AAI newsletter december 2011


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AAI newsletter december 2011

  1. 1. DECEMBER 2011 AIESEC ALUMNI INTERNATIONAL AAI WISHES YOU: MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY 2012!Dear AIESEC alumni Friends,This is a short but most sincere note to wish you all the EB’s best wishes for the Season aswell as all success, health, happiness and prosperity for the challenging year ahead -2012.We have all completed a difficult year due to the economic and social challenges which wehad to face. 2012 will require all our efforts and courage to enable us to reach our personal and professional objectives. We willhave to work more effectively in building links and developing networks that will allow us to increase our efficiency and facilitateour reaching ambitious goals. At the same time we deserve to include some change in pace and refresh our minds so as toincrease our performance and thus attain our goals.This is where the AAI Meeting (AAIM) comes into the picture. This is the element which will transform one’s mind-set,strengthen our international networks and bring back fond memories from our successful past so as to build towards our equallysuccessful future. thThe Hungary-AAIM is fast becoming an event which is not to be missed. From Thursday February 16 to Sunday February th19 we will have a packed programme bringing together key external speakers such as the former Hungarian Minister ofEconomics, Mr. István Varga. The AAIM Chair in Budapest is alum Dale Martin, CEO of Siemens-Hungary, and the AAIMChair in Tapolca is alumna Anikó Magasházi, Head. of International Leasing, Unicredito-Austria. A luncheon speaker on the thFriday 17 is alum Karel De Baere, Chairman PwC-Belgium.We will be holding networking sessions among alumni who are coming from all corners of the world but who are all united by th estrong belief in AIESEC’s philosophy, ethics and spirit of international collaboration. In addition, we have scheduled a workingsession with the current President of AIESEC International, Tatiana Mikhailyuk, and some of her team, a Plenary session inconjunction with the AIESEC International Preidents Meeting 2012, participation at the world renown Hungarian Party.. andmore!Therefore, to assure a safe and healthy beginning of 2012 it is imperative that you all register NOW. To do so, please clickwww.aaim2012.orgIn addition, there will be a General Assembly of AAI being held where the newly developed Vision & Mission plan will bepresented, discussed, amended and approved. This plan should define the guidelines for the AAI of the future and everyone’sparticipation is essential. Furthermore, the AAI membership will discharge the current Executive Board and elect a new EB forthe coming two-year term. Decisions which will impact the long-term will be taken in Hungary and everyone should be directlyinvolved. So, as to be an active participant, please submit your membership application to AAI by clicking here:http://www.aiesec-alumni.org/Membership.htmlRemember that by registering for the AAIM by Dec. 31 you will be entitled tothe “early bird” fee, and the saving covers a large part of the AAI’s annual fee.This may become the first significant saving you are going to make in 2012!See you all in Hungary in February and to you and your families and friends mayI extend my sincere wishes of happiness and success.Victor H. LoewensteinPresident - AAI www .aiesec-alumni.org