Lead Adviser Training Programme


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Lead Adviser training programme in Sydney 22-23 Nov 2010.

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Lead Adviser Training Programme

  1. 1. Lead Adviser Training Programme The Lead adviser Training Programme is a client centred approach to financial project-management advice. The Lead adviser is focused on helping clients’ and their families get better financially organised. most wealthy clients don’t have the time or resources to project-manage their financial affairs, which represents an opportunity for professional services firms. Focusing on the clients aspirations (not only) personally but for their family creates a deep sense of purpose which drives home the need for action. This is where a strong bond between adviser and client is an emotional goldmine to really focus on what’s important to them about their financial affairs Transitioning a client or family to the Lead adviser process is a journey and, so too is the development of skills and knowledge needed to sustain this client centred approach to advice. The Lead adviser Training Programme will provide you with a roadmap of where you are now; want needs to happen next and how to go about it. The questions you need to ask! ▶ Are you happy with your current business model and client engagement process? ▶ How good would you feel if you had fewer clients who are with you for longer while securing fees over years? ▶ Would you like to take back control of your time and the time that your business controls you? ▶ Do you want to improve your service to wealthy clients and their families? Kind regards, Paul Salmon Dealers’ Group
  2. 2. Programme Agenda Day 1: Programme agenDa Engagement Emotional framework intelligence at the front-end engagement process, the Lead emotional intelligence is considered a new adviser model is focused on the client setting area of focus for advisers. good Lead advisers the agenda. Focusing more on a coaching have the ability to connect with their clients process then an interviewing technique, good on an emotional level as well as the financial. Lead advisers drive discussions without What emotions are driving the client’s financial influencing the client’s agenda. What would decisions? What are the emotional goldmines i make a great life for the client and their family? can drill into with my client? 8.30am – 10.30am 11.00am – 1.00Pm Front-end engagement process Emotional competence ▶ Client agenda setting ▶ emotional intelligence - personal and ▶ Content vs context social competence ▶ interviewing process ▶ my ei and its impact on clients ▶ Discuss fee structures ▶ PieS model ▶ engagement summary ▶ Labelling feelings Outcomes for attendees Outcomes for attendees ▶ Conduct an initial interview with client ▶ How emotionally aware am i? ▶ Demonstrate an understanding of ▶ Where do i need to focus more key concepts training on? ▶ articulate client’s current situation ▶ application of ei in client relationships 10.30am – morning Tea 1.00Pm – LunCH Scott Fitzpatrick CHairman, FiTZPaTriCkS auSTraLia Scott is a Certified Financial Planner and has been a keen participant of industry change from product-based advice to a holistic approach to client affairs. Scott regularly trains and coaches other financial planners, and regularly presents this unique approach to professional organisations across the country. He maintains a small client base from his gold Coast office.
  3. 3. DAy 2: pROgRAmmE AgENDA Presentation skills Workflow Articulating the Lead Adviser’s role and positioning requires the use of different management communication vehicles. None more important In this session we delve into the written than a whiteboard, which can be simple but back-end communication documents which effective. Using visual tools to coach clients are client driven summaries from the interview through complex structures and strategies will process. focusing on areas of concern, key assist in the delivery of content. conversations, long-term aspirations and outcomes from the adviser/client relationship. 2.00pm – 5.00pm 9.00Am-10.30Am Connection through effective communication Back-end engagement process ▶ Discussion documents ▶ White board techniques ▶ Engagement agreements ▶ ▶ Understanding the “right to speak” ▶ scope of work documents and pricing ▶ ▶ Development of your pitch ▶ ▶ positioning tools ▶ ▶ Overcoming objections Outcomes for attendees ▶ Template documents Outcomes for attendees ▶ Articulate client agenda in their words ▶ produce client driven documents ▶ Effective use of white board ▶ Build the framework for on-going communication 10.30Am – mORNINg TEA ▶ Rapport building with clients 5.00pm – CLOsE Of DAy 1 The collaborative approach The opportunity A Lead Adviser needs a solid The Lead Adviser collaborates There is a significant opportunity balance of the hard and soft with and manages the team of for professional services firms to skills when it comes to providing experts required for clients as position their business as leaders strategic advice for wealthy clients and when needed. The client is in the management of this client and their families. The hard skills informed and educated about segment. For clients the benefits are the technical elements of the options available to them and are untold in that they can entrust a advice. The soft skills are managed through their journey. valued adviser with all their personal the personal, emotional and Lead Advisers work only and and financial affairs, maximising and communication-based skills. exclusively in the client’s interests. protecting their wealth.
