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CM Application

  1. 1. CNH l KEY CLUB APPLICATION l COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING CHAIR CHAIRAPPLICATIONCommunication and Marketing Chair Description As the chair of the Communications and Marketing Committee, the position must lead monthly meetings with their committee members. These meetings and the time in between must be used to provide positive ideas on how to promote the CNH District and as well as Key Club International. The chair must delegate tasks and establish subcommittees that involve with promotional media, promotional contents, publication, and any other topics that are needed. The chair must also promote the graphics department of Key Club International and with that responsibility, the chair must provide educational and training materials needed for the districtboard, officers, and members to use the entire year. Also, the chair must make time and attend all board meetings, build relationships, and communicate effectively with all their members. As the chair, he/she must oversee all tasks that were delegated and send reminders in order to reach goals that were set. Not only reach the goals that were made, but go above and beyond these goals and reach their fullest potential as the chair. PERSONAL INFORMATION Pauline Nguyen Gunderson, 2014 Division 12 South, Region 17 469 S. 22nd St. San Jose, CA, 95116 (408) 891 - 7239; Texting is available (Phone number may be changed, so please contact via email) INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION I will be attending International Convention for a 2nd time this year. .PERSONAL REFERENCESJohn Fukasawa Vivian Nguyen Lindon TranKiwanis Advisor Gunderson’s 2013-14 Club President D12S 2013-14 Lieutenant Governor(408) 316 - 4542 (408) 703 - 7180 (408) 931 - . . . California-Nevada-Hawai’i District of Key Club International
  2. 2. CNH l KEY CLUB APPLICATION l COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING CHAIR CHAIRAPPLICATIONPROMPTS 1. Why am I applying for this position? This position isn’t only a position to me. It’s an opportunity for me to work with a topic that I feel should be more emphasized and noticed. I feel like this committee would be best for me from my past experiences and simply wanting the word to get out since communication is key and it’s the foundation of our club. It’s all about the members according to my views and the upside down triangle and well, if we educate the members and make them aware, the word will spread causing a ripple effect. With this said, we could have the potential to increase our service hours, membership, fundraising/donations, and attendance. With communication, new marketing tools and tips, we can impact and serve our members more, make publicizing easier from district to club level and raise awareness about Key Club, the CNH district, etc. 2. What leadership positions have you held in the past, both Key Club and non-Key Club related that will help you serve as a competent committee chair for our district? Please describe your responsibilities in these positions and how you feel they have contributed to your leadership development. As an incoming high school student, I had quite some leadership experiences already from being a part of my middle school’s basketball team, being involved with an after school program, and also being a part of the W.E.B. program that welcomes incoming students into middle school. With such experiences, I decided to join clubs in high school that would benefit and improve my skills as a leader. Of course I took Key Club in consideration and began going to weekly meetings. After getting a glimpse of Key Club, I took the initiative to come out of my shell and applied to be the 2010-11 Freshman Representative. With this position, I developed new knowledge of the club and social skills that helped me recruit members and also, chair multiple events throughout the year. This was the point when I realized I was hooked onto service, but as well as hooked onto serving the members. I wanted to serve my club more than I ever planned to after attending District Convention and so, I ran for club Treasurer. As club Treasurer, it was a new perspective to take place with greater responsibilities and because fundraising was greatly emphasized, it was a challenge I was willing to take on. Though it was my first time being exposed to such work, I thought my term was definitely worthwhile. With successful fundraisers such as summer car washes, monthly restaurant fundraisers, monthly Jamba Juice fundraisers at school, yard sales here and there and many more, I was proud to be club Treasurer. As club Treasurer, I began to become even more open-minded to ideas. I learned how to properly advertise events and make eye-catching graphics. I learned how to incorporate members into fundraisers with incentives and how it could not only benefit the club, but the members as well. California-Nevada-Hawai’i District of Key Club International
  3. 3. CNH l KEY CLUB APPLICATION l COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING CHAIR CHAIRAPPLICATIONPROMPTS (continued) We used club funds to discount event prices for our members & lower our membership prices. Not only benefitting the members and the club, but also benefitting our community by donating to March of Dimes, UNICEF, and PTP. As Treasurer, I felt like I made such an impact to my club and with the leadership skills I gained from attending many events and just personal experience, I felt presidency was fit for me. This recent 2012-13 term as President has definitely been an honor. With all the planning months ahead, making agendas, sending reminders, leading meetings and long nights of looking for service events for my club, it was worth it. Again, it’s all about the members of the club and as I worked side by side with each officer, we all agreed on that. With this position, I learned how to delegate tasks, manage a committee and work with different views coming into a compromise amongst each other. Not only did I learn how to oversee the officers, I learned how to work with our Kiwanis Family more, manage my time better, and simply appreciate criticism and take them into consideration on how to improve. My biggest accomplishment would be the uprising of my club in service, fundraising, attendance and knowledge on our major emphasis and preferred charities. Though I’ve faced ups and downs with my term, I am proud of myself, my club, my officers, and so on. Not only these three positions in Key Club, I’ve served as the 2012-13 Executive Assistant, taking notes, assisting our Lieutenant Governor, sending in articles and visuals monthly, etc. I’ve attended ICON, Key Leader, 3 DCONs, 3 FRNs, 2 RTCs, 1 OTC, and 1 CTC. Going further into my Key Club career I was a candidate for Region 17, Division 12 South’s Conclave. Away from Key Club, I am a part of the leadership class at