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Slides from a team project at Asbury Seminary. We were "Team Fujo" which means team chaos in Swahili.

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Urban Leadership Slides

  1. 1. Who We Are Ministry Context
  2. 2. Church Overview Church Name: Tapestry Leadership Structure: City Population: 2 million » Full-time pastor » Music minister (part-time) Description: » Associate/Youth Pastor (part time) » Willing lay leaders w/out direction The church resides in an area of town which has been in steady economic Congregation: decline in past decades. There are 250 members, The church itself is a dying mono- with an average attendance cultural church. There is one of 75 people on Sundays. The traditional Sunday service at 11:00am. average age in attendance is 48. The church is ready to change, for Old Mission Statement: relevancy in an urban context. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God Therefore, it has contacted Team Fujo to help with a visioning overhaul of New Mission : its urban ministry. Weaving together lives in Christ
  3. 3. Anthropology Scouting the Land: Student of the People: » Construct a demographic analysis » Speak their dialect plainly » Walk & pray in the neighborhood » Immerse yourself in community » Community leader meetings » Identify key problems » Connect with local schools » Develop working relationships » Meet with local health services » Be a visible presence » Survey the neighborhood » Work in conjunction
  4. 4. Why We Go Convictions & Values
  5. 5. Biblical Principles Seeking Social Justice: Becoming a Servant: » Deuteronomy 10:17-19 » Philippians 2:5-11 » Isaiah 1:16-17, 26-27 » Matthew 12:18-20 » Matthew 12:18-20 » James 1:27 Showing No Partiality Against Principalities » Acts 10:34 » Galatians 3:28 » Ephesians 6:27 » Colossians 3:11 Love Your Enemies Love Your Neighbor » Luke 6:27 » James 2:8 » Matthew 22:37-40 These principles are the foundation for our multi-ethnic mindset as a church, including all races/cultures.
  6. 6. Five Values and Functions We will give spiritual attentiveness to these 5 main functions of ministry: 1. Teaching Henri Nouwen 2. Preaching Creative Ministry 3. Pastor Care 4. Organizing 5. Celebrating
  7. 7. 1. Teaching Violent Way: Our Commitment: » Competitive » Bilateral and open-ended learning » Unilateral » Friendships » Alienating » Actualizing » Applies to the Present » Make it Real!
  8. 8. 2. Preaching » Speak about Jesus » Our words will come from the depth of human experiences, » Allow others to not theoretical respond to preaching with » Insights belong to all, their own not just the pastor “Life Messages” » Share in hope, share in suffering
  9. 9. 3. Pastoral Care » Pastors will affirm » Pastoral the lives of others relationship will be based on… » Deny self » Creating space for » Divine Covenant God to work » Calling of God » Willing to give their lives for their people
  10. 10. 4. Organizing Christian agents » The community of social values and change, based perspectives drive change on expressed needs of » We offer a community. perspective of hope
  11. 11. 5. Celebrating… Turing away from: Turning Towards: » Fatalism » Awesome reality of God » Despair » Complexities of life
  12. 12. … Celebrating In our celebrating, We will also… we will… » Affirm our present » Remember our condition: past, and We are, meaningfully We are here, relate to it, We are now. not in pride or as if in prison » Expectantly embrace our future
  13. 13. What We Do Community Care
  14. 14. Formative Ministries Of utmost importance to our urban “There is no success ministry will be the spiritual formation of future leaders. We will help those without a successor.” with various spiritual gifts identify and grow in their abilities. Those eligible Realizing that a truly effective will be offered internships. This will ministry is not built solely around on involve intense mentoring including: person or group, it will be important to reproduce men and women of » Minimum 10 hours/week character who have the same integrity » 2 of those hours spent with mentor instilled in them as those who » Active involvement in small group mentored them. » Accountability partner » Opportunities to lead Bible study During Wesley’s time, Whitfield failed » Regular homework and papers to do this, and remarked that his followers were “a rope of sand.” Upon completion of the two-year internship, participants will have It is our intent to train up leaders that earned the equivalent of an Associates will train others in holiness, lest we degree in practical ministry. “beget children for the murderer.”
  15. 15. Spiritual Warfare Satanic Deliverance: Seeking God’s Blessing: » Business policies » People in the congregation » Community & neighborhood » Those outside of the church » Government programs » Social issues Freedom from Strongholds: This is a commitment to holistic » Trauma ministries in our community. » Spirits of sin » Occult issues The battle will be in both ground » Abuse level and strategic spiritual warfare. » Torment » Legalism We believe the shalom of » Illness God exercised in the power » Historical issues of his Holy Spirit transforms people and societies.
  16. 16. Life Skills / Basic Needs Skills Training: Community Events: » Greater Good – food/clothing » Coffee house » G.E.D classes » Softball league » Basic computer skills training » Basketball, slam-dunk competition » English as a second language » Soccer tournament » Spanish as a second language » Career fair » Mobile medial clinic partnership » Christian / secular concerts Creative Outreach: » Community beautification » Quarterly art shows » Graffiti & mural painting » Tapestry music outreach » Choir performances » Church radio station
  17. 17. Local Networking It will also be important to establish Examples of Partnerships: working relationships with local businesses and other churches. For » Cell-phone tower built into steeple instance, a local business may want to » Church cafeteria outsourcing sponsor one of the sports events, or » Car repair for single mothers provide prizes for a slam-dunk » Computers donated by companies competition. This would help bring » Selling advertising on church radio business on-board with the vision of » Pastors giving leadership consulting the church. » Developing and selling curriculum » Conducting ministry seminars It has been mentioned that the government may try to control The above scenarios are all ones churches through the benefits it can which have been tried and have provide. By getting the nearby worked successfully. We would businesses involved, we could avoid encourage our laity to think such funding while also incorporating creatively, and recognize their God- local people to help each other. given talents for business. We would emphasize this as ministry as well.
  18. 18. Weaving Lives Finishing a Tapestry
  19. 19. Primary Relationships Relationship to God Relationship Relationship to Others to Context
  20. 20. Orientation of the Church Relational Task Experiential
  21. 21. Leadership Paradigms Priest Governance Prophet
  22. 22. Summary Spheres Overlaid, this yields a picture of our church model. A – Relationship to God as a relational church serving the priestly function in the community. B- Relationship to others as a task church serving the governance functions in the community. C – Relationship to the context of our community as an experiential church serving the prophetic function in the community.
  23. 23. CL617 – Team Fujo » Reach the Lost » Serve the Poor » Hear the City’s Cry