  4. 4. Lead Adviser Training Programme Practice regime Critical planning ensuring the functionality of a profitable establishing long-term goals and direction practice requires the distribution of is an essential process for Lead advisers. complicated tasks to efficient and trustworthy How can lead advisers prepare for roadblocks sources. To ensure they are not caught up once a direction has been set? Creating a with the day-to-day running of a business, concise 1-page business plan which clearly good Lead advisers effectively outsource indicates where the Lead adviser ought to these tasks in such a fashion that leaves be in 12 months is an important first step, them with little or nothing to do but engage and will assist in the development of longer with clients. and more detailed action plans. 11.00am-12.30Pm 1.30Pm -4.00Pm Functionality in your business Developing action plans – ▶ outsource arrangements Where to start? and documentation ▶ People – systems – process ▶ Distribution and referral skills ▶ next steps ▶ The investment conversation ▶ Dealing with roadblocks ▶ Working towards ideal week Outcomes for attendees Outcomes for attendees ▶ 1 page business plan ▶ Develop a passion for ▶ Where do i want to be in 12 months? business development ▶ 3 year outline ▶ Set-up outsource agreements ▶ Take back control of your time 4.00Pm – CLoSe oF Training Programme 12.30Pm – LunCH Brian Fitzpatrick PrinCiPaL, HeaDSPaCe Brian Fitzpatrick has an innate ability to work with people of all backgrounds to assist them with realising their dreams and goals. (note: Brian and Scott share the same last name, but are not related!). Brian works with a number of high profile and successful individuals and organisations to help them gain a deep understanding of their motivators, dreams and goals.
  5. 5. Lead AdviserTraining Programme Membership pleaSe reGiSter Me For: SyDnEy 22nd and 23rd November Membership is open to practicing financial planners, accountants, early Bird rate – BooK and pay BeFore 8th octoBer 2010 lawyers and family offices. Dealers’ Group Members $3000 + gst = $3300 Benefits include: • Discounts to events – get Single Registration $4000 + gst = $4400 member rates when you register in any Dealers’ group event. Standard reGiStration rate – BooK and pay aFter 8th octoBer 2010 • Private Client Advisor newsletter – monthly newsletter covers Dealers’ Group Members $4000 + gst = $4400 topical issues related to private client advisory. Single Registration $5000 + gst = $5500 • Dealers’ Group website – Pricing available on request for group bookings access to papers, presentations, please contact Zaf Makdum on 02 9555 4203 zaf@dealersgroup.com.au audio files. pleaSe coMplete • Webinars – monthly webinars direct to your desktop. Mr / Mrs / Miss Given Name • Private lunches – Which are held Surname quarterly in each state. Company / Organisation Tick to become a member Position For more information contact Address Zaf Makdum on 02 9555 4203 or zaf@dealersgroup.com.au State Postcode Web www.dealersgroup.com.au City / Country Fax 02 9810 6746 Phone Fax Mail Dealers’ group 212a, Darling St Email Balmain, nSW 2041 reGistrations Method oF payMent: Contact Zaf makdum Phone 02 9555 4203 VISA Mastercard AMEX Cheque (Cheques to: Dealers Group Pty Ltd) Email zaf@dealersgroup.com.au If paying by credit card please complete the following details below: Venue Sydney Name of cardholder italian Village Card Number 7 Circular Quay West The rocks Expiry Date / Signature Sydney nSW 2000 Total Delegates will receive an email confirmation letter anD tax receipt once registereD. Future eventS: Please notify me of future Dealers’ Group events. I DO NOT wish to have my details made available to other organisations. reGiSter: www.dealersgroup.com.au Fax to: 02 9810 6746 Mail to: Dealers’ Group – 212A Darling St, Balmain, NSW 2041 cancellation policy privacy Should you be unable to attend a substitute delegate is The information you have given will be recorded in always welcome at no extra cost. Alternatively a full refund, our delegate database. Dealers’ Group may also minus 50% (incl.GST) service charge will be made for share this information with our event sponsors. Dealers’ Group reserves the right to cancellations received in writing up to one month prior to the Please tick the appropriate box if you DO NOT wish to change the programme without notice event. Regrettably, no refund will be given for cancellations receive further correspondence. ABN 78 117 870 943 received later than one month prior to the event.