Council of Churches of the Ozarks' Marketing Campaign


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A group project accomplished in Advanced Advertising 456 at Missouri State University. We volunteered as marketing associates for Council of Churches of the Ozarks. Re-positioning Council of Churches within our community, we proposed events, advertising and media plans, and social networking to reach a larger audience.

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Council of Churches of the Ozarks' Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. Presented By: Christa Gammon, Mike Gordon, Sarah Howard, Bryan Kennedy, Denise Palombi, Brandon Yanskey
  2. 2. Table of ContentsExecutive Summary _____________________________________________________3 History ____________________________________________________________3Situation Analysis_______________________________________________________4 Assessment of Consumer _____________________________________________4 Assessment of Competition ____________________________________________4Research ______________________________________________________________5-6 Primary____________________________________________________________5 Secondary__________________________________________________________6Objectives______________________________________________________________7Positioning _____________________________________________________________7Creative Strategy _______________________________________________________8-18 Life Together Magazine_______________________________________________8 Brochure___________________________________________________________9 Magazine Advertisement ______________________________________________10 Commercial 1_______________________________________________________11 Commercial 2_______________________________________________________12 Radio Advertisement _________________________________________________13 Social Media _______________________________________________________14-15 Events_____________________________________________________________16-18 Public Relations_____________________________________________________18Media Strategy _________________________________________________________19 Flight Schedule______________________________________________________20Budget_________________________________________________________________21Measurement___________________________________________________________21Conclusion_____________________________________________________________21
  3. 3. 3Executive Summary Council of Church’s HistoryIgnite has developed an integrated marketing Council of Churches originally began assolution to give greater awareness to Council Springfield Area Council of Churches in 1969of Churches and their agencies. and was dedicated to providing emergency food and clothes to those in need. Because CouncilThough analysis of primary and secondary of Churches serves 54 counties in Missouri, theresearch, we have determined our best name was later changed to reflect this largerapproach to bringing awareness to Council demographic. The first project, or agency,of Churches is to really address our target Council of Churches adopted was of 25-65 year olds and get them Their mission statement is “to improve the quality of life in our region through collaborativeinvolved and informed as much as possible. outreach in the name of Jesus Christ, by doing Council of Churches is partnered with aboutWe have several plans to do this and know this together what can best be done together.” 80 churches and ministry organizations andwill help Council of Churches to grow in thecommunity. 2,500 volunteers. The nine agencies Council of Churches supports are as follows: Ambassadors for ChildrenOur tagline and main focus of the campaign Childcare Food Programis, “Its our community, lets make something Child Care Aware of Southern Missouriof it.” We want to focus on the fact that Connections Handyman ServicesCouncil of Churches is unique in that it works Crosslinesto promote a better life for those locally in the Daybreak Adult Day CareOzarks. Council of Churches’ biggest selling Ombudsman Programpoint is to help out the local area with specific Retired and Senior Volunteer Programneeds in a more in depth and involved way Therapeutic Riding of the Ozarksthan other organizations because they havemany different agencies that specialize in Today, there are nine agencies under thecertain areas. direction of Council of Churches, each with its own hierarchy of leadership focusing on areasWith a promotional budget of $30,000, we of vulnerable children, seniors and people withwill utilize social and traditional media to disabilities. Council of Churches has a totalreach the most effective audience for the budget of five million dollars with 85.5% ofmoney. We also added a magazine’s revisions donations going towards programs and services,for you to look at and implement to become 11.5% toward administration costs and 3% to fundraising purposes.more effective with your information.
