AAI Newsletter November 2011


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AAI Newsletter November 2011

  1. 1. NOVEMBER 2011 S E P . 2 0 1 0 AIESEC ALUMNI INTERNATIONAL AAI NEWSLETTERDear Alumni, For obvious reasons, the participation to the GeneralThe time is rapidly approaching for the coming AAIMeeting Assembly and EB electionsto be held in Hungary from 16th to 19th February 2012, has to be limited to actualfollowed by a Study Tour. From this Newsletter you will get members of AAI and thereforeinto the site of Hungary AAIM which will give you all the we encourage AAIMrequired details for scheduling, registration and payment. It participants to register aspromises to be a great event since it combines the AAIM members of AAI on ourwith the 40th anniversary of AIESECs foundation in website. It should beHungary, the 25th anniversary of AAIs creation which took highlighted that paid membersplace in Budapest as well as AIESECs International of AAI receive a discountPresident Meeting IPM, with which alumni will have a great when registering for thedeal of interface. Hungary AAIM, this discount covering a significant part ofWe are scheduled to have most interesting guest speakers the annual AAI fee! Click hereon the Thursday 16th at dinner as well as on the Friday17th morning into lunch, this in Budapest. Following lunch There are therefore plenty of reasons to block our diaries andon the Friday 17th we will all proceed to Tapolca where the register for Hungary. Dont wait too long and move ahead fast.IPM will be held and where we will have sessions with the For logistics reasons there are certain capacity levels and thiscurrent AI, the entire IPM delegations as well as working is an event that should not be missed. Both Budapest andsession among alumni on different topics of common Tapolca are very interesting places, both history- and nature-interest. wise. As such we are all encouraged to come with our Partners since there are plenty of things to visit as well asIn addition, a presentation will be made on a Vision & opportunities to relax while alumni are hard at work! ShareMission project which is currently being elaborated, under your joy with others and dont come alone!the chairmanship of David Epstein, seeking inputs ofalumni on the next page. The recommendations of this See you all very soon in Hungary and spread the word amongWorking Group, which was appointed following the Mexico your AIESEC alumni friends of your generation so that we canAAIM, will be discussed and approved in Hungary, forming have a large, diversified and enjoyable get-together. Visit thethe basis of the future AAI strategy. Following this website of the AAIM 2012, here:interesting discussion a General Assembly of AAI will beheld, closing with the election of a new Executive Board.Candidacies for this EB are welcomed and should be www.aaim2012.orgaddressed to office@aiesec-alumni.org AAIM 2012 REGISTRATIONS! First round of registration to the AIESEC Alumni International Meeting 2012 is open until 31st December 2011. The event will take place 16-19th February in Budapest, the capital and in Tapolca situated in the countryside. BECOME AN AAI MEMBER TO ACCESS TO A REDUCED FEE FOR AAIM 2012 CLICK HERE www.aiesec-alumni.orgAIESEC ALUMNI INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER 1
  2. 2. AIESEC ALUMNI OF THE WORLD UNITE Unleashing our Global Alumni Potential Jean Choplin, a founder of AIESEC, calls AIESEC’s global alumni efforts “the sleeping giant”. Given our large numbers, our experience and skills, and the bonds of passion, trust and practical idealism that unite us, it’s easy to see the enormous potential of a fully mobilized global AIESEC alumni community. AIESEC alumni have achieved a great deal over the decades in many countries around the world, but our global efforts have been fragmented and have lacked a shared vision. The time has come to forge a united way forward, supported by a clear and compelling global alumni vision and a time-phased plan that will transform it into reality. Under the auspices of AIESEC Alumni International and AIESEC International, alumni from across the globe are joining together to launch a unified planning effort that will make this happen. We are working step-by-step to take stock of our past and our present efforts and to gain clarity on our mission our platforms and services, our membership and funding model, our networking media, and more. We aim to reach an actionable consensus our blueprint and implementation by February 2012 and the AAI meeting in Hungary that will coincide with International Presidents Meeting. Please come to the project’s blog, AIESEC Alumni of the World Unite, to learn more and to join the case. If you are energised by what you see, please “like us” on Facebook and show your support to get the word out and increase participation. Help us fully unleash the global potential of as many as one million AIESEC alumni worldwide. David Epstein http://aiesecalumniunite.org/ Chairman, AIESEC Life Project leader, AIESEC Alumni of the World Unite. http://aiesecalumniunite.org/ AIESEC ALUMNI NEWSAIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific 2011 Its On! Winter National Conference Alumni Reunion in San Francisco - Dec. 30 - Jan. 2AAI congratulates the organisers of the recently heldAIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific 2011 Congress which took One of the roles of the AAI Newsletter is to promote eventsplace in Manila from October 21st to 23rd. This was an organised by different national alumni associations sinceextremely successful event which brought alumni together "foreign" alumni are most welcomed to attend.from the whole Region where personal exchanges mixed In particular we highlight an exceptional event which takeswith work sessions and lots of fun. Some key alumni figures place in California over the New Year season. In fact Sanwere present and actively participated in enriching the Francisco will host the Winter National Alumni Conference inoccasion with friends such as Hiro Kinashi, Jean Choplin the USA and what a better place to have it but in whatand Anthony Pangilinan, as well as many others. promises to be a warm and sunny year-end.This is an example that other Regions should follow - Latin For more information on this exceptionally attractiveAmerica already does! - and AAI heartily encourages such occasion, click hereinitiatives. May many of the AAPC and Ibero-Americanparticipants/members be encouraged to join us in Hungary. >AIESEC Alumni Germany (AAG) and AIESEC > AIESEC Alumni Iberoamerica invites you to: Alumni Austria (AAA) RAC Chile 2012 (Regional Alumni Congress-AIESEC) International AIESEC Alumni Winter Week 15th - 18th March 2012 in Chile! More info here: 17th - 24th or even 25th March 2012 info: www.rac2012.cl www.aiesec-alumni.de/winterweek >Inaugural Dinner of AIESEC Alumni Italy > AAIM 2012 in Moscow, Russia - Save the date! 17th December in Rome 23th - 26th August 2012 More information at Luca Torosani [torosani@yahoo.it] More information in the coming AAI newsletters! AAI Newsletter produced in partnership with RUBICA www.rubica.net