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PwC and AIESEC Partnership Overview FY2012


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PwC and AIESEC Partnership Overview FY2012

  1. 1. PwC and AIESEC Partnership Overview FY2012 Creating value since 1973EmployerBranding,SourcingTalents,ResponsibleLeadership
  2. 2. Contents Global Coordinator’s letter169,000 PwC has offices in About PwC About AIESEC and its programmespeople are working atPwC 158 About PwC and AIESEC Brand Awareness countries Good Case Practice Sourcing Talents : AIESEC Interns AIESEC Alumni in PwC Corporate Responsibility PwC firms help organisations and AIESEC is present in 86,000 individuals create the value they’re looking for. We’re a network of firms in 158 countries with close to 169,000 students and graduates 113 are AIESEC members people who are committed to delivering quality in assurance, tax and advisory services. countries Present in over 113 countries and territories and with over 86,000 members, AIESEC is the worlds largest youth-run organization. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to participate in international internships, experience leadership and get involved in a global learning environment.
  3. 3. PwC and AIESEC Partnership As PwC is constantly looking to increase its impact PwC is a Partner of AIESEC since 1973. PwC in the in our communities through its people, attracting UK was the first to initiate the contact, followed soon talent to enhance our business relationships, deepen by Mexico and many other firms around the network our industry knowledge and refresh our world view is crucial. I see this partnership growing and Paula Loop, Global Managing Partner - Talent expanding not only geographically but also in terms Leader, is the sponsor at the level of Network of its impact on the students and graduates Executive Team. activating as AIESEC members . Karel De Baere, Chairman at PwC Belgium, The partnership needs support from the Global Global Coordinator’s letter oversees the partnership globally. Coordinator, AIESEC Champions looking after it, and also from the network. I see as successful, an In FY2012 PwC was represented at the global approach based on sharing and cooperation between AIESEC conferences such as International Congress, PwC territories, involvement of AIESEC Alumni, Dear reader, Global Youth to Business Forum, Global Leaders working in PwC, who can recommend and support a Summit and Regional Leadership Conferences. We collaboration in their office. AIESEC through its Thank you for taking the time to read our are a sponsor of the Global Internship Program and nature is abundant in innovation and proactive annual review. I hope you will find useful a supporter of the Alumni initiatives. attitude and this is an opportunity and a big information about our partnership with potential to generate various initiatives between AIESEC. PwC had a financial contribution to AIESEC both organisations and also territories. We should estimated to $500,000 in the aggregate. Apart from not hesitate to get inspirited from the good case the financial sponsorship we also offered pro-bono practices provided by partnership in various auditing and advisory services, training, mentorship territories. and coaching. PwC is represented by Karel De Baere on the Advisory Council and Supervisory Group of On top of this, the AIESEC Countries play a crucial AIESEC International. role in taking the partnership to another level and I believe that a good knowledge management, Looking across the world, PwC collaborates with understanding of our business and a customized AIESEC in 60 territories, took 57 AIESEC interns in approach will contribute to the success of the 13 Offices and identified 1,000 AIESEC Alumni and collaboration in territories. Supporters working at PwC. Some of the pioneering partnerships in the network in terms of the extent of In order to present you with this overview we cooperation are Switzerland, Germany, Poland, gathered inputs from 61 AIESEC Countries, 20 PwCClaudia Calinescu Mexico, Hungary, Hong Kong and Singapore. Offices, the Global Coordinator and AIESECPwC | Global Coordinator AIESEC Champions in PwC, during May-June 2012.Partnership(2011-2012) I would like to thank the AIESEC Countries and PwC people who shared their thinking with us in the survey and to send our great appreciation to all people involved in building, maintaining and growing the relationship with AIESEC.
  4. 4. Role of the Global Coordinator The Global Coordinator role was implemented for the first time 17 years ago in PwC by Keith Bell, one of the earliest AIESEC Champions in the firm. It started as a personal assistant position to help him handle the AIESEC partnership, but over the years it has gained a lot of independence and functions as a role. Currently the Global Coordinator works as part of the Global Human Capital team and reports to Karel De Baere, CEO at PwC Belgium, and is based in Brussels. The main role of the coordinator is to build, manage and maintain the partnership between AIESEC and PwC on the global level. The coordinator needs to synthesise the views and expectations of the most important stakeholders, from partnership champions and supporters, to interns and alumni within PwC, as well as AIESEC as an organisation.Every year a new AIESEC member isselected to run this role, therefore wewould like to show our appreciation to thefollowing former Global Coordinators:• Claudia Calinescu, Romania (2011-2012)• Alexandra Moraru, Romania (2010-2011)• Gosia Bednarek, Poland (2009-2010)• YatWan , New Zealand (2008-2009)• Kristi Ausmees, Estonia (2007-2008)• Mengting Wang, Hong Kong (2006-2007)• Norica Buzoi, Romania (2005-2006)• Robin Goel, Nepal (2004-2005)• Denise Thomas, Australia (2003-2004)• Eche Nwogwugwu, Nigeria (2002-2003)• Alina Stefan, Romania (2001-2002)• Jill Joaquin, Philippines (2000-2001)• Melida Lugo, Dominican Republic(1999-2000)• Erik Sigtermans,The Netherlands(1999-2000) This year we welcome on board Melissa• Karina Luchinkina, Ukraine (1998-1999) Soto from Colombia who will take forward• Amy Middelburg King, USA (1997-1998) the legacy of the PwC and AIESEC PartnershipPhotos here