  4. 4. 4 Situational Analysis OzarkS Food Harvest Assesment of Consumer Assesment of Competition Community Partnership of the Ozarks Ozarks Food Ignite is choosing to address the consumer in our Harvest serves as clients middle-aged target market because much Mission is “To facilitate and promote the a food bank by of this style of advertising will also maintain building of resilient children, healthy families, collecting food their current market of older demographics. and strong neighborhoods and communities and distributing it advertisements aimed at this group will not through collaboration, programming, and among different be too modern as to not offend current, older resource development.” They support several organizations in the Ozarks. Ozarks Food supporters. Our secondary market will be the organizations and initiatives under the title Harvest was once a part of the Council of younger demographic because we feel this age Community Partnership of the Ozarks. Because Churches, but separated to be associated with group will volunteer while they are in school, but this organization deals with such a variety of Feed America instead. People might still be will not necessarily stay in Springfield forever as sub-organizations, it is a competitor of Council confused on this separation and they continue to long time donors. of Churches, many of their goals overlap. serve similar purposes and markets as Council of Churches. Demographics-Primary: Income: $25-35,000 Council of Churches Age:25-65 Council of Churches is its own competition Sex: Male and Female: because it has so many working agencies Location: Springfield, MO within the organization itself. Most agencies Psychographics-Primary have its own website, Facebook page, Twitter and fundraising efforts. Each agency receives Christian Sertoma Springfield Club donations specific for their projects and struggle Charitable against one another for funds. Sertoma is a National organization and was Active lifestyle chartered in Springfield in 1941. While the Married, with kids national organization focuses Employed more on issues having to do with Use social media hearing, the local clubs work Demographics-Secondary: mostly with children causes such Income: $35-50,000 as Boys and Girls Club. Their Age: 18-24 signature fundraiser had 8,500 Sex: Female and Male attendees. This organization is very Location: Springfield, well known for both its charitable MO giving as well as the type of Psychographics-Secondary: fundraisers they host and would serve as a competitor for Council In school of Churches’ fundraising efforts. Social media savvy Christian Involved in organizations
  5. 5. 5ResearchPrimary ResearchWhat are the top reasons you are attracted to a nonprofit/charitable cause?My personal beliefs/area of interest to me:77.3% (primary)I have a personal connection to the cause or organization:37.1% (primary)What are the top appeals which work most effectively with you?An organization gives 100% back to charity:71.3% (primary)An organization with a good track record:47.5% (primary)What is the best way for a nonprofit organization to connect with you?Positive word of mouth and organizations they are in:18.1% (primary)Our target market is most likely to support children’s issues31% (primary)Our target market is most likely to support: 93.9%Food/can/toy drives:46.7%Runs/walks:46.4%Adopting a family:33.3% of target market has donated to a charity.
  6. 6. 6 These churches already support Council of Research Churches but do not necessarily know what S Secondary Research-SWOT Analysis it is or how to specifically help. O trength Council of Churches has been around for pportunity 40 years and is well established with the Council of Churches has a great community. A very big strength is the leadership opportunity to expand their target at each agency because each has a group of market. By expanding not only the age experts working in that area and they know best demographic of potential donors, they also have how to operate each project. the opportunity to reach more religious affiliated organizations and churches in the area. Another strength is the religious background of the organizations because it adds credibility for In addition, there are about 80 member churches many citizens of Springfield who are looking for supporting Council of Churches looking for ways to volunteer and give. Members will want W that type of organization. to get their friends involved and the program will eakness grow. This target market said, when surveyed, The biggest weakness of Council that they are most likely to get information about a non-profit through word-of mouth and are of Churches is the fact that influenced by their friends and families. there many separate agencies. Each agency receives separate grants and donations Council of Churches can also expand their from outside resources rather than sending volunteer/donor base by reaching out to those them to Council of Churches to redistribute who do not affiliate themselves with a religious them. This makes it difficult when each organization or belief system. There are many agency begins asking the same company volunteer organizations through universities, for donations or fundraising support. They schools and communities that would be are missing out on the opportunity to build willing to help if they reached out more. By off each agency’s donor base for internal becoming more active on social media, Council support. of Churches can reach more of these types of people. T Another weakness, based on our target hreat market, is that they want to donate to a A threat to Council of Churches is their charity that gives 100% of donations back religious affiliation. Some people may not to the cause, but Council of Churches only want to donate because they see it as a church, gives back 85.5%. or a religious affiliated organization. Another possible threat is that one of the agencies Council of Churches also needs to focus becomes more popular alone than on raising awareness in member churches. Council of Churches as a whole.
