How to partner with PwC in your country- Guide


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How to partner with PwC in your country- Guide

  1. 1. How to partner with PwC in your country? GuidePwC and AIESECCreating value since1973
  2. 2. Claudia CalinescuAIESEC Global Coordinator at PwCDirect: +32 2 7104154 | Mobile: +32 491 721460 | Fax: +32 2 7104299Email: claudia.calinescu@pwc.beDate: July 2011Dear Reader,PwC has been a partner of AIESEC for 38 years. Apart from working directly with AIESECInternational, PwC is also proud to be the most diverse and widespread global partner of AIESEC.PwC offices in more than 53 countries and territories around the world support AIESEC innumerous different ways, such as:  AIESEC Global Internship programme  Conferences and trainings  Campus activities  Alumni events  Audit services  Board of advisors  Mentorship programme  Financial sponsorships  In-kind sponsorships  Publications and printed materialsPlease make sure you are familiar with this document if you would like to contact PwC. Thisdocument will provide you the necessary information in order to start a long-lasting partnershipbetween AIESEC and PwC in your country or territory.Looking forward to working with you.Kind regards,Claudia CalinescuClaudia Calinescu | AIESEC Global Coordinator at PwCDirect: +32 2 7104154 | Mobile: +32 491 721460 | Email:
  3. 3. ContentsBefore you start a partnership follow the advices below ..........................................5FAQ: Building a partnership with PwC ..................................................................... 8FAQ: PwC as a Global Exchange Partner .................................................................. 9Let’s work together to build more relationships and create more value ................ 11PwC 3
  4. 4. PwC and AIESECCreating value since 1973
  5. 5. Before you start a partnership follow the advices below Evaluate the existence and capacity of PwC local office to host a collaboration a. Research and read about PwC (Global PwC wiki page on, ) b. Search if there is any PwC office in your area. c. Find out the capacity: if there is a recruitment department, who is taking the decisions regarding the recruitment and employer branding initiatives? Who can take interns in PwC? d. Talk to the Global Coordinator and Alumni working at PwC for more information and insights. Find the History of the partnership a. Find if any previous communication or contracts signed between the partsProduct capability is before.about what can you do b. Find all the AIESEC Supporters* involved before and if they are still infor your partner PwC. (*AIESEC Supporters in PwC are PwC employees who are involved inspecifically rather than the partnership with AIESEC and who are furthering this relationship.)offering anything foreveryone. a. Talk to the Global Coordinator and Alumni working at PwC for more information and insights. Find all the Alumni working at PwC a. Search for Alumni on LinkedIn, internal CRM, talk to the Global Coordinator and other close alumni. b. Recruitment and employer branding initiatives. c. Try to have multiple contact points within PwC. This could help you to open more doors. Identify the PwC local office’s needs a. Talk to the Global Coordinator and Alumni working at PwC for more information. b. Read articles on the company’s website, find out initiatives from the past, future programmes that PwC will open in your market. PwC 5
  6. 6. c. Find the right persons to talk to for employer branding, recruitment initiatives, raising interns or other collaboration you consider relevant for PwC. Prepare an outstanding client relations strategy. a. Try to add value to your collaboration by creating a distinctive trust based relation. b. Brainstorm actions that can improve your relationship with PwC. You can find articles about building relations that bring values on c. This is a very important aspect in PwC so for sure your contacts at PwC will expect you to deliver high quality customer care relation through the collaboration with AIESEC. d. Stay in touch with your contacts in PwC, regardless of whether there is an immediate sponsoring needs. e. Keep your partnership requests realistic. You can do so by benchmarking against other organisations you partner with, or against other AIESEC countries with similar economic reality and size of membership. Get a physical meeting. a. Try to have maximum 1 or 2 main contact person from AIESEC’s side. As AIESEC’s leadership changes every year, having too many names or faces to remember could get confusing for your contact person in PwC.Be distinctive in areas b. Follow-up on the referrals provided to you by the PwC-AIESEC Globalthat matters to your Coordinator. The referrals and endorsements often come from the globalpartner. champions of AIESEC within PwC. Their reputation can also be at stake if AIESEC acts in an unprofessional manner, c. Transition your PwC contacts and account history to your successor. This would help you to ensure a smooth transition from one year to the next d. Do not use cheap sales speeches! At PwC we do not appreciate this attitude. Be sincere and show interest in your contact’s need rather than how great is your organisation. e. Explain what AIESEC does and what can your local chapter offer to PwC. f. Listen carefully to what are your contact’s needs and what are they looking for. Establish how the AIESEC local chapter can address to PwC needs. a. Clearly identify the interest of the PwC local office. b. Analyse your products and capacity in terms of members and student market you can access. c. Analyse the GCP from other countries with a similar market d. Talking to the Global Coordinator for more information. e. Prepare a relevant offer. f. Check the quality of the job description when raising an internship. g. Get feedback on your offer from the Global Coordinator and Alumni. h. Negotiate the condition and sign a partnership. PwC 6
  7. 7. Keep the AIESEC Global Coordinator atPwC updated. a. If you had an event together with us, don’t forget to follow up. It is highly recommended that you send pictures and stories from the event to the Global Coordinator.Have a high quality client relation anddelivery: a. Try to consistently deliver on promises. b. Make sure the members that interact with PwC have a professional attitude. c. Evaluate the collaboration. d. If PwC will be satisfied with your products and will see the quality in your services they will offer referrals to your local office and show an interest in more point of collaboration. A successful partnership has a as foundation the technical skills provided and the trust based relations that the parts can build.PwC 7