  5. 5. PwC firms help organisations and individuals create the value they’reAbout PwC looking for. We’re a network of firms in 158 countries with close to 169,000 people who are committed to delivering quality in assurance, tax andCreating relationships that create value advisory services. CSR: Our approach At PwC we believe in being part of it: the global conversation and movement towards responsible business practices that create positive change in the world. We’re focusing on four areas where we can make relevant and significant contributions: Responsible business, Diversity & inclusion, Community engagement, and Environmental stewardship. Read our Global annual review: 2011
  6. 6. About AIESEC AIESEC’s Global Programmes:What makes AIESEC unique is the youthdriven impactful experience that it offers to its AIESEC offers flexible and customized programmes to provide talent that fits with our company’smembers. AIESEC is run by young people for culture and processes. As a global partner of AIESEC, PwC enriches its work force with globallyyoung people, enabling a strong experience to mind young professionals, looking to make a difference in our company.all its stakeholders. • Global Internship Program Access international students and take them on as interns to support your organizational initiatives. • Graduate Recruitment Programme • International Congress AIESEC’s largest event with over 500 delegates representing over 100 0countries and 50 corporate leaders. Occurs in August of every year in a rotating location. • Global Youth to Business Forum AIESEC’s global forum captures youth opinion around relevant world issues. Occurs in every year during the International Congress. • Global Leaders Summit AIESEC’s exclusive event for the most experienced global leaders of AIESEC’s membership. Occurs in February of every year in a rotating location. • Regional Leadership Conferences 5 parallel global events involving the fresh AIESEC leaders of a particular region. Occurs in March of every year in rotating locations.The most common academic AIESEC in Numbersbackgrounds among AIESECmembers are Business 60 years of experienceAdministration, Finance, 2,100 UniversitiesAccounting, Marketing, and 20.000 International InternshipsSocial Sciences. 4.000 Partners/sponsors 945,000 Alumni
  7. 7. Partnership Domains The long standing global relations with AIESEC was always supported by keyPwC and AIESEC has been collaborating and creating value together for 39 years. The AIESEC Alumni andpartnership has expanded into 4 different directions in different initiatives. Supporters working in PwC. Brand Awareness 1 2 Sourcing Talent AIESEC Alumni 4 Corporate Responsibility 3
  8. 8. Brand AwarenessGlobal partnership 1. AIESEC’s International Congress 2. Global Leaders Summit 2011 Edition, August, Kenya Review 2012 Edition, February, Hungary ReviewAside from a good academic background,AIESEC members tend to be very open-minded, Global Youth to Business Forum AIESEC Youth Forumsocially responsible and have already obtained PwC delivered a workshop on the topic of PwC was a sponsor of the AIESEC Youth Forum andabove-average leadership and team “Demystifying innovation”. delivered a workshop to AIESEC members andmanagement experience; Hungarian students, on "Personal branding“. Partnership LaunchBy partnering with AIESEC we have direct The presentation focused on PwC’s partnership with AIESEC Alumni International Meetinginteraction and access to AIESEC members AIESEC, the PwC re-branding, and upcoming PwC attended with a speech from the CEO of PwC inthrough international and regional conferences initiatives PwC will be working with AIESEC on. Hungary on managing Alumni relations in the PwCand events. network. Global Alumni Hall of Fame CeremonyAIESEC’s centralized online communication The ceremony was meant to recognise the Global Alumni Awardplatform enables effective communications outstanding achievements of AIESEC Alumni in PwC chose to sponsor this award which was handeddirectly to targeted members on their chosen fields and was co-hosted by PwC and by the Alumni association to AIESEC in (IT provided by Tata DHL. recognising their efforts in building a valuableConsulting Services). experience for their Alumni. Global Partners’ Dinner and International Advisory Council Meeting AIESEC members attendance On this occasion PwC Nigeria sponsored the flights Many thanks to: of AIESEC Nigeria’s Leader to attend this Summit in • Karel De Baere, Chairman at PwC Belgium Hungary. 43 AIESEC Territories • • James Maitho, Africa at Central Human Capital Manager at PwC Kenya Nancy Onyango, Partner Assurance at PwC Many thanks to: • Karel De Baere, Chairman at PwC Belgium confirmed their Kenya (AIESEC Alumni) • George Johnston, Chairman at PwC Hungary awareness of PwC’s • Tabitha Muema, Marketing and • Peter Tamasi, Specialist Recruitment at PwC participation and delivery Communications Manager PwC Kenya Hungary (AIESEC Alumnus) at the AIESEC’s See Photos here See Photos here International Congress 2011, Kenya.
  9. 9. “Continue the inclusion of the partnership in international events as it brings a unique flavour from the other partners.” Participant, AIESEC’s Regional Conference for Iberoamerica, 2012 Edition3. Regional Leadership ConferencesAs a part of AIESEC’s Regional Conference, in 2012, PwC delivered 2 Financial SustainabilityPartnership launches to over 500 AIESEC members in 2 different regions. The launches focusedon PwC’s impact in our community and recognition of AIESEC countries with a sustainableorganisational and financial management.Europe and North America IberoAmerica2012 Edition, March, Greece 2012 Edition, March, ChileMany thanks to: Many thanks to:• Mary Georgiadou , Human Capital Director at • Andres Osorio, Partner at PwC Greece PwC Chile• Ahmet Giray, Advisor Risk Assurance Services • Walter Heredia, Manager at at PwC Belgium and AIESEC Alumni. PwC Mexico and AIESEC• Vivian Tsamadou, Marketing & Alumni Communications Senior Manager at PwC Greece• Eirini Voyatzi, Marketing & Communications at PwC Greece• Michelle Karaolides , Marketing & Communications | at PwC GreeceSee Photos here See Photos here WebsiteGlobal Think Tank4GreeceBesides the launch, PwC Greece participated in theGlobal Think Tank4Greece event organised as part ofthe conference above and delivered the "CEO for aDay" Workshop.