  7. 7. 7Objectives Positioning Council of Churches is striving to be known as a prominent, collective organization that serves our community and its members for a more comfortable life (from basic necessities to emotional distresses) and to promote the standards of living in the Ozark area. 1) Increase Facebook followers by 25% each month. As of now, Council of Churches’ target market is 2) Twitter followers by 20% each month. male and females between the ages of 25 and 65. Although this is already broad, we would like to 3) Increase donations by 25% and volunteers by 40% by the end of the further expand it to a secondary target market of year. a younger audience to include 18-24 year olds. By encouraging and enticing younger members of our community to participate, we will be able 4) Create a recognizable brand image. to take advantage of the many colleges and high schools within our community. Our campaign 5) Increase event attendance by 25%. will focus on the middle aged group of people because this style of advertisement will not offend an older demographic but will still appeal 6) Have Council of Churches be recognized as the parent organization of to the younger group. each agency to create the separate but still together image. By stressing Council of Churches as a whole 7) Have Council of Churches receive donations directly instead of agencies and creating continuity between their agencies, so they can be monitored and distributed accordingly. it creates top of the mind awarenss and their mission will become clearer to the community. Council of Churches must reposition themselves 8) Increase the current E-blast open rate of 25-30% to 40%. within the churches that are already members, while also striving to find other churches to become members and getting other individual community members to become involved on a regular basis. Our campaign’s slogan, “It’s our community. Let’s make something of it,” encompasses how Council of Churches is volunteer centered and encourages participation and immediate action by the community as a whole.
  8. 8. 8 Creative Strategy Life Together Magazine Revisions We believe some revisions should be made to help the Life Together magazine become more Relational marketing will be utilized by the effective and efficient. Council of Churches to build long-term, valuable Less Issue Frequency customer relationships. Creating bonds with their Instead of four issues per year we wanted to cut congregational, individual and business partners that down to two per year, spring and fall. By will build a lasting relationship, that, in return, reducing to issues by half this will cut our cost will bring in more volunteer opportunities and in half and hopefully become more important to funds. reader since it is only issued twice a year. Add an Events/Calendar This strategy will be managed through By putting this on one page it will be easier for social media, print media, radio and TV the readers to understand since it is already orga- advertisements, and events. We want our target nized for them in a list. market to understand that each person can make Placement a difference in someone’s life and every little On the title page the headings and subheadings bit helps. Each person reaching out to another of the subjects are easily overlooked. They need makes it possible to accomplish tasks that would to be a little bigger and include a thumbnail of otherwise be difficult to obtain. With this idea, each heading to try to grab interest and attention our tagline “It’s our community. Let’s make for the article. The logo also is easily unnoticed something of it.,” re-iterates the message in a so after we revise the logo we want to move it conversational and simple way. It is direct and to the top right. Items at the bottom of the page clearly calls the reader to action. tend to not be seen. Spotlights The Council of Churches will push individuals Each issue should include a “Church Spotlight” to improve the quality of life in their region section that talks about a church and what they through united outreach in Jesus Christ. are doing to help contribute to the Council of Council of Churches’ main objective to Churches. To help recognize a volunteer in the accomplish is raising general awareness about area we need want to include a “Person You their organization to the community and the Should Know” section. This will recognize indi- member churches involved in their cause. viduals for going above and beyond the ordinary volunteering. By raising awareness and informing the public Details about what Council of Churches is, what they The back of the latest magazine has a section do, and how you can volunteer, will result in an about a benefit combined with Houlihan’s and increase of knowledge and funds going into their the details of it are not very clear. Every 4th organization to help vulnerable children, senior Thursday is very vague and will cause confusion. citizens, and disabled people.