school for two years now where I build more character and more involvement with the school. I’m also a student taking AP classes with a +3.0 GPA and I was an athlete in 9th and 10th grade. Currently as a junior, I’m in Link Crew as well. Outside of school, I’m in a Vietnamese Eucharistic youth group where I’m a leader by teaching lessons to the younger kids, leading groups at camp, and building relationships with individuals. With all these activities going on, I’m still able make time for my family and friends. Because of my many experiences before and throughout my high school career, I know that the lessons learned and the increased passion for service will help me be an effective Committee Chair. I am able to delegate tasks evenly and fairly, balance many activities and set my priorities, and as well as communicate effectively as I build strong relationships with others. My passion for service has definitely increase throughout the years and I know that it’s quite cliché to say, but I love to serve. Not only serve my home, school, and community, but to serve myself, clubs, divisions, district, etc. California-Nevada-Hawai’i District of Key Club International
  4. 4. CNH l KEY CLUB APPLICATION l COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING CHAIR CHAIRAPPLICATIONPROMPTS (continued) I believe that this organization has given me so many opportunities to make a difference and this is my time to show that I CAN make a difference to the district and the organization itself. I believe from all the experiences and change Key Club has given me, I can give back and teach those who are in the same position as me back then the amount of impact and love for service and Key Club. I believe that they too deserve to experience what I have and open their minds to new ideas and perspectives. All members can and should make the best of their Key Club years and well, I will be more than happy to motivate and encourage that. I believe anyone can serve and be their own leaders. 3] An effective Committee Chair requires a person who can delegate work to the committee. What personality traits and qualities do you have that will help ensure the successful completion of the work of the committee members? As I mentioned earlier in the description of my presidency, I learned how to delegate tasks from my term and also, I had my own committee for hosting a DCM at my school. With some experiences with how committees and delegating tasks work, I know that it would be beneficial to this position. Some other qualities and personality traits I have that would help be an effective Committee Chair would be my semi-perfectionist personality. I always want to stay on tasks, so I continue to send out reminders and check up on individual people just to see where we are. Besides, my semi-perfectionist trait, I also understand and am open minded, which helps me relate with my committee members and build relationships that could help motivate them to do their tasks. 4] Being on the District Board is very time-consuming. How do you plan to manage your time between school, family, friends, and your duties as Communications & Marketing Chair? Managing my time has to be the least of my worries. I’ve been active in many activities for several years, yet I’m still able to make time for family, friends, and school often. Also, I know how much work I can handle and how much work is too overwhelming for me. If so, I do cut back on such activities that I do not have such passion for such as sports and my youth group attendance. The schedule that comes with being on District Board is something I will work with and make time for. 5] Two areas of focus for the Communications & Marketing Committee will include promotional media and promotional content. Explain your vision of how the committee can address these areas. California-Nevada-Hawai’i District of Key Club International
  5. 5. CNH l KEY CLUB APPLICATION l COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING CHAIR CHAIRAPPLICATIONPROMPTS (continued) As Committee Chair, I would split the committee into 2 sub committees that focuses on both areas. Though they would be split, both committees will definitely rely on each other, so at monthly meetings, both sub committees will report on each other’s progress. I will work with the promotional contents group; I will provide marketing tips and collaborate with each member in cup in brainstorming new graphics and marketing tools for all of CNH to use. Also, with this, I will be composing a handy manual for CNH to use the entire year. With these new items in place, I will work with the promotional media and help create storyboards and plan out ideas for potential videos, banners, badges, etc. With goals set, I will drive our first ever Communications and Marketing committee into the right direction and lay a foundation for future successes. 6] The focus of the Communications & Marketing Committee is to professionally promote the CNH District and the Key Club organization with educational and promotional tools. What ideas do you have on how the district can further educate the members and promote their involvement? Though I have been in many positions in Key Club, the biggest and most important role I’ve faced would have to be the role of a member. Members of Key Club are definitely unaware of what lies within Key Club unless there is an active communication. With personal experiences of being JUST a member without any knowledge, I would like to educate the members that they are NOT just members, but instead, they are the ones who make Key Club such a great organization. To prevent the idea of being “just a member” I would love to have a video made providing the benefits and the impact of these members. Promoting new ideas and pitching different perspectives such as the upside down triangle. I want to emphasize the core values of Key Club and what really lies within it. Ideas not only focusing on the members’ role, but educational contents about our district’s major emphasis, preferred charities, and our goals that we must strive as a district as well. Away from production of videos, I have the idea of spreading new graphics that will be made. Professionally, I will share these graphics and promotional contents with the Lieutenant Governors and they will help spread these amongst their division. Also, I have the idea of having a very own marketing tab on the CNH website where I could post these contents and videos to share with those who visit the page, so they can grab these eye-catching tools and utilize them for their own club purposes. “You can dream, create, design and build the “And I will be that person who will gather peoplemost wonderful place in the world, but it requires and build strong relationships with them to make people to make the dream a reality.” the dream a reality.” -- Walt Disney -- Pauline Nguyen California-Nevada-Hawai’i District of Key Club International