  10. 10. National partnershipsNationally PwC works with AIESEC in various initiatives.We have the most diverse partnership compared to the otherglobal partners of AIESEC. The list below showcases thedifferent aspects of our partnership with AIESEC around thenetwork in order of importance.• AIESEC Conference, trainings and workshops• Campus events/Career Fairs• Global Internship Programme• Board of Advisors, Mentorship• Promotion and publications (e.g. Annual Report)• Pro-bono financial advice, audit, consultancy service• In-kind sponsorship• CSR and Alumni initiative60 PwC territories collaborate 15 PwC territories have been working with 43 of the AIESEC territories maintain awith AIESEC around the world AIESEC for more than 10 years partnership with PwC only and have no relationship with our direct competitors United Kingdom West Belgium There are 5 AIESEC countries which partner with all 19% 30 years Mexico four firms : Germany • Belgium East Austria 15% • Hungary Tunisia • Poland Switzerland • Serbia Slovakia • Switzerland Central Bulgaria 66% 20 years Russia Greece Italy Ghana Croatia 10 years Nigeria
  11. 11. Sourcing TalentsAIESEC’s Global InternshipProgrammeAccess international students and graduates andtake them in our organisation, as interns,trainees or entry level, to support PwC’s needsand initiatives.AIESEC members can work at PwC through thisprogramme for a maximum duration of 18months and it is possible to retain them afterthe period ends. 57 AIESEC interns joined PwC in FY2012 through the Global Why hire AIESEC Interns? Costs for PwC Internship The most commonly displayed attributes are An administration fee to AIESEC Programme initiative, proactive attitude and cultural awareness. Compensation and benefits for the intern Add dynamism and international perspectives. The minimum or set amount varies depending on Address a skill shortage area or target market. Build the territory. Usually the interns cover the cost of the on workplace diversity and CSR initiatives flight from their home to the host countries, but Data distribution across PwC Clusters recently more and more PwC offices are offering to Interns’ profile also cover this cost. West AIESEC members are students and recent graduates 32% mostly with Economic Academic Background. Many AIESEC and the Global Partnership of them have practical experience in managing Coordinator can help: local/national chapters of AIESEC. They are globally • Collect applications and shortlist the top minded people interested in world issues, leadership candidates for you to interview via phone or East Central and management. video conferencing. 11% 57% • Handle visa, work permit, accommodation and integration. The process usually takes between 1 and 3 months. • Promotion via the AIESEC Intranet.
  12. 12. Meet the AIESEC interns in PwCTerritories with the biggest number ofAIESEC interns recruited in FY2012 13 PwC Mexico International Business Centreare : Mexico, Egypt, Italy, Turkey and PwC Territories took AIESEC interns in • Kitty Zhang Yan, AIESEC InternOman. FY2012. • Eva Marie Boehm, AIESEC Intern • Anita Ho, AIESEC Intern • Carlos Morales Rozo, AIESEC InternAIESEC interns joined PwC on a • Alex Cabon, AIESEC Internvariety of assignments inside the • Thomas Krane, AIESEC InternAssurance, Advisory, Support orOperations department. • Walter Heredia, AIESEC Alumnus • Mariano Errichiello, AIESEC Alumnus Consulting 11% Audit and Assurance 35%Internal Firm Services 54%Top AIESEC Countries that supplied ourdemand for interns: BRBrazilCanada CA RORomaniaGermanyThe Netherlands DEPoland NHColombia PO CO
  13. 13. AIESEC AlumniAIESEC Alumni and Supporters Geographic distribution of AIESEC Alumni Top Countries with the biggest number of Alumniin PwC and Supporters in PwC and Supporter per PwC ClusterAIESEC Alumni in PwC are former members of West Central Distribution by PwC ClustersAIESEC who have been employed in PwC offices 29through the AIESEC’s Global Internship Program % 17 15 West 140 12 11or local PwC-AIESEC initiatives. % % 10 East 120 % % % 5% 5%AIESEC Supporters in PwC are PwC employees Central 740who are involved in the partnership with AIESECand who are furthering this relationship. AIESECSupporters in PwC actively improve thecollaboration with this organization by working onnew initiatives that bring benefits to both parts. Distribution by AIESEC Regions WENA 450 East MENA 40 20 16 13 % % % 9 Latin America 100 % CEE 220 Asia Pacific 120 Africa 70 In the charts below you can see the number of present Alumni and supporters at PwC offices If you are an AIESEC Alumni or around the world and an overview of the Supporter keep in touch with the AIESEC positions they held in PwC. Partnership by visiting our pages and groups: We have found 1,000 Associate/Senior… 66% AIESEC Alumni and Managers and Senior… 20% • Linkedin group Supporters working across Directors 5% • Spark group Partners 6% • Facebook page 78 territories in PwC Territory Senior Partners 0,3%
  14. 14. Corporate Responsibility Part of the PwC –AIESEC Partnership is to Global Approachsupport learning and development of our futuregenerations and contribute to a sustainablegrowth of the organisation through our Financial Sustainability Partnership The Partnership is a descendant of an initiative 44 AIESEC Territoriesresources and knowledge. developed by PwC and AIESEC International in the confirmed their awareness late 90s, and aims to support the progress and of PwC Financial continuity of AIESEC in our communities. Sustainability Awards 2012 Financial Sustainability Awards 2012 In 2012 PwC chose to offer the Financial Sustainability Awards in 5 AIESEC regions and National approach encourage all countries in the AIESEC global network to collaborate, improve and strive for Egypt “We believe that we have a excellent financial management. This collaboration “Triple Effect, Project” aims to build a development channel for AIESEC responsibility to help create Countries in the areas of organisational and financial The project aims to address and alleviate the blood a sustainable future and issue in Egypt by encouraging Corporate & Active sustainability. Youth Organizations in Universities to participate in make our world a better our sustainable integrated solution & strategy. PwC Criteria place. We look to exhibit The criteria for selecting the winners of these awards recruits AIESEC members to run this project as part responsible behaviour in of the CSR strategy were based on the applicant countries‘ performance everything we do, as well as in the following areas: • Financial planning, forecasting and reporting engaging with our • Solvability and liquidity Hong Kong stakeholders and • Sources of funding “PwC is our Sustainability Advisory communities to have a • Internal control National Partner” • Legal compliance positive impact in the places • Transparency The partnership with PwC in Hong Kong focuses on the Sustainability Embedded where we live and work.” • Accountability Project; a program designed by PwC to Dennis M. Nally guide and assist AIESEC Hong Kong in Chairman, PricewaterhouseCoopers Congratulation to: developing a sustainability strategy for International Limited • AIESEC in Germany (Europe) AIESEC, by hosting and delivering a series • AIESEC in Brazil (Iberoamerica) of strategy development training session for Read more about Our Approach • AIESEC in Indonesia (Asia Pacific) the selected project team. Read more here
