Angels of grace


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Angels of grace

  1. 1. 1095 N Van Ness Ave. Fresno, Ca 93728 559-268-0000 By: Juanita Marquez
  2. 2. About: Angels of Grace (AOG) Foster Family Agency is a non-profit agency that addresses the needs of abused, neglected, and abandoned children within Fresno and Madera County. Angels of Grace is under the coverage of Child Protective Services and works as a team with them to meet the needs of foster children. Foster children are provided with nurturing and loving care from professional social workers and trained foster parents. AOG is licensed through Community Care Licensing. Lisa Casarez, Executive Director and CEO, founded Angels of Grace in 2000 upon completing her master’s degree in Social Work. Lisa has acquired more than 10 years of successful experience in all phases of management, including program development, budgeting, and coordinating in Human Service Systems as well as case management (need assessments & treatment plans). In 2004, Lisa received an award from the Fresno Council on Child Abuse Prevention for her astonishing efforts. Lisa was also honored by the Valley Public Television and Union Bank of California for the 5th annual local hero awards in 2005.
  3. 3. Mission Statement:  “As a team, we will create an environment of growth and stability that will enhance the lives of children we serve. We love, nurture, and protect the mind, body, and spirit of children while respecting their culture. Our goal will be achieved by putting the best interest of the child first.” Vision Statement:  “Make a difference in the life of a child…become a future foster parent!” Goals: To provide a nurturing, stable, and loving home to abused, neglected, and abandoned children.  To provide a place of refuge, healing, human warmth, and affection that has been denied to foster children.  To remain focused on the foster child’s needs and place them in a foster home that will meet those needs. 
  4. 4. SERVICES: Specific populations at-risk: Angels of Grace addresses the needs of foster care children ages 018 years who have been abandoned, abused, neglected, and who are behaviorally disordered. Services for Children and Teens:  Case management ( need assessments and needs & services)  Therapeutic Assistance: weekly face to face contact with FFA social worker to discuss and address concerns and needs.  Crisis Intervention and support groups.  Referrals for drug, substance abuse, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse counseling.  Recommendations for mental health and social services. Services for Foster Parents:  In- House trainings: CPR, First Aid, and Parenting Classes.  Crisis interventions.  Therapeutic Assistance: weekly face to face contact with FFA social worker to discuss and address concerns and needs.  Support Groups
  5. 5. COMMUNITY CONTEXT: Communities Served: Fresno and Madera County; Geographic Cultural Context & Incomes of community served:  AOG mainly serves Caucasian, AfricanAmerican, and Hispanic foster parents, which are heavily populated in the zip codes and cities provided.  AOG also serves the needs of foster children from all ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds.  AOG recruits foster parents from all ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds, singles, married couples, and anyone with a stable home and income over the age of 21.  The median income levels of foster parents in these areas range from $46,000 to $61,000. areas: Fresno: 93722, 93727, 93710, 92725, 93704, 93728,93702, 93726 Clovis: 93612, 93611 Sanger: 93657 Kerman: 93654 Reedley: 93622 Selma:93662 Laton: 93242 Chowchilla: 93610 Coarsegold: 93614
  6. 6. COMMUNITY CONTEXT CONTINUED: Other Agencies/ Organizations that interact and provide services to clients:  Youth Link: court ordered mental health services to assist children & their families in maintaining relationships conductive with healthy emotional development.  CASA: court appointed advocates for children.  California Psychological Institute (CPI): professional counseling and therapy services for children, adolescents, and their families. Community Involvement: Director / CEO; Lisa Casarez is actively involved in organizations such as the Rotary, 9 to 5 for Christ, Marjaree Mason Center, Spirit of Women, Poverello House, Fresno County Child Protective Services, Lighthouse, and many more. Transportation: Foster parents travel to the agency and other organizations that the agency interacts with through the use of personal cars or the transportation provided by Angels of Grace.
