving in the glucose solution which might affect the result.
  13. 13. 5. What is the function of pressure valve in the experiment? The valve is close to prevent air from atmosphere to enter the conical flask which we are monitoring the carbon dioxide release by fermentation of yeast.6. Write an equation for the above experiment.C6H12O6 + 2 C3H5OH 2CO2 + 210 KJGlucose Ethanol Carbon dioxide Energy
  14. 14. 7. Calculate the rate of respiration of each concentration of glucose. Which concentration has the higher respiration rate?rate of respiration for 10% glucose = = 35.45 ppm/minrate of respiration for 5% glucose = = 114.22 ppm/min Based on the calculation, we can observe that 5% glucose has the higher rate of respiration. Calculation we obtained match the graph that we plotted before.
  15. 15. Fermentation
  16. 16. Alcoholic Lactic acid Fermentation
  17. 17. YeastC6H12O6 (glucose) 2C2H5OH(ethanol) + 2CO2 (carbon dioxide)
  18. 18. Alcoholic Fermentation
  19. 19. ConclusionThe integration of data logging in school willsolve the problem of mechanical aspects ofmeasuring, recording and reporting. Thesein turn enhance the time spent onobservation and discussion.Data logging technology  effective learning+ achievement of learning outcomes.