  15. 15. National Partnerships around the world Which elements of your partnership with PwC in your country could you share as a Good Case practice? “Personally what I really appreciate in working with PwC is the partnership approach (this company really understands AIESEC and its really helpful in our cooperation)” AIESEC in Poland“Having the financial cost of the MCP “Very organised and structured, establish a firmcovered to every IPM as capacity point of contact and clear expectation setting. Thebuilding and country representation continuity of our partnership management,for over five consecutive years.” progressing from conference partner to nationalAIESEC in Nigeria partner. Besides that, we leverage on our existing PwC-AIESEC alumni network to run our partnership events which are very effective in relating to the AIESEC audience.” AIESEC in Singapore
  16. 16. AustriaA glance at our joint value“PwC Austria has enjoyed a successful partnership PwC lends its support not just to AIESEC eventswith AIESEC Austria for 8 years. and congresses; we also support AIESEC professionally by serving on the Board ofThe Career Days are a good opportunity for us to Advisors in Austria and participating in theconnect with high qualified students and attract Financial Learning Network. Regarding this wepeople all over Austria.We have been offering especially thank Peter Pessenlehner for takingworkshops for the last couple of years together with over the position of Johannes Mörtl on theAIESEC, especially in Vienna. Board of Advisors. Janet STRASSENMEYER Risk Management – risk-oriented analysis of PwC | B.A., Human Capital Consultant business processes PwC Austria As we are strongly growing in the area of Consulting & Risk Services, we offered a workshop on business processes analysis, especially for information Raffael Gurschler technology systems. The selected group of students Corporate Relations Responsible learned about identifying room for improvement in AIESEC in Austria the buying process of a worldwide distributer of books and records. “As the world’s leading professional service firm, PwC’s core values are teamwork, leadership and excellence. These values are common to bothIn 2012 we had two successful seminars with agreat number of interested students: organizations and provide an ideal foundation for a long and successful cooperation. Sharing knowledge and expertise is not only a key element of our180 minutes around PwC consulting business, it is also crucial to our partnership with AIESEC. This isDuring the workshop the invited students workedon a project including assurance, tax and advisory why we support AIESEC Professionally by serving on the Board of Advisors intasks. Together with employees of PwC they had to Austria and participating in the Financial Learning Network.”help a company get out of a crisis. Elizabeth Hull, Human Capital Leader at PwC Austria
  17. 17. CroatiaQuality recognition in AIESEC members However, our cooperation did not just end up on that but it is much more. PwC is also a member of AIESEC Croatias Supervisory group“The partnership between AIESEC Croatia and PwC has been for many years now and they have proven to beone which we keep with great pride. a great partner in advising and supporting AIESEC Croatia in our work. Many decisionsOur partnership started many years ago as cooperation in which AIESEC executives made were supportednational conferences where PwC held sessions and helped our and influenced by PwC during theirmembers to develop and realize their own potential. As a result membership in group and we are confident that,of this cooperation PwC employed AIESECers for which we in a long term, their advices will make AIESECbelieve they were very satisfied and we emphasize this fact as a Croatia better.sign of quality recognition in our members. For last two years we have expanded our cooperation by making internal student research among our members to find out how PwC is positioned among Croatian students. Although it is early to comment results, this has proven as a great way for PwC to gain insight on how Croatian students perceive the company and if they find it interesting as a prospective employer in the future. We see this as beneficial for PwCs development and market positioning among students since they are the population that is the most suitable for companies like PwC. “We are confident that PwC will continue to benefit from our partnership and that we will expand our cooperation even more.” Breda Ivanovic PwC | Human Capital Manager Matija Kapić, National Account PwC Croatia Manager at AIESEC Croatia
  18. 18. GermanyWorking together for two decades“PwC and AIESEC in Germany have a close partnership both onnational and local level for more than 20 years. The merefinancial contribution left aside, PwC is auditing AIESECsfinancial statement and engages in (regional and national)conference partnerships.Over the last year, PwC was an exclusive partner on one nationaland one regional conference (including financial support andworkshops) which is planned to repeat next year.In addition, next year, we seek to provide some insights into thedaily work of our consultants with 1-2 Company ExperienceDays.Moreover, our chief human resources officer, Marius Möller, hasbeen a member of the national board of advisors for two yearsnow. On the local level, PwC is present in several boards ofadvisors and also takes part in at least four career fairs acrossGermany per year.A recent report via XING, a German business network, hasrevealed that approximately 100 former AIESECers are currentlyworking at PwC Germany”Benedikt DunstPwC | Personal Marketing & RecruitingPwC