  7. 7. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Board of Directors Executive Director/CEO Human Resources FP Intake Specialist Info. Technology Accountant Social Work Supervisor FFA Social Workers FFA Social Work Interns
  8. 8. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Board of Directors: Angels of Grace FFA: President: Dr. Gregory Watts CEO/Executive Director: Lisa Casarez Vice President: Sylvia De La Torre Human Resources : Gloria Canales Secretary: Brenda Hyatt Information Technology: Tynisha Nolan Treasurer: Severina G. Rocha Accountant: Ale Member at Large; Gloria Kamarkovic Foster Parent Intake Specialist: Rashell Tinoco Social Work Supervisor: Terry Ramirez Social Workers: Alex and Laura Ramirez Interns: Megan Johnson and Juanita Marquez  Top Management positions: Executive Director, Social Work Supervisor, and Human Resources. Gloria Canales and Terry Ramirez supervise front-line workers and interns at Angels of Grace.  Job positions under Management: FFA Social Workers, Accountant, Information Technology, Foster Parent Intake specialist, and Interns.  Role of Clients/ Foster Parents: Foster parents are the primary individuals who provide foster children with a loving, nurturing, safe, and stable home that meets their needs.
  9. 9. ANGELS OF GRACE VALUES: Social Work Values at AOG:       Service to clients Social Justice to vulnerable populations Dignity and Worth of the person Importance of Human Relationships Integrity, Competence, diversity, honesty, & Respect Empowerment Angels of Grace; employees, social workers, and foster parents strive to put the child's best interest and needs first. FFA Social Workers along with county social workers advocate for foster children and make sure that they receive all social, economic, cultural, civil, political, and collective rights they deserve. AOG recognizes the importance of human relationships and the worth of the person while serving clients. Angels of Grace acknowledges that foster children deserve the right to equality, government regulation, and all the services they are entitled to. Angels of Grace also strives to empower foster children, foster parents, and employees.
  10. 10. International Agency: Foster Care Associates (FCA), United Kingdom FCA is an independent fostering agency that was funded in 1994 by Jim Cockburn and Jan Rees. It is the largest independent agency in the UK. Foster Care Associates recruit foster parents to look after and care for children who are unable to stay with their own families. FCA foster parents provide children with a safe, stable home, and support they need to grow.
  11. 11. UNITED KINGDOM: FOSTER CARE ASSOCIATES Mission Statement: “To provide solutions for individuals and organizations that help them achieve.” Vision statement: “Our vision is to make a positive and lasting difference for children and families.” Organizational Structure: Board of Directors:  Executive Chairman: Jim Cockburn  Executive Directors: David Oldham, Estella Abraham, Jonathan Clark, Stephen Grosvenor, and Alison Banks.  Non-Executive Directors: Jan Rees, Paul Riley, and Sally Melbourne. Goals: To provide foster children with a safe, stable, and loving home.  To provide foster children with the services they need to grow.  To put the needs of foster children first. 
  12. 12. UNITED KINGDOM: FOSTER CARE ASSOCIATES Services to Foster Kids: Tutoring  Children and Young Person’s Support Service (CYPSS) for: -behavioral disorders -social activities  Therapeutic Services  Social Work Support -counseling  Services for Foster Parents: Parenting & Support Classes Social work support  Therapeutic services  Trainings: CPR and First Aid   Cultural & Community Context: FCA recruits foster parents of all races and religions.  Foster parents and children are from diverse cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and religions.  FCA also recruits men, women, singles, LGBT, and anyone over the age of 21 with compassion to become a foster parent.   FCA strives to match children and foster parents from the same culture, religion, or ethnicity in order to provide stability, security, and to support the child's unique needs.
  13. 13. FOSTER CARE ASSOCIATES Values:       Empowerment Ambition for Children Worth and Dignity of the Person Integrity, Honesty, Respect, and Diversity Social Justice Importance of Human relationships Human Rights:  Right to government regulation; water, food, shelter, clean environment, and access to health care Evaluation of Services:  FCA is subject by OFSTED in England, The Care Commission in Scotland, and the Social Services Inspectorate in Wales.  FCA has received “outstanding,” “Very Good,” and “good” in all areas of inspections.  FCA provides the highest levels of services and professionalism to their clients.
  14. 14. REFERENCES:  