  8. 8. FAQ: Building a partnership with PwC Can I establish a national partnership with PwC in my country or territory? Yes, more than 53 AIESEC countries and territories have already done that. If you do not already have a contact person in the PwC office in your country, please follow the advices in this guide and contact the Global Coordinator, so that we can help you to establish contact and initiate conversation with the local office. What are some of the areas in which AIESEC usually cooperates with PwC? Please refer to page 1 of this document for a list of the common areas of cooperation. If you have other ideas of how to work with PwC, please do not hesitate to contact the Global Coordinator.The most successfulbrands constantly deliver There is already a national partnershipon what they promise. with PwC in my country or territory. How can I make it stronger? A good starting point would be to review what is already there in the partnership, and evaluate whether any of the existing areas of cooperation can expand in scale, or to check whether there will be any regional or international conferences and events being held in your country or territory. Additionally you can also search for other ideas of cooperation by visiting the Good Case Practice section of the PwC wiki page at You can use your creativity and design specific programs or events that address the need of the PwC offices in your country. There is already a national partnership with PwC in my country or territory, but certain elements of that cooperation is not going as well as it could be. What can I do? You can contact the Global Coordinator, clearly explain that situation and the challenges that are there. The Global Coordinator will then help you to brainstorm different potential solutions and raise the issue internally when appropriate. PwC 8
  9. 9. FAQ: PwC as a Global Exchange Partner Can I raise PwC internships in my country or territory? Yes, you are highly encouraged to approach the PwC office in your country and raise internships directly. PwC has a contractual relationship with AIESEC International and while there is a small number of internships each year that are managed on a global level, the majority are raised and managed by the account managers on the MC or LC level. Are all the internships in the area of finance and accounting? No, there are also interns working in areas such as Human Resource, Marketing,Relationship skills are Project Management, Information Management in PwC offices around the world.just as important as thetechnical skills.. Does the PwC office in my country need to pay any additional fee to AI on top of the TN fee? No, the PwC office only needs to pay the TN fee or any other charges (if any), as agreed with you as a representative of AIESEC. How can I raise PwC internships in my country or territory? If you do not already have a contact person in PwC, the Global Coordinator can help you to establish contact with the local office. After the initial endorsement, you would promote the internship programme to the contact person from PwC in a professional manner as you would with any other potential TN takers in your country or territory. When a TN has been raised, you need to send the TN ID to the Global Coordinator. Sending all TN IDs when they are “available” to the Global Coordinator is a very important step. The internship position would then be promoted on the classified section on and the Global PwC wiki page. After the promotion stage, you would continue to match and realise the internship as you would with any other TN takers. This is the process for raising and managing internships in PwC. Please note that this does not apply to all Global Exchange Partners (GEP). Please check the information available on or contact AIESEC International . PwC 9
  10. 10. I was told by my contact person in PwCthat they are not interested in theinternship programme as it is required thatthe candidates would speak the locallanguage. There are very few EPs with thatlanguage skill. What should I do?If your local language resembles another language in the same language group thatis widely spoken, it can be possible that interns could learn the language within ashort period of time. Otherwise you can suggest bringing in interns to work incorporate service areas such as human resources, marketing or projectmanagement, as the working language in PwC internally is English.You can also introduce the concept of the PwC New Recruits programme to them,where they can work with AIESEC to send local graduates out for an exchange,before returning to begin working in PwC. For more information, please refer tothe New Recruits Programme Case Study available on the PwC wiki page.Find more details please consult the documents: PwC - AIESEC Partnership Overview 2011.ppt PwC Partnership Launch at AIESEC IC 2011, Nairobi, Kenya.pdfUpdates to our pages : Global PwC wiki at PwC and AIESEC Partnership Facebook pageContact the current AIESEC Global Coordinator Claudia Calinescu AIESEC Global Coordinator at PwC Direct: +32 2 7104154 | Mobile: +32 491 721460 | Fax: +32 2 7104299 Email: claudia.calinescu@pwc.bPwC 10
  11. 11. Let’s work together tobuild more relationshipsand create more valueThe AIESEC Global Coordinator role is to support the AIESEC Countries inproviding interns to PwC local territories and start or grow their partnership withPwC.Whenever you have questions or you need support, please contact the AIESECGlobal Coordinator at PwC and we will share our knowledge and network with you.PwC firms provide industry-focused assurance, tax and advisory services to enhance value for theirclients. More than 161,000 people in 154 countries in firms across the PwC network share theirthinking, experience and solutions to develop fresh perspectives and practical advice. for more information.“PwC” is the brand under which member firms of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited(PwCIL) operate and provide services. Together, these firms form the PwC network. Each firm in thenetwork is a separate and independent legal entity and does not act as agent of PwCIL or any othermember firm. PwCIL does not provide any services to clients. PwCIL is not responsible or liable for theacts or omissions of any of its member firms nor can it control the exercise of their professionaljudgment or bind them in any way.© 2011 PwC. All rights reserved. In this document, “PwC” refers to PricewaterhouseCoopers, which is amember firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited, each member firm of which is aseparate and independent legal entity.