  19. 19. ItalyAIESEC Interns inject new ideasand enthusiasmIn Italy the partnership between PwC and AIESEC started locally Leonardo Cadedduwith PwC being engaged in the Career Fairs organized by the PwC | HC Senior Managerlocal offices of AIESEC in Milan. This created the right premises PwC Italyfor PwC in Italy to become a national partner. Partnership is very diverse and includes employer branding Camilla Bassoliinitiatives, conferences, international interns placements, pro- External Relations Responsiblebono advisory, legal services, membership in AIESEC’s camilla.bassoli@aiesec.netSupervisory Group, donations and offering PwC premises to AIESEC ItalyAIESEC for organising events. The partnership is famous for the interns placed in the last years and continues to absorb AIESEC talents in PwC’s offices in Milan and Rome on areas such as: Auditing Services, System and Process Assurance and Human Capital During our activities the AIESEC interns are participating in the partnership like attending the Job Fairs to showcase their experience with AIESEC and PwC. Added value brought by our AIESEC Interns: • AIESEC Interns inject new ideas and enthusiasm into projects and departments • PwC positions as a provider of excellent and challenging Internship opportunities • PwC has access to global talent through AIESEC’s network of 60,000 young people on 2,100 universities • in 110 countries • Access to flexible, cost effective human resources • PwC contributes to the development of tomorrow’s business leaders Our training at AIESEC Conferences develop the PwC Brand Active involvement in AIESEC conferences provides PwC with the opportunity to create awareness among AIESEC members with regards to nowadays business trends and educate the future generation of business leaders. We leverage PwC’s employer brand among young talented people and we recruit new employees.
  20. 20. GreeceA glance at our joint value • Partner in Youth to Business Forum 2012 where our colleagues delivered an interactivePwC and AIESEC are partnering in Greece workshop for AIESECers using topics such assince 2001 when all started with a Finance Student Community and Investing in Youth.Learning Partnership and several expansionsevery year. PwC Greece has a leading role in Sourcing TalentsAIESECs conferences by implementing a • PwC Greece is proud of implementing thementorship initiative with the AIESEC International Internship Programme bymembers and focusing on coaching the sending 2 Greek AIESECers to work at PwCNational board of AIESEC. in London.Domains of partnership CSR • Mentoring: Company visits and one to oneEmployer Branding meetings.• Participation in AIESEC conferences & • Pro-bono external audit services • Partner in AIESEC’s Regional Leadership events (workshops) • In kind donations Conference, Europe and North America• Co-branding and Co-organising 2012 Edition, which took place in Greece. Students Day Events, a 2day event Eirini Voyatzi PwC in Greece delivered a successful meant to raise awareness of our PwC | Associate | Marketing & Communications workshop based on the 15th CEO Survey partnership and enhance our brand PwC Greece results named "CEO for a Day“ through career development workshops. In 2012 PwC Delivered the workshop "Being the one with the Career less Left: Mary Georgiadou, Human Capital Director, Right: Claudia Calinescu, AIESEC Global Coordinator 11-12 , ordinary" at PwC Greece premises, for Michelle Karaolides, Marketing & Communication, Eirini Voyatzi, Marketing & Communications, 90 students/day! This initiative brought Sissy Miliopoulou, Intern at M&C Fiona Sideris, M&C Manager a lot of fun and interactive moments for the participants and showcased the tools to design and start their career path. Students learnt about: Personal Branding, goal setting, CV writing, interview skills and heard about global opportunities, scholarships and qualifications.
  21. 21. PwC firmly believes that empoweringSerbia young people, for peace and fulfilment of humankinds potential, will give birth to trustworthy leaders.Our ideal partnership“PwC is a National Partner of AIESEC in Serbia since 2007 4. Networking for professionalsand we are proud to say that during FY2012 we strived and The project aims to make students more employablesucceeded to grow our collaboration even more. by explaining concepts of networking and how to use it in practice.We have defined new activities and projects by constantlybeing in touch during the whole year. Overall we believe that 5. Pro-Bono annual auditing.through our partnership we can develop both our In addition to all the support offered, PwC has beenorganizations in a sustainable and impactful way. cooperating with AIESEC by carrying out pro-Bono annual auditing, tutoring, mentoring on issuesLeaders that will make the difference in a world that needs to such as human resources. Plus we invite AIESECbe rescued from despair. People need to be led to deal with members to participate in various educationalgreater opportunities. activities like Excel training courses, ACCA papers. 1. Career Days It’s a successful tradition for us to Our recommendations participate annually, because it offers us Openness and friendly approach gives the the chance to attract young professionals possibility to always ask for feedback, back and not only from AIESEC but from many forth, to improve in everything we do together. We other different universities. are proud to say that this partnership will only grow even more in the upcoming years.” 2. AIESEC Business Days Aims to educate students from Belgrade University on topics like HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales and IT. PwC covers both HR and Finance track which takes this whole project to another level. “Be creative-in your thoughts, in your feelings and in all your action. Apply 3. Youth 2 Business Forum We delivered our topic under the CSR your own uniqueness to everything umbrella and motivated many AIESEC you undertake”To our contentment, AIESEC, a student-run organization, members to think in a sustainable way,and we, PwC, have been working hand in hand, providing this resulted in various ideas for further Mildreth Angelosupport to young talented leaders in order to enhance their cooperation. PwC | HR Senior Manager and AIESEC Championstrengths. PwC Serbia