  9. 9. Brochure 9
  10. 10. 10 Magazine Ad
  11. 11. Commercial 11Storyboard
  12. 12. 12 Commercial Storyboard
  14. 14. 14 Social Media Twitter Website Twitter is an easy way to up simple updates and When first accessing the website, the home page is announcements about your organization to over organized and easy to navigate through. Although, 145 million people. Potentially, you can reach the background colors could be a bit more vibrant millions through one message. To maximize and energetic. these opportunities, Council of Churches needs to be updating almost daily. These updates do Each agency is highlighted well within the not necessarily have to be about the Council of website. When searching for agencies on internet Churches, but also about current events or their search engines, however, it is not linked to the views on topic; anything that will keep their same website pages for the agencies. It is linked name in people’s minds. Along with being on to agency blogs instead. This does not have top of the mind awareness, Council of Churches continuity and adds confusion and less branding to needs to follow other users (competition and Council of Churches. other community organizations) who will then in turn follow them. It can also give insight into We also recommend using several key words such community happenings and broaden competitive as volunteering, community, and church to raise positioning. search engine optimization searche engines. YouTube YouTube is a free way to market your organization. YouTube gets 20 million viewers a month. In this visually-rich society, to reach our target market we need to be reaching them through visually appealing images rather than simple words. Council of Churches can raise awareness for their cause by uploading videos taken at their fundraising events or a commercial Twitter is more ideal for an audience who has about their mission to help children, elderly, and background information about the Council of disabled. This is a way for citizens of the Ozarks Churches, because Twitter does not provide as to see how their community is being helped by much personal information as other media sites. this organization and the excitement that takes Therefore, Twitter would be perfect to keep place at the Council of Churches fundraising Council of Churches’ community and audiences events. informed about what the organization is currently doing, upcoming events, their views on topics, and whatever else the Council of Churches found fit to discuss.
  15. 15. Facebook is doing a good job of updating daily on their 15 Facebook Fan page, now they just need to utilizeHaving a Facebook page and a group page will all the other Facebook applications fully.allow Council of Churches to reach over 600million people all over the world through one We will set up a Council of Churches causesvenue. Facebook is the quickest way to contact application which lets users to “like” their cause,your audience all over the world through a single share their cause with others, and donate to themessage. Facebook makes it possible for an cause. We would register Coucil of Churchesorganization to use cause marketing. Council of through Guidestar, which is the database thatChurches’ Facebook page will reach their target pulls the beneficiary’s information. Oncemarket and provide information about their registered, users simply click the “Donate”mission, button where they can donate by credit card any amount they choose (which can be done once or monthly). The causes link allows you background information, upcoming events, to share your mission, fundraising, impact, volunteer opportunities, etc. Currently, Council bulletin, photos, and people can also post on the of Churches is using a Facebook Fan page for wall. Non-profits usually spend 20-40% of their their organization. They have 167 Facebook money on fundraising; through Facebook they users that “like” their organization on this social can raise awareness for free. Since Council of media site. Our goal is to more than triple that Churches is reaching out to children, elderly, and number in the first year. We also want to raise the disabled, a causes page would be a beneficial more awareness of their events and fundraisers way for them to receive funds to keep their through their Facebook Fan page. In addition, mission going. one very important aspect is “liking” their own individual agency Facebook pages. And similar to Twitter, “like” other non-for-profit organizations in our community. Also, with each agency should be registered under a cohesive and recognizable name, registered in the same area, and with similar contact information. Utilizing the discussion board application on the Facebook Fan page would also be beneficial. This is a free outlet to get feedback and opinions on your cause or issues of interest. Council of Churches can attract people to “like” their page by listing their Facebook page address on their website, in their magazine, and any other print media. Council of Churches can also send invites out to their friends to view and “like” their Facebook Fan page. Council of Churches
  16. 16. 16 Events Missions Mix-Up Council Members This meet and greet will be put on by Council At least one Council Member will be chosen of Churches and held at the Dorsey E. Levell from each member church to attend Council of Ministry Center. Each member church will be Churches meetings at least bi-annually. They invited to attend and those in each church in will be the member church’s direct voice for charge of/involved with mission projects are ideas, suggestions, and complaints. Council especially encouraged to attend. At the Missions Members will be encouraged to help find volun- Mix-Up, each church will set up a table with teers and share updates on Council of Churches information about the missions they are involved and individual agency news, fundraisers, events, in. The evening will open up conversation and etc… contact between churches to find similarities and We CAN Help differences in each others’ missions. Churches This canned food and children’s clothing can help each other find outside contacts to add new missions to their church or enhance drive/competition will benefit Council of missions that are already enacted. Refreshments Churches. Private schools within the Ozark will be provided. area will be asked to participate/compete in this drive. A competition will be held within each private school and then on a larger scale between them. Adopt-an-Agency Each student within the school will earn a dress-down day (no school uniform) when At the beginning of the new year, all member the individual student earns 8 points. Then, churches will be assigned a different Council of Churches agency to adopt for 6 months. A as a whole, the entire school’s points will Ambassadors be added together and the school with the representative from each adopted agency will go to their corresponding churches and inform the highest point total will receive a pizza party. Council of Churches is suggested to appoint members of their agency’s mission. The church ambassadors to all member churches. An Each canned food item will be worth 1 point. will be invited to participate in agency events ambassador will be given to a certain number Each article of children’s clothing will be and to help share their agency’s mission with of churches within in a close geographic section worth 5 points. others in the community. Each member church in the Springfield area to visit twice a year. will be asked to donate all Sunday donations They will bring financial statistics, Council of on 2 separate Sundays to their adopted agency Church’s improvements, event updates, etc… to within those 6 months. At the end of the 6 the churches. The ambassador is important to put months, in June, a celebratory cookout will be a face and personality to Council of Churches. held at Phelps Grove Park. All churches will be This person is a direct link to the member encouraged to attend, eat, and enjoy a day in the churches and will be expected to keep in contact, sun together to celebrate the progress that each answer questions, and send reminders to their agency has made over the course of half of a designated churches.
  17. 17. Photo-Dash 2012 promotions. 17 This all ages event will have a theme ofPhoto-Dash 2012 Embracing Beauty. A $15 participation fee/Theme: Embracing Beauty donation will be required. Participants may sign up in advance or show up the day of theSaturday April 14, 2012 Photo-Dash. Upon arrival on Saturday April 14,Event: 6am-3:30pm 2012, each participant will receive a disposable camera between the time of 6am-3:30pm fromSunday April 15, 2012 the Crosslines center on Chestnut ExpresswayDisplay: 1:00pm-5:30pm and Glenstone. In addition, each participantAwards Ceremony: 6:00pm will receive 5 seed paper information/invitation sheets with the Photo-Dash logo on them andPhoto-Dash 2012 is an event to not only build small pocket flyers with Photo-Dash’s basiccommunity awareness of Council of Churches, information. When participants are out takinginvite new members, give information on Two months prior to the event, information and pictures, the participant are asked to tape andCouncil of Churches and their agencies, but also advertisements will be placed in the Council of leave the seed paper in 5 different locations thatraise funds. By inviting participants to capture Churches newsletter Life Together, the Council they took pictures. The plant-able paper willthe world around them in the non-biased form of Churches website, Facebook page, and twitter inform the finder of Photo-Dash and Council ofof a disposable camera, technology is taken out posts. Information will also be e-blasted to Churches and invite them to share in the eventof the picture (no pun intended), and children, member churches, flyers will be hung around by taking the paper and planting it at their owncollege students, adults, and seniors alike can local college campuses and high schools, local home and attending the gallery showing. It willshow their view of the world and particularly photography businesses (Picture This, Walgreens create interest and draw them to the Councilhighlight those