  22. 22. SlovakiaEducational Wednesdays The topics of respective sessions were consulted with AIESEC local leaders to reflect the needs of AIESEC organization.Our PartnershipPwC and AIESEC are partners for several seasons. Under Topicscontinuation of our successful cooperation we are now a • Interviewing Skillsgeneral partner of AIESEC. In many ways we are tuned to • Assessment Centres & Observing Skillsthe same wavelength, AIESEC and internationalisation of • Effective Interpersonal Communication &our company gives a good basis for successful Questioning and Listening skillscommunication between us, not only in Slovakia but also in • Self Management & Time ManagementEurope. • Appraisal Meetings and Effective Feedback • TypologyAIESEC gives students space to develop their leadership • Selling Skills and Negotiating Skillsskills, improve soft skills, teaches them to build a social • Assertive Communication The aim of the program is to enhance thenetwork which will be later used in their future and business skills of learners to be able to perform their The program is very well perceived by theenvironment. PwC supports AIESEC in turning the best tasks in AIESEC more effectively as well as to students. As per formal feedback collected afterideas into reality by involving our professionals and their become more self-confident and successful in each session, the rating was above 9 out of 10.know-how in the development of AIESEC members. managing their work, private relationships, The sessions are interactive; students are very plan and communication. keen on taking part in discussions and theyOur Project“Educational Wednesdays” is an educational program for actively participate in case studies and Furthermore, the program aims to inspire scenarios. The lectors try to adjust the contentAIESEC members and it is delivered on a weekly basis. In and mobilize the students to think about of sessions so it reflects the experience andtotal, 10 sessions are delivered to the students by PwC HC their vision in life and the ways to achieve it expectations of the learners.Specialists. in successful and self-worthy way. Helena Michalcova PwC | HC Senior Specialist PwC Slovak Republic Lucia Ihnatova AIESEC | National External Relations Responsible AIESEC Slovak Republic
  23. 23. Mexico International Business Centre PwC in Mexico was the second territory to start a partnership with AIESEC 30 years ago and ever since PwC has been supporting AIESEC activities in various ways such us: sponsoring conferences, taking AIESEC interns and providing education from its consultants. In the past years PwC has made a great success by working with AIESEC to build a strong International Business Centre by hiring top AIESEC interns for different desks: China, Colombia, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Scandinavia, Spain, Brazil or UK. AIESEC contributes to this project not only with its talents, but also by providing assistance to AIESEC interns for housing, bank account, visa, insurance and introduction to the Mexican culture. Walter Heredia and Alexandru Cabon , 2 AIESEC Alumni working at PwC, are responsible for checking on the quality of the AIESEC service and channelling all enquiries, suggestions and complaints to the various AIESEC chapters. What is International Business Centre?Our Desk Coordinators are all AIESEC Alumni: The International Business Centre (IBC) is PwC Mexicos business support centre for foreign executives and companies that are interested in developing their businesses in Mexico.• Alex Cabon – Brazil, France The IBC is composed of independent country desks. Our centre sits in the Advisory LoS, but works in• Anita Ho – China conjunction with colleagues from all the 3 LoS, as you can see in the picture above. We identify• Kitty Zhang – China, Singapore business opportunities with existing and potential clients from foreign countries by taking advantage• Carlos Morales - Colombia , Latin America, UK of our diverse backgrounds.• Thomas Krane – Germany• Mariano Errichiello - Italy What we do at the IBC• Ayana Sano – Japan • Segment and approach international companies in Mexico• Walter Heredia - Netherlands & Nordic • Identify business opportunities and develop new clients for all lines of services Countries • Create and maintain strong relationships with public and private organizations supporting foreign• Luca Torosani - Italia businesses • Collaborate on existing clients and expand the scope of current services • Support communication with clients before, during and after project delivery • Collaborate with foreign PwC offices • Support business initiatives and projects of PwC MexicoAlex Cabon News & events from the foreign communitiesPwC | IBC • Mexico Week in the UK, sponsored by PwC - London and LeedPwC Mexico • "Successfully Entering Asia Market: Future Trend" – a seminar hosted by PwC Mexico and PwC Singapore and the Singapore Economics Development Board - Mexico Citynegocios/micrositio-cin/index.jhtml • Mexico-China Invest & Trade 2012 – Mexico City • AGM of the Italian Chamber of Commerce hosted by PwC - Mexico City
  24. 24. Hong KongPwC is our Sustainability Advisory National PartnerThe partnership focuses around the Sustainability Embedded Project; aprogram designed by PwC to guide and assist AIESEC Hong Kong indeveloping a sustainability strategy for AIESEC, by hosting and deliveringa series of strategy development training session for the selected projectteam.At PwC we believe successful organisations are those which fully integrateCR into their business strategy and operations, treating it as a seriouschannel for creating and delivering value. One way we believe we can addvalue to the business community and society is by promoting responsibleand sustainable business conduct, and sharing our knowledge and skillswith the future generations. Aleksandra AN Nocon Yombi Y. Gildas PwC | Environmental Manager AIESEC | Corporate Relations ResponsibleThe objective of working with AIESEC on this project is straightforward - PwC Hong Kong gildas.yombi@aiesec.hkwe want to help AIESEC become a more responsible organisation, one AIESEC Hong Kongwho cares about its people, the society and environment and promotesthe concept of responsible citizenship to students worldwide.A series of workshops have been developed based on an earlier projectdone by PwC Poland for AIESEC in Poland. The Corporate Responsibilityteam works together with a team from Advisory and Sustainability andClimate Change to deliver a high quality training program to AIESECmembers in Hong Kong. PwCs involvement includes:Hosting five training sessions for AIESEC members at PwC venuePreparing and distributing training materialsGuidance, reviews and discussions with each AIESEC project team on theprogress and development of their sustainability strategy.Involvement of PwC Professionals from Advisory and Climate Changeteam to directly share their know-how and practical examples. In 2012 PwC Hong Kong was awarded by AIESEC with the National Partner Excellence Award for Organization Sustainability