moments, ideas, and objects that Photo Centers, Lawrence Photo, National Art of Churches website. The seed paper copy willportray this year’s theme of Embracing Beauty. Shop) and particularly target Ozark area camera/ read, “Photo-Dash 2012. Embracing Beauty. I photography organizations (Southwest Missouri participated in this year’s Photo-Dash put on Camera Club, Missouri State University by Council of Churches and other participating Student Photographic Society, and photography sponsors. I have been capturing beauty in its instructors at Missouri State University, Drury finest forms today. In this exact spot I found University, Evangel University, and local high schools). Lawrence Photo should be approached to be the major sponsor/contributor for Photo-Dash 2012 including the cost of the disposable cameras. Picture This of downtown Springfield or Walgreens should be contacted for sponsorship of developing the film rolls. And Missouri State University Photographic Society should be approached for sponsorship Seed Paper Examples for the use of their Student Exhibition Center on E. Walnut Street in downtown Springfield. All local sponsors will be featured in our pre-event
  18. 18. 18 inspiration. I leave this paper here for you to the best way they see fit. At 3:30 all the cameras Public Relations enjoy in beauty as well. Plant this seed paper in will be returned to Crosslines. Volunteers will your yard or in a pot and watch its beauty grow. proceed to take the cameras to one of our event’s Two weeks prior to each event or activity I want to share this moment with you and I hope sponsors, Picture This of downtown Springfield you will share this moment with me and others or Walgreens, to have the film developed. hosted by the Council of Churches we will by attending the photography gallery showing of send a press release to all the major media Embracing Beauty at the MSU Art and Design The next morning of Sunday April 15, 2012, outlets, such as; 417 magazine, KY3, News- Gallery on 333 E. Walnut St. in downtown before the display time of 1:00pm, each Leader, and Community Free Press. We will Springfield on Sunday April 15, 2012 from 1pm- participant will go to Photo-Dash’s display also send out public service announcements 6pm..” gallery at the MSU Art and Design Gallery to local radio stations to reach our main target on Walnut Street in downtown Springfield. market of 25-65 and our secondary market Participants will choose their best 3 photos of 18-25. Some stations we will contact that express Embracing Beauty. The chosen to reach our main target market are; 100.3 photos will be put on display in the gallery with KUKU, 105.9 KGBX, 104.7 KKLH, and corresponding numbers for voting purposes. The 97.3 KXUS. To reach our secondary target rest of the photos (that will be stamped with the Council of Churches logo and website on the market we will use Power 96.5, Alice 95.5, back) can be taken home by the participant. The 105.9 KGBX, 88.3 KWND and KTTS 94.7. gallery will be open to the public from 1:00- A majority of radio stations do a set number 5:30pm. During the gallery showing, beverages of public service announcements for free; and concessions will be sold to benefit Council we will attempt to use one of those spots to of Churches. Also, information booths and save money in our budget. This radio ad will visual presentations about Council of Churches be ran year-round to inform people and raise and their various agencies will be set up around awareness about the Council of Churches. the gallery. Votes will be taken and counted to determine 2 winners in 2 different age categories We will also promote upcoming events and The Council of Churches website will be printed (18 and under, 19 and above) at 6:00pm. The general awareness about Council of Churches at the very bottom of the seed paper. Seed paper final winners will receive packages donated will be purchased from www.flowerseedpaper. by the local sponsors which may include gift through our social media outlets. We will com. Photo-Dash volunteers will encourage cards, photography equipment, photography have daily updates on our Facebook Fan page participants to hand out the other small pocket books, etc… After the awards ceremony, each and Twitter account about the Council of flyers to community members that may be participant will be Churches, their events and where to get around while they are taking pictures. This will given the option to more information about attending or attract additional local community interest to take their photos or volunteering. Videos of the events will attend the gallery showing and vote for pictures leave them up for also be uploaded on YouTube so our if they have a personal connection with one of display purchase so audience can see what the Council of the participants. that the proceeds Churches does to help our community can go to Council of and to see what their events entail. Between 6am-3:30pm participants will venture Churches and their out to take pictures with their disposable camera agencies for $5 a trying to capture the theme Embracing Beauty in photo.
  19. 19. will be held in January to help kick of the new 19Media Strategy year. Our Ambassadors and Council Members Media EfficiencyRationale events will be in December with the goal of Billboard CPM= $2.40When deciding on media we used the objective helping people during the holidays. Finally we willtask method to find vehicles for our message. have out mission mix up event during the month Magazine- 417 Magazine of May. (half page) CPM=$14.80For our Media Scheduling we are going to use a We are also going to have a radio (inside front cover) CPM= $15.83combination of continuous advertising along with advertisement that is continuous throughout thea flighting strategy during the month of November year. This will be on KTTS a country station Radio-94.7 KTTS (Coutry) CPPand December and also the months of April and that has the highest ratings in the area. Our TVMay. The goal of this is to reach our target market advertisement is also a continuous method and this will be done through OnMedia. They have 40 (M-F 5 a.m.- 10 a.m.) = $43during the holidays and summer months. We feel (M-F 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.) = $36that these are the times of the year that people will networks that are commercial will be run on. We also will have a YouTube video that people will (M-F 3 p.m.- 8 p.m.) = $45be able to donate money and time. have access to year round. (M-F 8 p.m.- 12 a.m.) = $47We are going to have brochures distributed everymonth to each of the member churches. We are For Photo-Dash 2012 event, we chose co- Television- OnMedia CPMgoing to have a billboard and 417 magazine sponsors to work with us that have roots (:30 M-SU 6 a.m.- 12 p.madvertisement during April-May and November- in the Ozarks such as Lawrence Photo and & 5 p.m.- 12 a.m.) = $184.31December coinciding with each event. Picture This. Lawrence Photo is the most predominant photo store in Springfield whileAs far as E-Marketing goes we are going to use Picture This represents a smaller businessfacebook and twitter daily. We have decided to located in downtown Springfield. The co-create E-blasts monthly through Constantcontact. sponsorship with both of these business willcom. Our goal is to expand beyond the current benefit not only Council of Churches but800 member blast. We also would like to increasethe current 25-30% open rate to 40%. Search raise awareness for a smaller business fit withEngine Optimization is something we feel can Lawrence Photo’s image of being involved ingenerate some much needed traffic. We have three the community.keywords that will be displayed when you use asearch engine. These are volunteering, community, Walgreens, a chain business, has set standardsand church. for their sponsorships that Council of Church- With our events schedule we hope to es easily falls into. Their standards includecreate buzz and good publicity throughout the access to health and wellness in the com-entire year. We are hosting a Photo Dash event that munity (Childcare Food Program), civic andwill happen in April when the weather hopefully community outreach (Childcare Awareness ofwill be nice. The We Can Help event is a canned Southern Missouri, RSVP, Therapeutic Ridingfood drive that will be held in November. We feelthat this is the time of the year that canned food is of the Ozarks, Connections Handyman, andmost needed. Our Adopt and Agency promotion Daybreak), and emergency relief (Crosslines).
  20. 20. 20 Flight Schedule
  21. 21. 21Budget
  22. 22. 22 Measurment Conclusion We know that our ideas will have a great impact We feel very confident in our strategy and found it important to break down to the principles in on the Council of Churches and in order to test advertising to successfully manage our channels and fulfill our objectives. Ignite has used the and prove that, we will look at our objectives budget and made sure the money being spent will be going to the most important and vital areas. before our plan takes action and compare it We feel the events that we came up with have great potential to not only raise a good amount to the statistics that we will track during our of money but also create awareness for Council of Churches’ cause. Our campaign proposes plan. We will compare the attendance from the that we focus mainly on creating a brand image and using a combination of social media and previous year’s events with the ones that we had a chance to impact. We will also create small traditional media to expand volunteer and financial supporters. simple surveys for people to complete as part of entering into a drawing when people walk into Measuring Sucess the event. We will also monitor the amount our It will be important that we precisely calculate the numbers we gather because without that social networking sites expand and track the accuracy we can’t prove what we have done has worked. The great thing about having so many areas of the Ozarks that these fans live in, so we channels of advertising allows us to see each one’s success or failure and can tell us the areas can come up with future plans and schedules for we need to improve upon. upcoming events. What to Look Forward To We feel that this campaign will gain more recognition for Council of Churches as a whole rather Tracking of our Objectives than its seperate agencies. By focusing on the organization as a whole, there is more opportunity for brand awareness and therefore brand support. We feel that by simply reaching out more to member churches, support will grow significantly. Engagement on social media sites will also • Issue a 5 question survey at events and incorporate the survey into a raffle for an appeal to a wider-range of target markets. We believe this campaign will grow, maintain and incentive. intiroduce a variety of target markets and therefore support. • Track volunteer participation • Track attendance at events and compare the previous events. • Insert a tracking hit meter on website. (See how many hits and when the homepage is being visited.) • Monitor Facebook and twitter followers and keep track of the number increased each week to set a consistent pace.
  23. 23. 23