  25. 25. Kazakhstan Top Talents PwC continues to work with the international student organization AIESEC. We’ve just finished our annual joint project ‘Top Talents’. This project aims to bring together professionals with young generation, to encourage experience and knowledge exchange for further growth.“We received a great experience ofprofessional consultants’ expertise.Practiced our team work and conflicts This time, our Tax Manager Mariya Rychkova, shared hersolving skills. It was much more knowledge and experience with more than 20 younginteresting than just reading the theory” professionals from Almaty. For more than a monthDmitriy Krasilnikov, participant students challenged themselves to present the best solution on “Unpaid taxes and penalties from the past periods” business case. At the end of the project each group presented their business cases and the best ones were granted with valuable prizes. Four students received internships in PwC, Tax and Assurance departments. In the course of the internship students will work on projects together with experienced consultants, go on business trips and obtain useful skills. Marina Karpova PwC | Marketing Specialist PricewaterhouseCoopers Kazakhstan
  26. 26. SingaporeCase Challenge collaborationNational Leadership Development Conference has always been an excitingplatform for todays young leaders and change agents to communicate withestablished enterprises. AIESEC Singapore has engaged with PwC throughPwC’s delivery of soft-skill sessions, panel discussion, networkinglunch and case challenges. This has provided golden opportunity forAIESECers to stay relevant with the most current situations of suchenterprises and has allowed the companies to know more about todaysAIESECers.Looking to the future, PwC and AIESEC Singapore foresee continuedgrowth in the working relationship through a formal annual partnershipfocusing on several areas including brand awareness, talent sourcing andcorporate responsibility. AIESEC in Singapore organises each year their national conferences. In2011 PwC worked together with AIESEC to deliver content during thefollowing events:• Case Challenge Launch• Case Challenge Judging• Panel Discussion• Networking Lunch• Gala Dinner and Case Challenge Award presentationLee Chian YornPwC | PartnerPwC SingaporeAIESEC Alumnus LiPwC partnership managerAIESEC in
  27. 27. United Arab EmiratesGetting the best value from our relationship PwC, being one of the main Partners, has the opportunity to directly interact with local youth and as well to position the“PwC and AIESEC partnership has always had a strategic meaning for both parties. It is thanks company as a potential Employer of Choice thoroughto PwC that AIESEC had developed its position and fundamental operations in UAE. Nowadays workshops and keynote speeches.we are working with PwC as long-term trusted Partners, where AIESEC is responsible forEmployer Branding support in UAE as well as in the Middle East region. Recently we have discussed a launch of the Global Internship Program for PwC in UAE. Therefore we hope the value of ourRecently our cooperation focus has been directed towards two main external events that Partnership will grow and we will be able to develop aAIESEC performs in UAE: recruitment support area with our portfolio.• YouLead Leadership Forum in Dubai• UAE Youth to Business Forum in Abu DhabiBoth events envision the development and empowerment of students and recent graduates ofour region. I believe the key to our successful collaboration is honest and direct communication with company executives, who are always supportive and offer us strategic and practical advice. “ Claire Duce PwC | Partner PwC UAE Michal Zylinski External Relations Responsible AIESEC UAE
  28. 28. EgyptThe Triple Effect“Through the power of exchange and the network of like-minded individuals, AIESEC servesas a strong platform to enable real change and impact in the society.When PwC Egypt first came to AIESEC with their need for a strong team to take the TripleEffect (TEP), their key strategic Corporate Responsibility project forward, this kick-started astrong alliance between PwC and AIESEC and 12 AIESEC interns have been recruited, sinceJune 2011, to shape and lead this project.TEP aims to triple the number of voluntary non-remunerated blood donors in Egypt byempowering organisations and youth groups to fulfil their role as active citizens.CORPORATESince the inception of TEP, the team has carried out 105 blood donation campaigns in over 27companies and 3 universities and collected 3,729 blood bags. TEP serves as a greatintroduction to corporate responsibility strategy for corporate clients like: Apache, World Blood Donor Day – 14th JuneAstraZeneca, Barclays, HSBC, PepsiCo, Microsoft, Nissan, and many others. In 2012, we would like to further highlight that promoting voluntary blood donation is a globalUNIVERSITIES issue. On June 14th this year, we showcased howThrough AIESEC, TEP also aims to empower youths PwCians and AIESECers can rally behind this causeto take an active stand on spreading the culture of and show our collective impact by running bloodregular voluntary blood donation on their university donation campaigns while at the same time,campus. With capacity building and experiential celebrating and thanking donors for this gift of life.”learning a key focus of TEP, AIESEC and PwC areexploring the option of the Youth-2-Business forumas a launch pad for a Competition thereafter between Anna Dimitrovathe AIESEC Chapters and bringing in corporate PwC | Corporate Responsibility & AIESEC Internpartners as mentors to collectively bridge the gap PwC Egyptbetween the need and supply of safe blood in Egypt. Ayman ShehataREGIONAL & GLOBAL PwC | CSR ManagerAt the regional level, TEP is taking shape through blood drives held in PwC PwC Egyptoffices across UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. interest received so far from PwC offices in UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Iraq,Saudi Arabia and Cambodia show that there is great potential for TEP toreach a global scale.
  29. 29. GhanaPwC our Most Reliable andLongest Serving NationalPartnerPwC has been associated with AIESEC Ghanaover the past 20 years in diverse ways and iscurrently the National Platinum Partner. “We are very proud of our relationship with AIESEC and I see this growing from strength to strength. The reason is simple - the value proposition is mutually beneficial” Felix Addo, Country Senior Partner at PwC AIESEC Executives with PwC Team Ghana “We really appreciate the support of PwC in ourThe financial support to AIESEC Ghana from PwC operations. In addition to financial and logisticalhas been a key backbone of the organisation and has contribution of PwC to AIESEC Ghana, PwCenabled the organisation to meet its strategic provides several platforms for our members toinitiatives and objectives over the years. interact with Corporate Executives of various profiles at their events. This enhances the learningThe firm offers job opportunities for many AIESEC experience of our members and also provides usAlumni in Ghana and internship opportunities for with unique networking opportunities.AIESECers from all over the world. PwC is AIESEC Ghana’s longest serving NationalPwC also assists AIESEC Ghana in its conferences and leadership Partner and I see this awesome relationshipseminars by offering training sessions and logistical support. An example growing into new areas in the coming years. ”is the just ended “Youth to Business Forum”, which had over 1000students participating. Robert Tetteh PresidentThe Country Senior Partner of PwC Ghana, Mr Felix Addo, is the AIESEC in GhanaChairman of the Board of Advisors of AIESEC Ghana and his mentoring, and experience sharing has been the source of motivation andlearning experience for many Leaders and members in AIESEC Ghana.
  30. 30. Kenya A partner that assisted us in a moment of need "PwC has always supported AIESEC Kenya, and this year especially has been invaluable support. PwC was our Gold Sponsor for our Career Fair , taking a stand within the University of Nairobi and conducting a workshop to train the students in their search for future jobs. James Maitho, Head of HR at PwC Kenya is part of our Board of Advisors and coaches the national team of AIESEC in Kenya. Especially this year, in September 2011 PwC was one of the companies that stood when we lived the dramatic accident of the bus going to Mombasa. The invaluable support of PwC and especially with the assistance of Nancy Onyango, a Partner in PwC Kenya in this moment of need was a blessing for us. The year end was a grand finale for AIESEC Kenya, and we were honoured to receive the first edition award from PwC together with AIESEC Alumni International for the entity that has the best alumni management across the AIESEC global network. This has served as a motivation to AIESEC Kenya to contribute more to the development of the youth of this country and continue carrying out activities for alumni who are still with us every day such as James Maitho, Nancy Onyango and many more. Thanks for all your collaboration and recognition, PwC.” Raquel Lorente President 2011-2012From left:Claudia Calinescu , Global Coordinator 11-12 AIESEC partnership AIESEC KenyaJames Maitho, Regional Human Capital Senior ManagerNancy Asiko Onyango, Partner Assurance James MaithoTabitha Muema , Marketing Manager PwC | Regional Human Capital Senior Manager PricewaterhouseCoopers Kenya
  31. 31. NigeriaOur vision to empower and develop young Nigerians“Over the years, PwC has been involved with AIESEC both at the national and global levels. PwC Nigeriaspartnership with AIESEC began over 10 years ago with the objective of extending the global partnership toNigeria. This mutually beneficial relationship has resulted in the sponsorship of about 10 Presidents to theAnnual International Presidents meetings in various countries including Hungary, Estonia, Malta etcPwC’s support also includes facilitation at local conferences and events and donation of office furniture. We havepartnered with the student chapters to deliver presentations on high performance, financial management andaccountability at various national conventions. The student chapters have also supported PwCs University visitprogrammes by providing logistics and administrative support.We are very pleased to be associated with AIESEC and look forward to many more years of co-operation.”Vero OdohPwC | ManagerPricewaterhouseCoopers Nigeria Current National President of AIESEC Nigeria at Annual International Presidents meetings in Hungary, February 2012 This year, they supported a very crucial part ofAIESEC’s view AIESEC Nigerias operations by sponsoring the National President to attend the Annual“For us at AIESEC Nigeria, PwC represents a International Presidents meetings in Hungary.partner in every sense of the word. They are PwC will be partnering with AIESEC Nigeria for itsinterested in our progress- year plans, deliverables upcoming Youth 2 Business. For us PwC is not justand everyday operations. In a world where we are another partner, they are a crucial part of ourcustomers to other partners and have to work everyday vision to empower and develop youngconstantly exceed expectations, the PwC Nigerians.”partnership offers a real learning and a differentapproach to partnership. They are our ‘partners in Gbenga Ajayi,progresses. External Relations Responsible AIESEC Nigeria
  32. 32. Contacts “I would just like to say a very heartfelt thank- Melissa Soto Perna Visit our online page you to PwC. More than anything Ive learnt how AIESEC Coordinator FY 2013 Linkedin group many mistakes we make as we go through our +32 2 7104521 Spark group Facebook page experiences. As an organisation you must see Global PwC Wiki these more than ever and so to stay passionate about interactions means PwC truly believes in the core purpose of AIESEC. For that I am hugely grateful and inspired.” AIESEC in UK “Yes, I really enjoyed this research, in case of future steps please contact” AIESEC in Poland “Thank you for caring and making this survey for both you and for us! It differentiates PwC as a company very much and shows that PwC fully invests time, energy and financial resources in what it does.” AIESEC in Moldova“Good combination of virtual andface-to-face interaction with thenetwork”AIESEC in Spain